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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Where's Mama?
Sleeping Beauty Drabble...

I'm on my phone and too lazy to format. Wrote this randomly at breakfast earlier.


Where's mama?Collapse )

Maybe he didn't look close enough, lol. Love LOVE the contrast between Kazu and Changmin! Kazu is like the orb of calm to Changmin's explosive tendencies. And he doesn't bend to Changmin's every whim - that's a whole new world for Minnieball.

But yeah, Mama's probably with Daddy playing checkers or something *snorts

oh the insufferable brat. your mama is in his rightfully place; in your papa arms silly. doing god knows what *mehrong!*

I'm amazed! Is there a person on Earth being able to make Changmin behave?

Now, where could be mama? I'm lost here. If he is not in the kitchen, he should be with one of the Jung children/grandchildren or... in the Jung bedroom... Where else?

jaejoong is w/ his hubby in bed! duh!

Err mama is in the bedroom...with daddy?

We need Kazu to keep peace. And please look at your papa's lap.

jae is with his baby or with his husband c:
so cuute, seeing changmin's relationship with kazu xD
thanks for sharing! <3

Mama is with Daddy, doing things that you won't want to see Changmin... Curiousity killed the cat, so you should really stop and think a while :) It's not like mama is just there to cook for you :P