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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Title: Sleeping Beauty drabble/oneshot: Sunshine
Pairing: YunJae
Rating: G
Length: Drabble/Oneshot
Genre: AU, fluff, slice of life
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. I wish I had YunJae and if I had my way, they'd move to New Zealand so they can be married here :P

AN1: This is an amalgamation of several three-word prompts I think… I won’t spoil it for you by revealing which prompts but I think the gif says enough. I found the gif on google and IDK who to credit so if it’s yours, let me know.

AN2: Un-betaed and although this is from my Sleeping Beauty verse, you don't need to have read it. All my oneshots and drabbles for the Sleeping Beauty universe can be found HERE

Yunho stares at the coffee table in front of him.

He sees it, but nothing seems to register.

He hates the sterile environment, having been in it more times than he cares to remember, mainly due to Jaejoong’s hospitalization after both sets of twins but this…this is almost as bad.

Lost in his thoughts, he simply shifts to accommodate, when someone slides into his lap, barely registering the presence but knowing who it is all the same.

“Will he be alright?”

The tear clogged voice breaks his heart.

He opens his mouth to answer, but he is distracted by flashes of memory.

Yunho pops open an eye to find himself face to face with a sleepy twin rubbing his eyes and yawning cutely.


“Daddy,” the little boy mumbles adorably as he tries to get onto the bed.

Yunho reaches out, hauling the toddler easily into the bed with him where the little boy clambers atop his chest, snuggling down and cooing happily as he does, the smile on his chubby face at getting his daddy all to himself is practically incandescent.

Jaejoong finds father and son sound asleep not half an hour later, Junsu drooling down Yunho’s neck as his father drools on his little head.

“Look at him,” Yunho is trying to muffle his laughter as Jaejoong turns in the circle of his arms to observe their child.

They’ve taken the children to the beach and Yoochun and Changmin are currently playing badminton against their two older sisters while their brother stands by the side, next to the bench their toddler twins are on munching on some apples.

Jaejoong’s eyes widen as the furrow in Junsu’s brow deepens as he upends his shoe and a veritable mountain of sand slides out.

“It was the same with his other shoe,” Yunho murmurs amusedly against the curve of his wife’s delicate ear.

“How?” Jaejoong doesn’t even have more words as his son frowns cutely, peering into his shoe before knocking it hard against the bench that Nana and Mimi are sitting on as they watch enraptured at their older siblings.

“It’s Junsu.” Yunho grins as he kisses his wife and squeezes him tight as they continue to observe their middle son who is now balancing on one foot as he replaces his shoe.

“Our, Susu will never change,” Jaejoong agrees as his eyes meet his sheepish son’s as the boy looks up. He waves, beckoning the young teenager to him, and the younger twin beams, his grin just like his mama’s, as bright as the sunshine on them, as he runs to his parents.

“Jung Junsu, you know full well that violence doesn’t solve anything. I’d have expected this of Chunnie maybe, but you?”

Junsu’s mouth is set, scowling at the floor before raising defiant eyes to his father.

“He punched Minnie for no reason other than the fact that the girl he likes prefers our brother. It didn’t even matter to him when I told him Changmin already has a boyfriend. He still went and did it. I had to kick some sense into him.”

“Junsu,” Yunho sighs carding his hand through his hair. It’s on days like these when he truly feels his age sometimes. “There’s a difference to a kick by an irate older brother and a kick by the star player of the national under-23 football squad. You are an athlete and your kicks are almost lethal.”

“I know, daddy.” Junsu interrupts.

Yunho’s heart clenches, for even now, at the ripe old age of eighteen, Junsu still calls him daddy instead of dad or even father as his older siblings do when they’re irritated with him.

“Which is why I didn’t kick him properly. If I did, he’d have broken bones not a bruised shin and thigh. You cannot reason with bullies like that. I know boys like him, and nothing short of someone shoving their fist in his face will stop him. I’m sorry, daddy, but it was the only thing that would stop him.”

“You’re a national player, Junsu. This is an Olympic year. You cannot behave like this.”

“I’ll pick my brother over my sport any day, daddy. There is no contest.” Junsu replies firmly.

“Don’t punish him, dad.” Changmin walks in, an ice-pack over his eye as he moves to stand next to his brother. “I saw Suie hyung talking to him several times this week. The boy is almost twice the size of hyung, and he even shoved him once and hyung fell to the ground, but hyung just let it go. He didn’t do this for himself, he did it for me. Don’t punish him for loving me, dad, because he only did it after he saw him punch me.”

Yunho turns to look at his older son and the happy innocent smile of the red-haired boy (to match his jersey) stops him short.

His youngest son is right. Junsu loves him very much, and he knows why the boy currently in trouble is beaming so brightly and proudly.

Just like the sun.

Changmin had called him “hyung.

And Yunho, who seldom does anything of the sort, preferring his children to make their own way in the world and to learn from their mistakes, will make sure that Junsu stays on the national team by any means necessary.

“Tell me he’s going to be ok. Tell me!”

Yunho shakes himself from his reverie as the grip on his tie borders on painful. He tugs his wife’s clammy hand away from it as he turns to look into wet doe eyes. How does he tell his wife that the only reason they’re in this situation in the first place is because of him? Junsu would’ve been kicked off the squad if not for his interference a year ago, and it is because he is still on it that they are here today.

During a corner kick, Junsu, as always, had been in the middle, waiting patiently by the goal mouth for his team member to curl the ball his way.

He can still see it, his son, shorter than most of the players around him, had jumped high.

But instead of his head meeting the ball as intended, two other players had jumped up as well, their heads sandwiching their son’s.

Junsu had dropped like a log, not moving, and Jaejoong’s howl of pain had echoed in the VIP room.

The door to the teenage football star’s room opens with a quiet hush and two doctors emerge.

Jaejoong hops out on Yunho’s lap immediately, rushing towards the two men, a death grip on one of them.

“How is my son?”

“He’s fine. He’s asking for you.”

Jaejoong doesn’t need to hear more as he pushes rudely past the two doctors and enters the room.

Yunho watches his wife go, his eyes serious and his voice clipped as he turns towards the two doctors.

“I’m flying him back to Seoul tomorrow when my plane gets here. Is he fit to fly?”

Both doctors exchange looks. Jung Junsu is mildly concussed with nothing on any of the tests or scans indicating the injury to be more than a basic concussion. However, the amount of jumping their hospital’s administration had done because of the teenager, is incredible to say the least. Both doctors are the heads of their departments and to be pulled in to consult on something a resident could have done boggles their mind.

“He’s fitter than anyone I’ve seen,” one doctor tries to joke but the look in the parent’s eye hurriedly shuts him up.

“He is well enough to fly,” the other doctor explains smoothly. “He’ll probably be nursing a headache but I can prescribe painkillers for it. Just make sure he sees a doctor on your arrival. He’s a little confused, but I got the impression that’s a normal state with him rather than an effect of the concussion as he kept apologizing for his scattered thoughts.”

Yunho’s mouth tugs into a tiny smile.

“He does tend to jump around with his thoughts. A little like his mama.”

“Mama, please stop crying. I’m ok.”

“No, you’re not. If you’re ok you wouldn’t be lying in this hospital bed.”

Junsu struggles to sit up, but he is pushed down instantly by a man with an almost crazed look in his eyes.

“Mama,” Junsu sighs. “You’re the one keeping me in this bed. I’m fine. I think the doctors were confused as to why I’m even lying here. I’m confused too.”

“They had to stretcher you off the field…” Jaejoong’s voice is a whisper, his eyes unseeing as his mind plays back the few minutes of agony. “I thought you were dead…”

“Mama,” Junsu reaches out to grasp his parent’s clammy hand. “They’ve stretchered me off the field plenty of times. Heck, Chunnie and Minnie too. Even Yoolie noona when she landed wrong on her backflip that one time and sprained her ankle.”

“But none of them were lying still like they were dead.”

“He’s not dead, love. He’ll be alright.”

Jaejoong whirls around as his husband enters, glaring ferociously through tear-filled eyes. “Are you promising me that?”

Yunho looks past his wife to his son who is nodding insistently, not even a wince of pain in his eyes at the abrupt movements of his head.

He glances back at his wife. “I promise,” though mentally he is also asking to universe to give his wife whatever it is he wants.

Father and son watch the beautiful man visibly sagging in relief as he nods and turns back round.

It is quiet in the hospital room for a while as parents and son converse.

Well, it’s more of Junsu still trying to reassure his mama and talking him out of launching some sort of attack on the Canadian team. Junsu has been in Canada for three months, and while he misses his family, it’s actually nice being away for a bit. He calls almost every day and his parents fly over for every game, even if it means taking the grueling flight once a week.

Today’s meant to be their final game, and instead of flying back with his team triumphant over their tour of Canada, he’s flying back on a private jet with his parents because he knows better than to try and talk his mama into letting him fly while out of his sight.

And there is no way his father is going to allow his mama to fly coach.

He surreptitiously checks his phone, frowning slightly at the last message he received.

I’m coming with you.

That was the message from when he’d first been admitted over an hour ago. Subsequent messages from him had gone unanswered.

“What’s wrong, baby? Are you waiting for someone?”

Damn, his mama…


Jaejoong finds his first genuine smile at the heat in his child’s cheeks. Yoochun had hinted at something going on in Canada, and Changmin always got grumpy, demanding his parents almost weekly for the last couple of months to bring Junsu back before someone steals him away forever and they’ll never see him again.

He hadn’t given it too much thought till his older girls had returned from visiting their brother a fortnight ago, both giggling like they had the biggest secret in the world.

Jaejoong, and even Yunho could’ve gotten it out of their children, but they’d rather hear it from Junsu so if the boy hasn’t said anything, they will leave him to it.

“Are you sure?”

“I’m not waiting for anyone,” Junsu insists just as the door to his hospital room opens once again.

“That’s because I’m already here.”

The Jung parents both twist around, Yunho frowning and Jaejoong…gaping.

The smile that splits Junsu’s face is unmistakeable and so very familiar as his parents turn back to look at him.

The sun is rising in the room.

“I can’t let you out of my sight for even one game, can I?”

“What did you mean you’re coming with me?”

“Exactly that,” the tall man remarks with a smirk as he drops his two heavy duffels. He’d meant to surprise Junsu on the flight but after the accident, he’s not about to let the young footballer out of his sight again. He knows who the other two people in the room are, but god, his heart is pounding too hard and Junsu’s smile is too bright, he cannot see anything else.

“I’m going home tomorrow.”

“And I’m coming with you.”


“I got a job at your old school. Turns out there are places for former pro basketball players anywhere in the world.”

“Who are you?” Jaejoong’s voice is a little demanding as he steps against his husband. He actually has to tilt his head up quite far to look at the man. He can feel Yunho’s tense body and he knows it probably irritates his husband to have to look up too.

“Julien… Julien Kang.”


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Ohohohohoho, Julien Kang is it. Welcome to the family!

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