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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Away for a bit but come and play!

I'm going to be away from Jan 29 to Feb 17 because my husband decided I need a holiday and my boss conspired with him. That girl's expression is pretty much me when I found out.


While i'm gone, why don't y'all come and play in my sandbox. Join my Sleeping Beauty comm thejungs and try your hand at a drabble challenge ;-) Play nice and give me something to read when I come back, k? http://thejungs.livejournal.com/2933.html

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If your face looked like that, you must have been


Bring back inspiration for more stories. Happy holidays.

Don't know how I'd do anyway with writing but I don't have access for thejungs. BUT...have a great holiday. You'll enjoy it I'm sure.

You have to join the comm...

Insert 'DUH!' here! OMG, I want you to know I think I still look pretty at least.

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Your happiness so overwhelming ^^

Ha that's hilarious! Did they conspire to confiscate your computer and phone too? J/K Enjoy the time and good luck with handling your muses while away. ;)


How did you know??? Neither my husband nor I are bringing laptops.

We need our phone though :O

Lol. Hopefully he won't steal your phone. My husband claims I love my phone more than him and has been known to run up, steal it right out of my hand and hide it. Enjoy and good luck!!! :)

LOL your reaction is hilarious. Have fun!

LOL That gif though xD Have a nice vacation =P

You have a fun time on your vacation!

have fun on your vacation Nicki! ^^
oh and send my birthday greeting to your OH.. kk
take care ♥

Wahahaha infectious expression hehe

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