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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Where's Mama?
Sleeping Beauty Drabble...

I'm on my phone and too lazy to format. Wrote this randomly at breakfast earlier.


"Where's mama?"

Jiyool doesn't look up from her homework, ignoring her brother as she chews on the end of her pen.

"Yoolie," the tone gets a tad whinier. "Where's mama?"

"Where he always is."

Changmin frowns. "He's not in the kitchen."

Jiyool grunts, still not looking up from her homework. She'd decided to add a first year management module just for the hell of it to her post grad workload, and she's in the same class as Yoochun. Her brother is doing just a smidgen better than her and he never fails to tease her about it so she's determined to get this assignment as close to perfect as possible. Their father will be guest lecturing the following week too, and she already has a bad feeling about it. Half the girls are already moony-eyed over her brother. They're going to be so far gone for her daddy. The man has aged even better than fine wine and she knows it's largely due to her mama. God knows the children probably add white hair to his dark head but their mama manages to even it out somehow. She doesn't put it past the universe to turn her father's hair back to black at a pout from her beautiful mama.


Jiyool finally looks up, exasperation putting a slight edge to her voice.

"Minnie, how old are you?"


"Aren't you too old to be unable to find mama on your own? The house is big but it's not that big that you can't use your own legs to search for him yourself."

"Well, aren't you in a snit?" Changmin observes, scratching behind his ear as he stares mournfully at his oldest sister. She's moved into her own apartment but she still uses JJ's room as her own whenever she visits.

"You juggle a husband, baby, school and working for daddy and you tell me if I don't have the right to be in a snit? I love you, brat, but oppa is going to pick me up in an hour and I want to finish this."

"Then tell me where mama is," Changmin insists.

Jiyool growls as she resolutely drops her chin. She recognizes her brother's tone. He is being bratty on purpose, pushing to see how far he can get before she explodes. He's in one of his moods where even her "mama voice" will get nowhere with him.

The best way to deal with him when he's like this?

Ignoring him.

"I'm going to say this one final time, Minnie. Mama is exactly where he always is. Now goodbye." Jiyool pops earbuds in, but she's not fast enough to miss the irritated huff from her lanky brother. The kid is almost 17, with a boyfriend practically eight years older to boot, and he is still the brattiest child around.

Perhaps that's the problem.

Kazu showers him in quiet affection like no other. The man is touring at the moment but a phone call from him will have Changmin beaming for hours. His tantrums get nowhere with the guitarist who merely smiles a Mona Lisa type smile when it happens and walks away.

Changmin usually goes running after him when that happens.

It's comical to say the least for Kazu is about as soft spoken as they come. The man is handsome but in a very quiet way.

In fact, everything about Kazu is rather quiet. The perfect foil to Changmin's snarky, bratty, whiny side. Her baby brother behaves himself when Kazu is around, something their mama marvels at. She reckons the kid still has hero worship in his eyes and she rues the day it ever ends.

For everyone's sake, she hopes that mild sheen of worship he has in his eyes whenever he looks at Kazu never goes away.

Changmin glares at his sister's bent head.


He's already looked in the kitchen.

AN: There's gonna be a continuation lol cos mama is still missing ;-) Where do y'all think he is? I know exactly where Jung Jaejoong is. Let's see how many of you know cos Yoolie is right.

This is so cute. Had a good laugh. Hope you add more.
Oh, Jun Jaejoong is with Mr. Jung and something tells me they shoud not be disturbed. Maybe?

Jung Jaejoong? I think he is workroom...or with his hubby THE JUNG YUNHO....hahaha

in his hubby arm? hahha! ahoo cute! LOL :PP

In the case of Changmin, Mama is one shout away. In reality I think he's in the nursery with his grand-baby. Let's face it Jaejoong has never met a baby he didn't love and he has been trying to turn into his mother for years;)

So...hmm...I see you made it 2 days. Congrats! :p Is mama where ever the grandbaby is? :)

(Deleted comment)
oh. but nicki eonnie has written a drabble about kazumin's meeting :O

Piano room ;) recreating that raunchy activity on the piano, surrounded by mirrors HAHA!
With Yunho I suppose :)
Changmin, you insufferable brat haha

Mama's in the nursery with Jiyool's baby or in the jacuzzi with the Jung ... Just my guesses.

I'm suck with guessing game..In their bedroom?..doing something sexy with papa Jung..

In the pool with his Jiyool's baby and Yunho.

I have a feeling Jung jaejoong is where he always is, right beside Jung yunho...oh noes I hope they are not going at it like bunnies and changmin walks in on them...too embarrassing. Hahaha

Mama is sitting in Daddy's lap :-)

I could tell right off the bat that Minnie did search his umma Jae in the kitchen right away. After all, Jaejoong loves to cook and Minnie has this unbelievable huge appetite that he's always in the state of being constantly hungry so I bet when he's looking for his umma the only reason I could think of is he needs to stuff his face with Jae's cooking. But now I'm all psyche where Jaejoong is. But I think if Jaejoong is not busy cooking, my vote will definitely be with his uber hot husband Yunho and doing god knows what. After all, they still need some "TIME ALONE". /Puts a DON'T DISTURB SIGN/ c:

mama with daddy isn't it?? in they room ??! because mama favorite place is only kitchen and his and daddy room~ kyaaaaa XD got excited whenever yunjae in the same room.. LOL