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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Where's Mama?
Sleeping Beauty Drabble...

I'm on my phone and too lazy to format. Wrote this randomly at breakfast earlier.


Where's mama?Collapse )

min is forever brat lol eventhough he's alr have boyfriend wkwkwk
hmm where is mama jung?? with his daddy jung in their room maybe :P

I bet Jaejoong is with Yunho and they are not to be disturbed ^^
Where is Kazu when you need him?

There's one thing I DO know

I knew you couldn't stay away until mid-Feb. Alright, I didn't know but I sure hoped. No guesses about our missing mama but thanks so much for needing to write some SB 'cause I needed to read some. Keep enjoying your vaca.

Minnieball story yeayyyy.... Hhehhee..
With papa Jung in one of so many bedroom that they have.

Jacuzzi? ^^ or nursery or just bedroom.

Ooo I think he's gone riding...someone >.>

hahahaha god what a child min...
he's forever baby and he's not even the youngest for god's sake..
hmmmm jaejoong is with yunho hahaha


these little drabbles are like a splash of pixelized lemon sunshine

hope you're having a wonderful vacation!

I guess mommy is with daddy of course. Where else can he be if he is not cooking for minnie.

My guess, he's probably in Yunho's lap. Or anywhere Yunho probably is, or as cheesy as it sounds, Jung Jaejoong is in Jung Yunho's heart. >///<~♡ LoL

Owkie, this is pretty exciting~ thank you for writing even though you're still on your vacation!! ^-^

My guesses all involves with THE JUNG : in his lap at the bedroom, in his lap at the jacuzzi or just in his lap~ OTL

And still have fun on your vaycay!! XDDDDD

LOL. it would make sense for changmin to search for her mama first before being a brat to his oldest sister... and yes, he did look in the kitchen already~ so where could his mama be?

i have a few ideas... tho i'm choosing to keep quiet. :D until i read the continuation of this~XDDDDD

With daddy, as usual. Sexy time or otherwise, with daddy.
Changmin needs to man up and stop letting food control his brains, zomg.

mama Jung where are you!!!!!!????

aigoo I missed the Author's note!! mama where's mama jaejoong?...it's where daddy Yunho is..then I remember miracle :

“You know how it is, Minnie. Whenever daddy returns from a long trip, Chaerin or Jessica or Krystal unnie come and stay and we’re not allowed to go into their room. Remember?”!!!

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