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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Where's Mama?
Sleeping Beauty Drabble...

I'm on my phone and too lazy to format. Wrote this randomly at breakfast earlier.


Where's mama?Collapse )

I'm guessing he's in the bathroom..

Where's Mama Jung other than kitchen???(wiggle,wiggle)
In the arm of Daddy Jung...

In the kitchen. On the floor with daddy Jung. No?

Bedroom! Say yes plsssss...

Mama is getting his groove on! 

On your phone? Dayum, i hope you got one of those QWERTY keyboard ones. i struggle to swype on my phone, and would die without the keyboard. Can you imagine writing a fic with the old school press 1 multiple times to change the letters...... o.O

Oh and Jaejoong is..... not in the kitchen, Minnieball! and he's not making more milk for you at 16!

(i have no idea where he is)

Thanks for writing

omg i'm laughing so hard!!
in daddy's lap?no?

LOL that brat. I'm guessing if you find daddy you'll find mama too. ;D

Changmin just go to Kazu already and leave ur mama alone;-)

Well Minnie, is the kitchen the only part of your house? lol

I am guessing that he's with the Jung as what everyone else here is thinking.

I think changmin should find his daddy first,then he will find his mama.i hope they didn't doing something naughty,because changmin surely need a brainwash after that.

Mama!Jung is in Daddy!Jung's arms ofc LOL or maybe in the jacuzzi!? Hahahha

Oh gosh.. Minnie boy, try in between papa Jung's thighs.. Pssh.

on his bed..with his husband..hahaha..