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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Where's Mama?
Sleeping Beauty Drabble...

I'm on my phone and too lazy to format. Wrote this randomly at breakfast earlier.


Where's mama?Collapse )

lol, where's mama, minnie? kkkkkk you're the bratty of the brat of the jungs changmin. really like his mama.

Jung Jaejoong is currently seated on Jung Yunho's lap at the very moment :P
LMAO, just a wild guess, but I'm really giggling at the idea! LOL.
and I thought you're on vacation? xP

he is with Jung or he is with Jung in bedroom or he is on his lap or it has something to do with jung haha

That little backstory about Kazumin is just adorable!

I think the bedroom with Yunho! Or at the pool?

oh minnie brats don't u know that you mama is having his u-know time with daddy.

hmmm. Jaejoong is on his husband's laps. HAHAHAHA

in the twins' room? or in his study but wherever if it's possible it's near Yunho... pouting

Edited at 2014-02-01 11:22 am (UTC)

Hahahaha, Changmin is already almost 17 but he's still such a bratty kid and of course, he's always his mama's boy.

I would guess that his mama is with his papa, where he is always is.

With yunho somewhere. Having alone time. Or either that with nana and Mimi.

If Jae isn't in the kitchen cooking then I guess he's having sexy times with Yunho hehehe

Adorable drabble as always. I just love everything about your SB verse!

Will we also see a fic about Yunho coming in to lecture and all the girls fawning over him??? Cause come on, don't be a tease! :P

JJJ is in the jung yunho's lap ^^

ummm, in jacuzzi with his forever baby a.k.a yunho? or whenever yunho is there ia jaejoong lol XD

Where's Mama?

(in your heart)

emeged why. hahahaha! My guess is, probably at Daddy's?