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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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For the first time...
Title: Sleeping Beauty oneshot: For the first time...
Pairing: YunJae
Rating: PG-13
Length: Drabble
Genre: AU, fluff, slice of life
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. I wish I had YunJae and if I had my way, they'd move to New Zealand so they can be married here :P

Summary: The first time ever I saw your face…I thought the sun rose in your eyes…

AN1: This was supposed to be a DRABBLE. It is now 5,000+ words. I GIVE UP. I can't read the credit on that manip but it's there and I stand behind it because without them, this oneshot wouldn't exist.
AN2: Un-betaed and although this is from my Sleeping Beauty verse, you don't need to have read it. All my oneshots and drabbles for the Sleeping Beauty universe can be found HERE

There it is again.

The tinkle of such joyful laughter trickles from behind the door. It is ajar and I can see the sunlight coming through the gap. The adults are still talking, and a quick glance over towards them reveal that none have noticed that I have completely lost interest in the conversation. There’s only so much small talk about society that a teenager can listen to without wanting to bolt. I’m only sixteen and I know the weight of the world and my parents’ vast holdings will land on my shoulders one day, but today isn’t the day.

Today is the day I find out who that joyous laughter belongs to.

Those giggles, so full of happiness is something I’m starved of. It’s not that I’m an unhappy teenager, far from it. I want for nothing. I have everything given to me, laid out at my feet. I have but to snap my fingers and it will happen. But there is something about the quality of laughter of this child that tugs at my heart. It is so pure, and untainted, and it makes me feel warm from the tips of the toes, right to the very ends of my hair. My father would probably have a fit if he knew anything about the romantic notions filtering through my head at the moment, so I am doubly glad at his lessons on how to remain poker faced in times of adversity.

I can hide anything, but for some reason, I cannot hide my curiosity.

“Yunho? Is something wrong, darling?”

My mother catches me. I guess she’s not a mother for nothing. I can definitely hide the wince I feel at her empty endearment. She’s only tacked that on for the benefit of the Kims. The reasons they are here are manifold, and they’ve already been shot down for one of them.

They’d wanted to betroth me to one of the Kim children, but the Kim magnate and his lovely wife declined immediately. Apparently they want their children to marry for love.


What a strange notion.

But then again, this is a couple who have nine children compared to the sole one my parents have, so perhaps they know more about these things than my parents.

Who knows?

The laughter trickles from behind that door once again, and I am done with pretending indifference.

“May I be excused?” I ask the Kims, smiling as genuinely as I can. But an act turns into something real, as the tinkling giggles wash over me once again, and my smile widens.

“You want to meet baby Joongie?”

Joongie? Who is this Joongie?

Mrs Kim nods towards the door and I finally understand. My answering nod is nothing if not fervent, and I don’t even bother looking at my parents as they all murmur their permission.


I bow, remembering my manners of course. It is always good to be polite for a bad attitude is remembered by all, even if you have redeemed yourself. I’d rather not have the Kims remember me badly, for I’m sure my parents will unfortunately, do enough of their own damage in that regard. The Jungs are a name to be reckoned with, and I for one am not about to sully it.

This “baby Joongie” has powers akin to the Pied Piper of Hamlin. I wish I was exaggerating, but the pull of that laughter is like it has wrapped itself firmly around my heart, and then led me towards my doom. I’m really not one for being all maudlin and weird, but that sunlight in his giggles is captivating, and quickly becoming addictive. If I’m not careful, I may want to listen to it for the rest of my life.

I push the door open, not realising I’d been holding my breath till I let it out loudly, startling the baby in the paddle pool.

“Who are you?” The little tike demands immediately, staring up at me with the most beautiful doe eyes I have ever seen in my life. He is small, and cannot be more than three surely, but the confidence in his demand belies his age.

“I’m Yunho.”


JJ shakes her head as she catches her sister staring not at the book lying open in front of her, by rather dreamily at the handsome boy sitting in the bay window.


Jiyool squeaks in surprise, clapping her hand over her mouth as she whirls around, almond eyes wide.

“Aish… How can that startle you? What are you staring at?”

“Shhhhhh!!!!” Jiyool hisses under her breath, but the hiss has only served to draw more attention to them.

She watches, slightly stricken as the boy in the bay window unfolds his long legs, smiling slightly as he walks over.

“Hi there.”


JJ rolls her eyes as she nudges her wide-eyed sister. “Unnie, he said hi.”

“It’s ok,” the boy shuffles his feet as he digs his hands into his pocket. He’s actually glad that Jiyool hasn’t replied because he hadn’t thought past saying hi. He concentrates on the girl’s younger sister instead, though he finds it almost impossible to pull his eyes from the oddly shy almond eyed beauty. “You’re JJ right? I know your sister. She’s in my international business and forensic accounting elective and I think she’s more qualified to speak about it than the lecturer.”

Jiyool lets out another squeak.

JJ places her hand flat on top of her sister’s head and starts patting her as she chats with the cute boy who hasn’t really even given the sixteen year old a second look which amuses the younger girl.

“What’s your name?”



“Who is that insufferable ass?”

Yoochun ducks his head into the room his older sister is pointing at, and the ass is rather clear for all to see and hear.

Loud thanks to whatever it is he’s imbibed, thoroughly obnoxious, painfully handsome, and totally off limits.

He frowns, pulling his head back in as he turns to his gorgeous second sister.

“Nobody you should be looking at.”

“I’m not even looking at him! You can hear him halfway down the block! Why hasn’t he been thrown out yet?”

“He’s the Choi brat.”

“Is that supposed to mean something to me?” JJ huffs irritatedly, adjusting her short cocktail dress.

They are at a flat warming of one of her friends and after finding out that most of the guests would be much older, her parents had laid the role of chaperone on her oldest younger brother’s head. The final year performing arts major doesn’t mind having her brother with her, vastly preferring his company over the drunken sods spilling around all over the place. She’d wanted to leave within an hour of arriving, but Yoochun had pointed out that she’d probably get an I told you so from their knowing mama, and JJ doesn’t like being proven wrong.

None of the siblings do.

But having an intuitive mama like Jung Jaejoong and a painfully logical father like Jung Yunho - the siblings don’t get away with much.

Her brother is pretty good at it though, so she takes his advice and opted to stay a little longer.

The business major who, like Jiyool, have both shown an interest in their family company, is thriving. Naturally charming, Jung Yoochun can talk anyone into anything, and he has the smarts to back it up. He is well known on campus, and popular to boot, and he knows far more of the “guests” than the actual invited guest - his sister.

In this instance, he will probably wish he never told JJ exactly who the handsome young man in the room is.

“He’s the remaining relative of Yoolie’s biological mother. Only child of her cousin I think.” Yoochun hisses under his breath. “Look, we’re going right now. Dad is going to have a cow if he knows he’s here too.”

JJ’s eyes widen immediately, moving her brother bodily out of the way as she storms into the crowded room.

The loud voice that carries through the hallway ends abruptly.

Thanks to the sharp cracking sound of a hand meeting flesh.

Yoochun groans as he follows his sister into the now hushed room.

They are all protective over Jiyool.

But JJ is the worst of them all, and she, like Changmin, is very very very good at bearing a grudge.

“What the fuck was that for?”

“I just felt like it. What are you gonna do about it, huh? Kidnap me?”

The tall man straightens, eyeing the furious and utterly beautiful girl glaring angrily at him. He has no idea what just happened. One minute he was talking, and the next, this virago comes out of nowhere and slaps him clean across the face. He is too shocked to react, and the blood he can taste in his mouth just serves as a reminder as to the unprovoked attack from the stunning girl who looks extremely familiar.

But despite everything, he is not about to retaliate.

“I’m sorry.”

“Don’t apologise, Jung Yoochun,” JJ snaps.


The man’s eyes widen as he looks back and forth between the two. He recognizes Yoochun, knowing of him, but he never actually caught his last name.

But the girl… lord… can it be?

“You’re Kim Jaejoong’s daughter?”

“Jung,” JJ bites out once again, practically sneering as she pulls herself to her full height, which is impressive to say the least for she tops six feet in her heels and is eye to eye with the bemused younger man. “Jung Jaejoong.”

“Jung. Yes, I’m sorry.”

“What are you apologizing for?”

Yoochun rolls his eyes, fully aware of all the eyes not to mention phones aimed at them. Her sister has just thrown down their father’s famous line. Of all the siblings, it probably got used on her and Changmin the most so it stands to reason that she’s internalised it.

“For being Choi Seunghyun.”

“Are you kidding me? You want to go to Disneyland again? How old are you? Five?”

Yoochun nods at his siblings, not waiting for a reply as he picks up the phone of their hotel to call a car to pick them up.

“Hyung,” Junsu whines uncharacteristically. “I really don’t want to go to Disneyland again. Why can’t we go somewhere else?”

“We need to get Minnie some ears. We forgot last time,” JJ interjects cheerfully, ruffling the younger twin’s head and allowing him lean against her side, as he makes nonsensical groaning and whining sounds.

“Yes,” Yoochun nods immediately, latching onto his older sister’s words. “Ears for Minnie.”

“I don’t want ears,” the fifteen year old replies reproachfully. “Why don’t you get yourself ears? You can be Mickey or something.”

“Fine, I’ll be Mickey. Let’s go. Mama said we could go anywhere but we had to stick together so all of you have to come with me.”

“Who died and made you the boss of us?”


“Noona!” Changmin’s voice is indignant but he is shushed instantly by JJ.

“Come on, I’m sure there’s some part of the castle we haven’t seen before.”


“So this is why he keeps making us come back here? She must be at least five years older than him!”

“Be kind, Minnie-ah. I think she’s my age.” Jiyool chides her youngest brother as they watch their brother watching a pretty girl in the souvenir shop by the entrance. They have literally not gone beyond the shop, Yoochun somehow thinking up a myriad of reasons to keep them all by the entrance.

“Still older. What does he want with a noona?” Changmin wrinkles his nose in distaste, completely oblivious to the fact that he is currently wrapped around his own noona. “She’s pretty but I don’t see what the big deal is.”

Jiyool and JJ roll their eyes at each other as they watch the twins conferring, probably trying to strategise the best way of approaching the pretty girl.

Yoochun can charm the socks off anyone so JJ knows by default that this girl is different if her brother is nervous enough to not have approached her already.

Nana and Mimi exchange looks, taking in everything that is being said by their older siblings.

Both girls grin at each other, holding hands as they hop out of their seats and run into the shop.

“Should we chase them?” JJ asks.

“I can see them from here,” Jiyool replies as she cards her hand through her brother’s hair. Her eyes widen when she sees exactly to whom their sisters are talking to though.

“Oh dear,” JJ murmurs as Changmin starts to chuckle.

“I keep forgetting they’re almost seven and have perfectly good hearing.”

“Oh they’re not…” JJ’s eyes widen, looking back and forth between the younger pair of twins now coaxing a confused older girl between them out of the shop, and the older set of twins, one of which is staring a little stricken.

The boys move towards their seated siblings, probably for moral support as Yoochun’s expression grows even more anxious as his brother tries to rub his back soothingly.

All five older Jung siblings watch the youngest two practically dragging the pretty girl holding a notebook in her hand.

“She needs a true love…”

“…so she can get her voice back.”

“Look at her notebook. Ursula…”

“…the evil sea witch stole her voice.”

“We told her that we have three brothers…”

“…and we’re sure one of them is her true love and she can keep her legs and live happily every after.”

“In Seoul.”

“Yes, in Seoul.”

“Not here.”

Mimi…or was it Nana? One of the twins shakes her head violently. “Not here. No, it’s too far. I don’t want to fly for hours to see my brother.”

They both turn to the bemused girl, “You’ll come home with us to Seoul, right?” they chorus.

Jiyool wordlessly holds out her hand, and the sheepish girl hands over her notebook instantly.

Everyone is a little confused listening to the twins finishing each other’s sentences.

Jiyool reads the note out loud, the smile in her voice is clear. “Can’t speak, Ursula the Sea Witch stole my voice! But I’m happy to assist you!”

Changmin starts laughing as he straightens up from Jiyool’s lap where he’d been languishing. “You’re very cute. Can I rescue you?”

He gets slapped upside the head instantly by an irritated Yoochun, and his melodramatic yowling is smothered by a grinning JJ with a hand over his mouth.

Nana…or maybe it was Mimi, wrinkles her nose at her youngest older brother before turning to the older two and pulling the girl forward.

“Well, there’s two left. They’re twins like us but not the same. Do you like football?”

The mute young woman, eyes sparkling now as she decides to play along shakes her head immediately, unable to hide her distaste.

“Ah,” one of the twins’ voice is grave, full of the weight of the world in the single sound. “That rules out Junsu then. I promised that you’d find your prince. I hope my oldest brother is good enough. He’s very handsome isn’t he? He’ll make a good prince. Can he be your prince?”

The girl looks down, nodding shyly, which finally spurs Yoochun to move.

He grabs the notepad from his sister, and somehow a pencil magically appears. All the siblings listen in, mildly amused at how low and husky their brother’s voice is as he speaks to the pretty young woman.

“What’s your name? You can write it for me if you can’t speak. I’m Jung Yoochun.”

Everyone holds their breath, their ears trained on the duo.

Nana and Mimi are practically vibrating in excitement as they cling to each other. They are sure she will speak. She has to. They promised her a prince to get her voice back and their brother is her prince. They believe it truly.

“Ji Min,” she whispers hoarsely.

The twin girls squeal at the sound, but nobody takes their eyes off the blushing girl leaning in towards Yoochun.

“Han Ji Min.”


“Why do you keep staring at me?”

The tall man quirks an eyebrow as the footballer crosses his arms across his chest, head tilted up towards him, mouth rosy from the drink he’d just taken, and his eyes full of irritation.

“Who says I’m staring at you?”

“The hair on the back of my neck says you are.”

The man bursts out laughing. The Korean had said it so matter-of-factly with such a serious expression on his face, he knows he isn’t joking. His accent is a little heavy, but his English is perfect. He wonders if he should try French since they are in Quebec, but he decides against it.

He wants to find out who he is, not chase him away.

“And what exactly does your hair say?” the man fights to contain his amusement. The “pocket rocket” as his club’s football team have taken to describing this young man is not a misnomer. The man is so fast on the field that his red hair is like a beam of light zig zagging across the field. Despite his size, he is absolutely fearless and talented as hell with both feet though he does seem to favor his left when he shoots. The South Korean team is physically smaller than his club’s team, but this man, unlike the others, has a giant presence that more than makes up for his lack in height. His smile is so bright, almost like the sun, and he’d fair taken his breath away the first time he saw him.

And he thought, well, it must be a fluke.

But the man takes his breath away again when he plays, giving his entire body into the game, not compromising a single inch as he gives a hundred percent. It’s a mere club practice match but the way he plays, he might as well be at the pinnacle of the game.

This bottle redhead plays without a care for his opponents. Nothing fazes him and he treats everyone with the respect they deserve as opponents. No one is too good nor too lowly for him to play against.

He gives a hundred percent each and every time.

It must be exhausting, but the smile on his face, and that very unique laughter of his that bounces around the playing field says otherwise.

This is a man born to play, and he loves it with everything that he has.

It is this sheer love for sport that has him thoroughly intrigued. The man takes such joy from it and he had a feeling nothing can shake him from it.

But he’d be wrong.

He hadn’t meant to eavesdrop, but Jung Junsu is very loud when agitated.

”What do you mean she’s having the baby early? It’s only one baby and single babies don’t come early!”

Junsu paces agitatedly back and forth outside the locker room before he decides to sit down.

Sitting down is far worse, his legs jiggling like mad as he practically vibrates from worry.

“Goddamn it. I’m flying back tonight. Yoolie is not having the baby without me! She’s too early! It’s too early! The baby was supposed to come a week after I return and I’m not due back for another two months! I may be the stupidest Jung around bit even I know it’s too damn early, Chunnie!”

The young man stops short, chewing his full bottom lip as he sighs and nods.

“I know, I know. I’m not stupid. I’m sorry, but this is hardly the time to scold me about my low self esteem. What did mama say? I’m flying back tonight.”

He watches as the footballer growls into the phone, totally uncharacteristic of the smiling player his club has come to respect, and he has come to want to know a little bit more. He is surprised when the boy drops the phone, yelling in anger as he rips off his jersey, balling it and hurling it down the hallway before he picks up his phone again.

His torso is muscled and sleek, very fair for a pro football player but then his arms are a lot darker, the tan obvious.

And he is oh so very slight.

Almost elfin. The illusion of solidity is but an illusion, the boy is more muscle than fat and of a slighter build than he had thought possible in the first place.

And lord is he beautiful. He has an S-line to die for and the surreptitious watcher gulps as the teen starts yelling into his phone once again.

“Mama! Mama, don’t tell me to stay here. How can I stay here knowing Yoolie is having the baby? I don’t care about the game. Mama! Augh, don’t put daddy on!”

Daddy? How old is this kid? He knows he’s the youngest player in the under-23 team but he thought he would surely be at least 20. How many 20 year olds call their father, daddy?”

He can see Junsu visibly sagging as he once again sits on the bench. He watches as the man flinches violently when he forgets that he is topless and leans back against the cold wall.

“Yes, daddy. I know… It’s just, it’s Yoolie and my second nephew and he’s supposed to wait for me. Everyone is home and I’m the only one here and it’s just not right.” Junsu pauses and sighs as his father speaks quietly but firmly to him. He knows the deal. He knows all about the responsibilities. And he remembers the promise he made to his father when the man essentially bought his way back onto the team.

Do not, under any circumstances, jeopardize your position again.

“I understand, daddy. Tell Yoolie I love her very much and tell Moonbin hyung that if anything happens to her, my foot will be lodged in his ass when I see him next and they’re going to need a doctor to get it out.”

His mouth quirks at the threat, but he has no doubt the young man will see it through for he sounded as serious as a heart attack.

“Love you too, daddy. Bye.”

The young man had dropped his phone then, bending over, and it had taken a lot of willpower for him to walk away from the sobbing young footballer.

And now here he is with the crying young man from yesterday who is now glaring somewhat belligerently up at him.

“My hair says you’re a giant perv.”

He is really trying his damnedest not to laugh. The man…or boy…he’s not sure anymore, talks very strangely.

“I guess I am a giant compared to you, squirt, but I don’t know about being a perv.”

“How old are you?”

He cocks an eyebrow, wondering how his own question that he’d been wanting to ask since the previous day, got asked of him first.


Junsu nods seriously at the answer. “See? A perv.”

“Why? How old are you?”

“Guess,” Junsu suddenly grins, and the transformation of his face is remarkable.

He has to wonder if the footballer has been having him on the whole time. The man has a serious poker face, but that grin is as genuine as his own South Korean heritage.


“Nope,” Junsu pops the p as he smirks and takes a swig of his drink. He’d noticed the former pro basketball player the day they arrived, the man taller than most of his fellow countrymen even. Though after two days of being stared at instead of approached, he’d started to wonder if he should be the one doing the approaching. His mama would laugh and tell him to go for it, while Yoochun and Changmin would probably tag team the man and intimidate him to death before Junsu even got a chance to do anything. His brothers are protective, the younger worse than the older for some odd reason.

He’d asked around surreptitiously of course, about the man, and is very surprised to find out he is half Korean. The fact that the man is in between jobs doesn’t bother him one bit. He knows what it’s like to be injured and being unable to play a game you love, and this man’s injury had taken him out of playing professionally for good.

That has got to hurt.

And yet whenever Junsu sees him, he has a big engaging grin on his face, always smiling and ribbing his club mates good-naturedly as he teases them about losing to a puny little team. He hadn’t taken offense of course, for the man is right. His team is a little scrawny compared to the burly Canadians, but all is well for the South Koreans are kicking their giant asses.

“Twenty-one?” The man questions incredulously, eyes on the younger man’s wet mouth.

God, his lips are so…dewy.

Dewy? He’s gone all poetic. Good fucking grief.

“You’re going the wrong way,” Junsu laughs as he backs away from the man staring at his mouth. He is suddenly feeling warm and slightly cornered, realizing they are alone in this part of the clubhouse. It was he who had sought the basketball player out and not vice versa and yet somehow, it is him suddenly feeling like the mouse to the man’s very virile tomcat.

“The wrong way? You’re a teenager?” The man’s mouth drops open, aghast, mind whirling.

“Yep. I’m eighteen. You’re a decade older, ahjusshi.”

Junsu had switched to Korean just then out of curiosity, and he feels even warmer when he sees the flare in the older man’s eyes as he pushes away from the wall to follow him.

“Ahjusshi? Are you sure about that, squirt?” The man replies in perfect hangul though squirt is still squirt.

“Um…” Junsu’s eyes dart to the man’s mouth as he licks his own lips unwittingly.


Junsu’s back hits the wall and the cannot decide whether he’s unhappy about being cornered so thoroughly.

In fact, he cannot seem to think about anything except asking for a kiss.

And he really is his mama’s son.

“Are you going to kiss me?”

The man stops just short of the final two steps that will place him flush against the teenager. The boy’s eyes are beguiling yet so very innocent, and the way he crooks his head is endearing as hell. The football player is under there somewhere but right now, all he sees is a very innocent young man.

“That depends. Do you want to be kissed?”

“I…” Junsu pauses, flushing as he tries to look away but the man’s very warm gaze is making him feel very tingly. “I’ve never wanted anyone to kiss me before.”

“You’re not answering my question.”

“Ask me again.”

“Do you want to be kissed?”

“Can you be more specific? I’m not very smart.”

The older man’s smile is soft, yet inside he is making a vow to himself. No one is ever going to tell this young man he is not smart enough. He’d have to get through him first.

“Do you want to be kissed…by me?”


The much taller man steps forward, taking the final step as Junsu unsurprisingly pushes away from the wall to meet him halfway.

Their mouths meet in a very fleeting kiss. There is no anchor, for he cannot push him against the wall and Junsu doesn’t even try to push at him.

Chaste and innocent and so very sweet.

Junsu tilts his head up, a twinkle in his eye as he grins.

“My brothers would probably kill you for kissing me when I don’t even know your name.”

“I think you kissed me, squirt,” the man murmurs, wondering if he can steal another kiss. Junsu smells like the spring.

Junsu chuckles lowly, his quiet laughter surprisingly husky and very musical.

“Maybe. But really, before you try and steal another kiss, what is your name?”


“Mama, who is that?”

Jaejoong glances up to see Changmin sitting mesmerised in front of the television. He squints at the screen, recognising a band that most of his nieces seem to be into. In fact, he knows the band well enough to name them, since he too enjoys their music.

“Tohoshinki,” he replies before looking back down at his papers.

“No, no, not the men, Mama. That boy.”

Jaejoong looks up yet again as his seven year old gets up off the floor and goes to the tv, pointing at the boy in question. He suppresses his grimace for he can see Changmin’s finger print from way over here. He leans over closer, squinting even more, wishing he has his glasses.

“I’m not sure baby. Their guitarist?”

“Isn’t he a little young?”

“He looks about Krystal noona’s age.”

“I think he’s Hara noona’s age.” Changmin counters, nodding in affirmation at his own conclusion as he moves away from the screen, settling back on the floor to continue gaping.

That is exactly where Jiyool finds him an hour later, flipping the remote control.

She watches in curiosity as her baby brother huffs at the screen and rewinds.

She watches as he pauses at the weirdest parts, not where the singers are in focus but the band.

“What are you doing?”

Changmin shrieks in surprise, leaping to his feet as he whirls around, eyes wide and a hand clutching his chest.

“Yoolie, oh my god. My heart! I think you almost killed me!”

“Stop being so melodramatic, brat, and tell me what you’re doing. Why are you paused there?”

Changmin turns his gaze to the television as he sighs.

“I’m trying to get a good look at that boy but the camera keeps focusing on the five singing men and it’s irritating.”

“Uh…” Jiyool swallows her laughter at her indignant younger brother. “That’s because you’re watching a Tohoshinki DVD and the five singing men are Tohoshinki.”

“I don’t care about Tohoshinki. I want to know who he is.”

“Then look at the credits, silly.”

“Credits? What credits?”

Jiyool laughs as she takes the remote from her gaping brother. She brings up the menu and goes to the final chapter where the credits are rolling.

They wait for the band names.

“Can you see it?”

“Yes,” Changmin nods, his eyes shining with happiness at being able to put a name to the handsome boy. “His name is Kazu.”

AN: JJ is a rebel :P Y’all should have picked up on that by now ;-) Also, Ji Min’s thing was something I saw on tumblr. I thought I reblogged it but I didn’t and if someone finds it so I can reference it, please send it to me. Um… I dealt briefly with the ones y’all kinda already know about. Forgive me for being lazy lol. This DRABBLE turned into a 5,000+ monster so yea… OTL

I'm in love~
In love with this wonderful universe~

I just had a cutegasm. All their stories are just so adorable!!

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so...yeah. hahahaha. idk what to say about this because i just dont. XD

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poor TOP. All the other Jungs charmed/squealed their way to their mates' hearts and JJ just goes and slaps hers :)))
Oh man Jiyool and Moonbin. Their brood...well, there's gonna be a lot of mini Yunhos haha~

You have no idea how hard I cracked up at this. Indeed his first two grandsons could probably be his mirror image. Imagine more Yunhos in this world...gosh...

JJ is a handful that girl. Beautiful as heck with a tongue like a viper when she's in a foul mood. Her hand is definitely faster than her brain though OTL

:D ahh now i know how su and julien met ,, thanks for answer my curious, and you give us more bonus, with the stories how all jung's childs first encounter/met their love
and now, i want to see jung's family potrait, all member, with son in law, daughter in law and the grandchilds

Jung's family is everything wonderful, can't described by words
you know, i always need my dictionary everytime i read your fics lolol, learn new words, my poor english tsk tsk
thanks for writing ~~

sweet love stories...love love loooooooooove

this fic has already become a deep emotion inside me that i just can't get over this family..Not just Yunjae but everyone else....
thank you for writing..^_^
Also i call my father DADY and i'm 22...XD