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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Slept So Long [3/5]
Title: Slept So Long
Pairing: YunJae
Rating: NC-17
Length: Chaptered
Genre: Supernatural, non-AU, Prompt
Warnings: Dub-con, light bondage, rimming
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. I wish I had YunJae and if I had my way, they'd move to New Zealand so they can be civil-unionised here :P
Summary: Yunho and Jaejoong have been dancing around each other for the better part of a decade. Through the break-up of Dong Bang Shin Ki and beyond, they are still connected. One dark night, a demon decides to come along and complicate things further, irrevocably tying them together forever.

AN1: Straight up porn. You'll either love it or hate it lol. Do tell me which side you fall on :P Also, it has turned into a chaptered fic. I can't legitimately still call this a one-shot when I haven't finished writing it. Final part will be up some time next week.

AN2: HUGE HUGE HUGE thanks to my beta and eonni silveretude who has been absolutely invaluable to me. I cannot thank or love her enough!

If Yunho was in control of his own body, he would have flown off Jaejoong the instant the latter’s tongue touched his slumbering cock. That, coupled with the flush in Jaejoong’s cheeks and the shy look in his eyes he knows so well, Yunho is once again, lost.

The demon grins in satisfaction as Jaejoong takes a tentative lick at Yunho’s cock, causing the human within him to explode in a mess of sensations, feeding the demon all his confusion-tinged pleasure.

Jaejoong is quite fascinated with the taste of Yunho. His senses are filled with his heady musky scent; a scent so familiar to him but never consuming him like this. He takes another lick as the demon moves closer, Yunho’s cock already responding to those two tiny licks. Jaejoong’s belly churns at the implication of that as he looks up, only to see empty eyes staring back down at him, an eyebrow cocked in amusement.

“Could you…uh….” Jaejoong starts, but stops as he is distracted by Yunho’s cock lengthening and hardening, nudging him in the cheek by the corner of his mouth. He can’t help but stick his tongue out again to take a shy, dainty lick.

The demon reaches down, shifting so the head of Yunho’s cock is pressed against Jaejoong’s slightly parted mouth, pushing at those bruised pouting lips. He picks up the discarded necktie and ties it quickly around Jaejoong’s eyes and as he does, Jaejoong’s mouth opens, wrapping his lips around the tip of Yunho’s cock and sucking at the stickiness left around it from the pre-cum of his earlier arousal.

Jaejoong’s moans around Yunho’s cock as he laps at the the pre-cum residue, not unfamiliar with the taste as he has tasted his own pre-cum before on those rare nights he masturbates. However Yunho tastes infinitely better than he did. He starts sucking harder at the head, wanting more as his tongue slips and slides, unknowingly massaging around the sensitive glands that is making Yunho crazed within his own body. Yunho is huge, bigger than he is, he knows this from earlier and winces slightly at the memory, as he opens his mouth further, lifting his head slightly off the pillows, letting Yunho fill him as he marvels at how hard his leader-sshi is. Jaejoong starts to feel that familiar tug in his belly as his body starts to respond, not just to the fact that he has Yunho’s cock in his mouth, but that he is enjoying this.

The demon takes the opportunity to push in even more and start to move his hips slightly, fucking Jaejoong’s mouth shallowly.

Yunho can’t decide which is more arousing. The fact that his cock is being sucked by Jaejoong and driving him insane with each pump of his hips, or the fact that Jaejoong is obviously getting pleasure out of doing it judging from the drawn out moans reverberating around his cock as he licks and nips. Jaejoong’s teeth scratches at him occasionally and Yunho finds the sparks of pain pleasurable. He wishes he can see into Jaejoong’s eyes but he knows that Jaejoong would have wanted the blindfold. His eyes remind him that it is the demon in control. If Yunho were in Jaejoong’s place, he’d want to be blindfolded too.

All of a sudden, the demon pulls out of Jaejoong’s mouth, causing the latter to whine in protest, eliciting a laugh from the demon.

“Such a little cock whore, my pretty. All in good time.” He lifts Yunho’s body up further, cupping his balls and playing with them, watching Jaejoong’s hands grip at the neckties holding him in place.

Jaejoong licks at his lips, wondering when he became a cock whore. This was the only cock he’s ever had. He wants to protest further at the loss of Yunho’s cock, but he’s not sure what the demon has in mind and that unpredictable entity still scaring him. He tugs at his bindings, wishing once again his hands were free. Yes, he wanted his eyes bound but being splayed out like that across his bed, he feels helpless, vulnerable and severely exposed.

He feels something soft graze his lips and he nuzzles and flicks his tongue at it experimentally, not completely sure what it was. Yunho’s intoxicating scent is completely surrounding him, overwhelming him, and he realises that the demon has moved up and is teasing him with Yunho’s balls. Jaejoong doesn’t hesitate once he realises what it is and he opens up his mouth, lifting his head up to blindly suck one of Yunho’s soft sacs gently into his mouth, licking around it. At the back of his mind, he wonders when he had become so deviant. Maybe a little bit of the demon is in him after all. Or is it the thought that Yunho is the one feeling this?

Yunho is definitely feeling it. His groans echo around him as he watches Jaejoong through the demon’s eyes, the sensation around his balls almost too much. He knows he won’t be able to last very long at all. When and where did Jaejoong learn all this? If he is honest, he really doesn’t want to know and if he lies to himself, he’ll say he doesn’t care.

Jaejoong continues to lap and suck and tug at Yunho’s balls, giving both the same loving care. His saliva over them making his own nose and cheeks wet as he nuzzles and licks, careful not to accidentally nip at the delicate area with his teeth. However, once again, the demon chooses to move just as Jaejoong was getting into it. His own body is once again hard much to his embarrassment, but since he knows Yunho can’t see it in their current position, it will be fine for now.

“Mmmmm… Gonna fuck your mouth hard, my pretty.” At that, the demon once again lines up with Jaejoong’s mouth and as Jaejoong’s mouth drops open in a soft gasp at his words, he pushes in forcefully, gagging Jaejoong once again as Yunho’s cock hits the back of his throat, deeper than it had ever been before and even then, he isn’t taking him all in.

Jaejoong’s eyes tear up immediately at the rough intrusion of his mouth, his throat convulsing spasmodically as he tries desperately to draw breath. So much for imagining it being Yunho. The demon was cruel in reminding him of that salient fact, as he struggles to accommodate Yunho’s length and girth. The girth is workable but there is no way Yunho in his glorious entirety was going to fit in his mouth unless he got halfway down his throat. Jaejoong really didn’t want to imagine how that would work as he feels hands gripping the back of his head as the demon starts pumping Yunho’s cock hard and fast into his mouth.

Yunho is struggling to contain himself as he watches what the demon is doing to Jaejoong. He knows Jaejoong must be choking, and he is powerless to do anything about it. Jaejoong’s mouth though, god, it is just perfect. The moist, warm heat and the tingles he gets every time his teeth scrapes him are slowly pushing him over the edge. Maybe he can help Jaejoong after all….

If he wasn’t already blindfolded, Jaejoong is sure he’d be blinded by his tears. He can’t help them. The long fingers entangled in his hair, the heels of Yunho’s hands pressing into the sides of his neck, the strong grip he is in, are all unrelenting as Yunho’s cock fucks his mouth, barely allowing him to draw any breath at all. He can feel snot dripping down his nose as he struggles not to bite down in self-defence. He is quite literally choking to death when he feels his mouth fill with liquid fire as Yunho comes.

The hot liquid coats Jaejoong’s throat and mouth as the demon pulls out of his mouth, Yunho still coming in little hitches as the demon grips his cock and smears the cum on Jaejoong’s cheek. The demon is quite tickled at the vision of Jaejoong with his head hanging to the side, coughing and gasping as he sucks in air with desperate gulps. His nose, lips, chin and cheek are smeared in a sticky mixture of saliva, snot and cum, and the demon continues to watch as the shuddering body beneath him slowly calms down. The combined pleasure it just fed on from the two mortals was magnificent, amplified because of that tinge of real fear at the end when both Jaejoong and Yunho were terrified. Yunho’s fear for Jaejoong especially was absolutely delicious because it was so strong.

Yunho stops breathing. His orgasm ripping through him as he lets go. The electricity coursing through his body coupled with his fear as he watches Jaejoong choke, makes for a unique explosion of his senses. It is almost as if his skin can barely contain everything he is feeling. It is only when the demon pulls his cock from Jaejoong’s mouth that Yunho starts breathing again, allowing the latent pleasure to wash over him slowly as the demon decorates Jaejoong’s face, smearing cum obscenely over his hollowed cheek. Yunho doesn’t know what to make of it. On the one hand, he is so appalled at what the demon had done but on the other, he can’t forget the way Jaejoong looked as he licked and sucked his cock. And the feelings. He wants to feel them again but god, how can he? The demon had fucked this up for him royally. For them.

However, all the self-loathing in the world, all the anger and hatred he feels towards the demon will always be overshadowed by his love for Jaejoong. How his body reacts to him even though he knows it’s wrong. He can’t control it. Too many years spent wanting the beautiful man, only to finally have him in the sickest way possible.

He drags himself from his morbid thoughts to see what the demon is doing now.

Without so much as a thank you, not that the demon would ever thank any of his victims, he moves quickly down Jaejoong’s body, grinning delightedly at Jaejoong’s cock. Seems the pretty man has a rather kinky body. Not many people would still remain aroused after being practically choked. His mouth covers Jaejoong for the second time that night as the man lets out a hoarse shout. He ignores Jaejoong’s weak attempts at bucking him off as he sucks him down hard, lips once again kissing the pale man’s groin, his hands tugging harshly at Jaejoong’s balls.

Jaejoong’s body is screaming at him. For the abuse, for the confusion, for the need to come. Most importantly, for the abject misery that is losing the battle of wills as his body betrays him yet again, responding enthusiastically to the sick demon’s expert use of Yunho’s mouth and hands. Maybe it’s the fact that he’s been tied up. Maybe that is the cause of the crazy way his body is reacting. Maybe he really is a deviant. Jaejoong howls in protest, Yunho’s name flying from his lips once again as he comes for the third time that night.

Yunho’s mind is blank. What just happened? Did that actually happen? He swallows hard, the taste of Jaejoong still on his tongue. The heat of the spurts hitting the back of his throat, that intoxicating taste he is becoming accustomed to. Yes, that did just happen….

The demon travels slowly up Jaejoong’s twitching body, licking a path up the pale expanse of beautiful flesh, pausing at the top of his pelvic bone to bite and suck. All that white skin needs to be tainted. He sucks hard as Jaejoong lets out a weak moan, tugging ineffectually at his restraints. The demon pulls his mouth from Jaejoong with a soft pop, smirking at the red mark before continuing his leisurely path up the prone man’s sated body. He nuzzles his way into Jaejoong’s neck, sucking at the soft bit of skin under his ear, as he reaches up and unties his arms. The villainous fiend rolls off Jaejoong, sitting up and casually flipping him over as if he weighed nothing and stretching out on his back, Yunho’s semi-hard cock nuzzled in the crease of Jaejoong’s butt as he rests his chin on his shoulder.

“You really are quite delicious, my pretty. I wonder what your boyfriend will think about tasting this part of you.” And with those dark teasing words, the demon slithers down Jaejoong’s tired body, ripping what remained of his shirt off along the way, till his nose is nudging at Jaejoong’s previously abused entrance.

Jaejoong makes no attempt to move, his arms prickled with pins and needles as the blood rushes back into them. He rubs his sticky face into the covers, sighing deeply as he licks at his lips and mouth, tasting what’s left of Yunho’s essence and feeling oddly angry at not having been able to enjoy him because he was too busy trying to breathe. That damn demon. Jaejoong doesn’t know what his game is but he is getting tired of it. He barely hears let alone understands the demon’s words as he feels him move down his body. Jaejoong just wants to sleep, he is so spent after coming three times in such a short space of time, not to mention his head is now pounding from the lack of oxygen he suffered at the hands of the demon. And his battered body. The reasons for sleep are endless. Maybe if he sleeps, he’ll wake up and find out that this was all just a really, really, really bad and twisted dream.

Yunho noticed when the demon had untied Jaejoong, and was momentarily relieved till he noted worriedly that the demon was still holding those neckties as he moves slowly down Jaejoong’s body, dragging over him, the contact tugging at Yunho. He is semi-aroused already at all the contact with Jaejoong’s body. Yunho is a little surprised at the recovery time, or lack thereof, his body appears to be having.

Just as Jaejoong found himself eye to cock with Yunho earlier, Yunho now found himself nose to…god, what the hell was the demon doing??? Yunho’s eyes were bugging right out as the debauched being takes a leisurely lick at Jaejoong’s swollen hole, chuckling as he takes teasing licks around the entrance.

Jaejoong’s head snaps up so fast that the throb behind his eyes worsens as he tries to flick a leg out to kick at the demon. He even lifts his upper body enough to twist and swing a weak arm at Yunho’s head that was currently nose deep in the crease of his ass. In all honesty, at this point, he doesn’t care if it hurts Yunho because what the demon was doing, or attempting to do would probably scar Yunho for life. Well, both of them.

The demon simply laughs wickedly as he moves back to sit up on his knees, hauling Jaejoong by the hips along with him so that the singer was now face down with his ass up. Jaejoong grunts in protest but he is still too weak to fight back, his head still paining him and his body is just jelly right now. The demon reaches round and grabs one arm, lining the wrist up with the ankle on the same side and quickly tying them together with one of the neckties in his hand. He turns and makes short work of the other side, smacking Jaejoong’s ass mirthfully.

Yunho can’t do anything but stare. Stare at Jaejoong’s pale cheeks. A red handprint, his red handprint sullying Jaejoong’s perfect paleness. His hand actually smarts because the demon didn’t hold back with that smack. Yunho can hear Jaejoong’s hoarse shouts, muffled by the fact that half his mouth is blocked by the thick downy comforter on the bed. He watches with dismay as the demon lands another smack on Jaejoong’s other cheek, marking him now with identical red handprints. And still, Yunho cannot look away. He stares with an almost perverted fascination as Jaejoong’s quivering hole clenches convulsively as the man starts to struggle futilely at his restraints, his body rocking as he tries to free his hands from his ankles, all while yelling abuse at the demon.

Jaejoong is in a panic. How did this happen? One minute he was free, the next he is face down and then in what feels like seconds, he’s practically hog-tied with his ass in the air, being smacked by a demon. Jaejoong starts shouting random curse words at the creature, angry and helpless. He is also humiliated. Thoroughly humiliated. His eyes fill with tears as he wonders what Yunho is thinking. Every time he thinks the demon can’t get any worse, he does and Jaejoong is almost at the point where he is just ready to give up. How much more of this will he have to take? How much more punishment? Humiliation? Was he such an evil person that he deserved this? Being called Hero is a joke. He is no Hero.

The demon again wastes no time, diving in under Jaejoong’s reddened cheeks and starts licking and lapping almost happily at his hanging balls. Unbeknownst to the two humans, he is actually on a time limit, needing to be done by the break of dawn, which is less than an hour away.

Jaejoong flinches, trying to get away from the lapping mouth. It is one thing him doing it to Yunho because he can see that it excites him as his cock is rather hard to miss. It’s another thing having almost no visual of Yunho at all. During the earlier session, he had held on desperately to the fact that Yunho feels everything that he does to him. Pleasuring him gave Jaejoong pleasure, up till the demon decided to almost kill him, unwilling to acknowledge the fact that he was still pleasured beyond a doubt regardless of that. But now, the noises coming from Yunho’s mouth are the demon’s. Without a visual, Jaejoong has no idea if Yunho is actually enjoying this and he finds himself fighting the slowly burgeoning pleasure he is feeling. He wants to smother it. To stifle it. He doesn’t want to give his pleasure to the demon. His pleasure is for Yunho only. He shouts tiredly, wriggling and bucking as much as he can, trying to get the demon off his ass.

The wretched being of the night senses Jaejoong’s hesitance and the fight he is waging with the pleasure he is feeling, and it frowns in annoyance. Why are these humans so stubborn? First, the manly one acts all missish and now the pretty one is doing it too. The demon huffs and takes a mouthful of Jaejoong, swirling Yunho’s tongue around the smooth skin, sucking at the delicate sac in his mouth. He ignores Jaejoong’s scream of impotent fury as the man stops his pathetic struggles, probably afraid of losing a rather important part of his body, yet angry at it for betraying him because the demon’s free hand is now attempting to coax Jaejoong’s cock to life once again.

Jaejoong groans in frustration. His fucking body. All he can think of is Yunho’s lips on his balls, his hands on his cock. He needs to separate the demon from Yunho, but deep down he knows that the only way he can survive this and remain sane is to think of it as Yunho. He is just so exposed, and the embarrassment is still strong within him. Jaejoong is repentant. If he gets out of this ordeal without losing his mind, he is going to stop being such a narcissist.

The demon sucks hungrily at Jaejoong’s balls before leaving it with a loud smacking sound, grinning and licking back up towards the still-red hole just begging to be abused once again. He stops, letting Yunho take in the view, chuckling at Yunho’s surge of lust as he eyes the pretty pink opening. Feeling in the mood to tease and play with his food once again, the demon pops one of Yunho’s fingers in his mouth, sucking hard and then running it lightly over Jaejoong’s ass cheeks before dipping it into the crease and running it experimentally over the pucker, smirking delightedly as another surge a lust shoots through from Yunho when Jaejoong starts reflexively clenching once again.

Yunho is in both heaven and hell. Watching and feeling is heaven. Being trapped in his body and unable to do anything is hell. Being the reason for any pain to Jaejoong is hell. Being unable to look into Jaejoong’s eyes as he convulses in pleasure and lust is hell. Hell. Hell. Hell. This is Yunho’s hell on earth.

Jaejoong lets out a fearful moan as he feels a finger dip into his opening. That private place forever violated in the most horrible manner he can imagine. Yet he also remembers the pleasure, knowing that he is lying to himself. If Yunho had been Yunho, Jaejoong would have been more than willing to let him violate him in whatever manner he wants. He curses inwardly at the conflicting thoughts and emotions, knowing that once this is over, if it ever does, that he will need to face those feelings. An arousal is impossible to hide and he knows now that Yunho knows that he wants him. All those love confessions, what will this mean for them when the demon leaves?

The demon slips just a fingertip in, massaging around the opening, not delving any deeper. It feels the fear from Jaejoong and since it doesn’t have much time left, it would rather deal in pleasure for the rest of its time. Replacing the finger with Yunho’s tongue, the demon stiffens the muscle and starts darting it in and out of Jaejoong’s contracting hole, letting his tongue get sucked in with every contraction. It laves and licks in and around Jaejoong’s slick opening almost lovingly as it feeds on the pleasure both men are feeling. The demon doesn’t pause, bringing Yunho’s hands up and pulling Jaejoong’s round and smooth cheeks apart, continuing to lick and suck both in and around Jaejoong’s entrance, getting rougher, his tongue delving into that tight ring of muscle.

Jaejoong is mewling incoherently. Rubbing his face into the bed desperately trying to wipe away at the crawling heat that is prickling his skin. He has lost control. His mouth is making sounds against his will. His arms and legs are almost numb, and the rest of his body is useless, but all he can focus on is that delicious tongue invading him in the most intensely sensual thing he has ever experienced. Considering everything remotely sexual he’s ever experienced had happened in the last hour or so, that wasn’t saying much. But Jaejoong is past caring. Well, not completely past caring. This is possibly the most intimate position any two men will ever share and he desperately, desperately wants to know if Yunho is enjoying it or if he is disgusted. Jaejoong doesn’t think he’d be able to ever face Yunho again if the latter is hating every second, every minute of this incredibly intense torture the demon is inflicting on him. His cock is already so hard it’s actually hurting him and the random pumps he is getting every now and again serves to push him close to the edge and then pull him back. His body has lost its mind. Every last ounce of energy Jaejoong has is apparently centred on his cock.

The succubus doesn’t let up, bringing his fingers into play, slipping one in fully, searching for that place within Jaejoong that he now knows will drive the man crazy. His tongue still licks alongside the finger, unable to go in as deep but serving to stretch and loosen the tight ring. The demon is fully invested in this now, for the first time in a long time, almost blinded by the powerful surges of pleasure he is feeding on from both men deeply regretful that he cannot return for seconds. Well, he might as well make the most of it. He slips in another finger and smiles inwardly as Jaejoong starts to press back into his mouth instead of trying to get away.

“Yun…Yun…ah…I need to see you, baby.” Jaejoong’s voice is desperate and needy. His mind completely caught up in the merciless onslaught of his no longer private place. Yunho will know it forever now….

Interestingly, the demon acquiesces to Jaejoong’s plee that in all honesty, Yunho barely caught. He is awash with sensations, the demon having sent him to the stratosphere as the sick fascination he seems to have with Jaejoong’s much abused hole is brought to a head. His mouth and tongue is filled with the taste of Jaejoong and he is no longer ashamed that he wants more, so much more. The trust needed for any two people to enjoy this act is amazing, and for Yunho to be able to enjoy it knowing that Jaejoong is as well gives him a very strange sort of hope.

He moans in protest as the demon pulls his mouth away from Jaejoong’s, though leaving his fingers still within him, rotating and scissoring, occasionally pulling out only to stab it back in, jabbing at that spot within Jaejoong that causes him to moan loudly every time it is hit. Yunho growls uselessly as he watches Jaejoong’s twitching hole disappear from his view , ridiculously pleased that at least his fingers are still within the warm body, teasing and tormenting, as the demon crawls alongside Jaejoong’s jerking body. Then Yunho feels that control coming back….

“Yun…Yun…Yunnie. Oh my god Yunnie….” Jaejoong turns his head, eyes beseeching, the blindfold long gone from all the rubbing he’d been doing to the bed with his head. And to his shock, instead of seeing black eyes, he sees brown ones staring intensely at him, long fingers curling in his body, massaging his prostate relentlessly, and Jaejoong comes.

Yunho is just agog with shock. That was him. His fingers are being squeezed tight as Jaejoong comes, eyes locked with his, both of them staring at each other.

Jaejoong’s body is spent. He doesn’t have anything left as he comes, nothing coming out of his cock. However, that is the least of his worries as his body jerks spasmodically once again, his muscles clenching tightly at Yunho’s fingers still buried deep within him. Yes, clenching at Yunho’s fingers, because it is Yunho who is staring back at him. Beautiful almond eyes wide open in surprise, eyebrows almost to his hairline, his handsome small face a picture of shock. He continues staring, noting Yunho’s breath is unsteady, ragged even. The convulsions of his body slows down and he keeps staring. Feeling fingers slipping slowly from his body as Yunho lets out a shaky breath, he doesn’t turn away as Yunho drags his hand up his body, along his side, fingers skimming lightly, leaving goosebumps in its wake. He watches as Yunho stares into his eyes, as the hand reaches between them and watches stupefied as Yunho’s kisses his fingers, not breaking his gaze.

Jaejoong blinks once, twice. Not quite believing what he is seeing, thinking maybe it’s the demon playing games again. But no, those are Yunho’s eyes staring at him, not black inky pools of nothing. He watches, mute, as Yunho drags his fingers, fingers that been knuckle-deep in Jaejoong, along his lips and tugging at them. And as he watches, he sees the blackness slowly but assuredly returning to those beloved eyes, shadowing and taking them over completely once again. Those lips now curved into a sensual smirk as a low chuckle slips through them.

“Looks like both of you are quite the little deviants, aren’t you? Your boyfriend enjoyed that just as much as you did.” The demon snickers as Jaejoong face flushes almost immediately.

He presses a mocking kiss to Jaejoong’s nose before moving quickly back behind him, slicking lube all over Yunho’s still hard cock. He can feel the desire and lust pouring out of Yunho in waves as he looks down at Jaejoong’s ass pointing all nice and welcomingly back up at him. He doesn’t bother to untie the man as he lines Yunho’s cock up and pushes in slowly, one hand gripping Jaejoong’s hip tightly as the other guides his slick cock in.

Jaejoong is so far gone now that he doesn’t even bother with protesting. The image of Yunho, kissing his fingers is burned into his retina. He can still see it. Long, exquisite fingers, tugging at Yunho’s pouty lower lip. He thinks of those eyes. He thinks of Yunho. He thinks of the hard cock slowly penetrating him once again, his body is so sated and relaxed that even though the burn is still there, the lack of tension in his body makes the passage easier. This time too, this time Jaejoong is turned on. He knows Yunho likes it. He knows Yunho wants it. The demon could have easily been lying to him but it wasn’t the demon who continued to stroke at that spot within him as he came. It wasn’t the demon who dragged his fingers gently up his body. And it certainly wasn’t the demon who kissed those fingers. Fingers that had been in Jaejoong’s most private place. A place that would be disgusting to anyone. But not Yunho. He blushes hard at the thought. Will there be redemption in this for them? For the first time that night, Jaejoong feels hope.

The demon feels the change in the man he is pushing into. There is no more anger or fear. Just pleasure. It is faint but it is there. The one whose body he is in however is reacting more extremely. Again, no anger or fear. Just pleasure. A tidal wave of it. The demon smirks, aware that his time is almost up so he wants to gorge as much as he can before he has to leave. He starts moving his hips, slowly at first, not wanting to miss out on any pleasure from either man, knowing that if pain enters the equation, he will not get his money’s worth so to speak at this final point.

Yunho is fully immersed now. Barriers are down, and all he can focus on is how perfect Jaejoong feels around him. There was a brief spark of fear of hurting his beloved when the demon started pushing into him, but he can feel the difference as Jaejoong allows his body entry. There is only tightness, not so much resistance. And what incredibly delicious tightness it is…. For the first time, Yunho is almost glad he is trapped in his body because the sounds and words coming out of his mouth right now would leave him burning with embarrassment. U-Know Yunho, unflappable leader of TVXQ is close to making a mockery out of his strong and cool image. Not to mention his stamina. Yunho grits his teeth as he forces down his urge to come right there and then.

The demon moves slowly at first, making sure that Jaejoong is opened up enough, purposefully avoiding his prostate for the time being. He pushes in all the way to the hilt before pulling out slowly, and repeating the motion several times, the whole time going slowly.

The burn Jaejoong is feeling is slowly subsiding as the demon drags Yunho’s cock slowly back and forth within him. That slow drag is starting to drive him crazy as he tries to move back to get more. His shoulders are aching and he has pretty much lost all feeling in his arms and legs that were still bound tightly together. He wants more. He wants all of it. And so he says the word that he may or may not later regret.

“MOVE!” Jaejoong rasps out, putting whatever he has left behind it. He feels the demon pause mid-stroke, and then a wicked chuckle.

“Your wish is my command, my pretty.”

And with that, the demon grips Jaejoong’s hips tightly with both hands and slams into him, pulling a loud moan from the human under him not to mention the one within him. The demon sets a brutal pace, mindful of the time and the inexorable approach of dawn which would bring the end of his possession. He feeds. He gorges.

The room echoes with the obscene sound of skin slapping on skin, as well as a broken litany of moans, groans and Yunho’s name being pulled from Jaejoong’s mouth at every thrust. Every thrust sending a searing trail of pleasure up deep into Jaejoong’s belly as his cock once again stirs. The demon is riding him, and riding him hard. The being now desperate for Yunho to come because dawn was almost there. He is gorging on their pleasure, drowning in it.

Yunho scrabbles for purchase within himself, wanting to hold on to that little piece of sanity that reminds him that this is still the demon. But as Jaejoong’s body sucks him down whole, Jaejoong’s voice calling his name accompanied by sexy whimpers and moans, his mind gives up the battle and goes with it. Yunho is lost.

As dawn breaks, a second voice joins the first, panting and moaning, making incoherent sounds yet the one clear thing is the name he calls as he thrusts deep into the pliant body underneath him. Jae.

The malevolent being is gone. There are powers and rules stronger than he is and his time was up. He howls in frustration as he is hauled back into the depths of hell, full and sated from the smorgasbord he had just consumed.

Yunho is lost. So lost that he is unaware of the demon leaving him. Unaware that it is him now in his own body. That it is him fucking Jaejoong so thoroughly into the bed.

It is too much. Jaejoong’s head is ringing and pounding. He is blind and deaf to everything except his body’s pleasure. He has lost his senses completely, as he desperately chases that orgasm wavering just slightly out of his reach. He no longer cares about anything except getting to the top. He wants that orgasm. He needs it.

“Harder! Just fuck me harder!”

Yunho hears him, and complies, as he is too close. So close. But he wants Jaejoong to come. He shifts, pulling out almost completely and then slamming back into Jaejoong, eliciting a scream from the older man. He continues at that angle as he leans down, desperate for more contact with Jaejoong, running a hand up the front of his body and finding a nipple, pinching it almost brutally.

Jaejoong’s mind explodes at the touch as his body combusts, the orgasm that rips through him is the most intense one yet. And then everything goes black.

Oh holy shit. sdfeevjffjwgwpdkj
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