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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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I went and did it, didn't I?

Mama!Jung knows I ought to be spanked for this OTL

Come join my Sleeping Beauty pensieve lol!



CAN YOU SEE THE RELATION??????????? Go to the comm :P

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I'm already there. hahahahahahaha

Spreading SB love everywhere.....

runs off there!!!!
I freaking love SB UNIVERSE!!!

This is such a great idea!I really adore your #SB verse. I know where I'm going to spend all of my time online now xDD

I can bask many love there from the jung,.
Run,run,run there..,
Thankyou nick!

I'm trying to join but it won't let me. It keeps taking me to a question of are you 18 years or older. I say yes but it won't let me. It keeps me stuck on the same page. I'm 42 years old. I still can't get in. 😢

Yay! But I must ask why Mama Jung is wearing a spiked collar ;-)

Oh Nicki!!! Hey Nicki you're so fine, you're so fine HEY NICKI!! \O/
Ok that was lame, LMAO! xD
Forgive me, I was just happy you made a comm for "The Jungs"
And did I ever told you how much I love you? Coz if not, well I'm telling you...
I LOVE YOU NICOLETTA!!!! (Idk if I spelled your name right or even if it is your real or I just associated your name with someone, OTL) but yeah I really do... <3 and I want to thank you for introducing The Jungs to us...
So does this mean there will be a LOT of Sleeping Beauty universe coming? LOL xD
I think Mama Jung is punishing you for holding 'Miracle' for soooooo long and not giving in... xD
There there Nicki... /pats/ It's alright... But not even Daddy Jung can help you, xD
What Jaejoong wants, Jaejoong gets xD
Thanks again Nicki!!! :)

Thanks for creating this. Love SB very much. Always make my days when I can read about the Jungs.

i am so not leaving this verse! HAHAHA! i will drown with 'the jungs' XDD

I have a week to go before I can join :(

Anyway, I am glad that you write so much about Jungs ♥

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