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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Sleeping Beauty - I need to discharge please help

Doesn't that make you think of a cutie gleeful little Minnieball in the pool? LOOK MAMA! LOOKIT MEEEEEEE!

Ok so apparently SB muses still want more from me before I try and write something else. I have too many things in my head re SB but all of them are kinda involved and in noway "drabble" length.

So i'm asking for y'all to send me THREE WORD drabble prompts for Sleeping Beauty e.g. pool, otter, pout.

I'll just pick whatever and write something. I tried writing something else today but it didn't work cos SB muse(s) were nagging me.

It may take one, it may take ten drabbles. IDK how many it's gonna take but guh... So please send me some three word prompts. If you're good, maybe mama!Jung will come pick you up from school/work...

remote tantrum change

it would be really great if mama!Jung would be pick me up tomorrow from work.

ahahahaha!! i love how SB muse won't let you go.. it's as sb won't let me go either.. ;; i always have this urge to reread them OTL damn Jung family..

and for three words drabble prompt: nails, selca, airport.. lol i don't think mine gonna work out xD

pink something jaeromone XDD
mama! Jung is looking hot!
cant wait for SB story..yayy!!! love them allllll!!

devil, cotton, candy

cotton candy does not apply ok! :p and maybe you should stop looking at cute fluffy things. just because lol~

Mothers day, favorite, competition

Yaaay mama Jung!!!! Can he bring minnie ball with him.

Mall, entourage, reunion --> so randomXD

And, can I have mama jung for myself?

mirror, duckface, ball

IDEK why I wrote that, but yeah.. OTL
well ok maybe I do but gdi pouty Changmin is all over twitter and tumblr IDK how to breath anymore. OK BYE. I'm just blubbering non sense, forgive me Nicki. LOL.

Mama Jung looks so dayyuuuummmm~ *.*

cousin, dinner, pregnant...yeah

Everything is sleeping beauty and nothing hurts! XD

Pool, slip, mama..

Ah another one(s)...

Pregnancy, Jiyool, worried-parents

Blackout, candles, fire

Sick yunho, overseas, home

Jae-preg, grumpy, naughty

Snowman, carrot, minnieball

Jealous, mine, steamy shower

nipple, milk, Yunho.......I'm not good at this game. OTL

How about " I was there first". The kids trying to get their mama's attention solely on them.

Jealousy - Daddy - Milk

SB Muses won't let anyone go XD