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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Black Pot Conversations
Sleeping Beauty Drabble...

AN: Seriously regretting not bringing my laptop. I want to write so much but drabbles are the easiest thing to write on my phone. I might see if I can sneak into the business centre of our next hotel and write for a couple of hours. So many muses jumping at me but I have to pacify it with SB first cos it's too complicated to write anything else on my phone...or really, I'm afraid that if I try and succeed then I'll spend my holiday typing into my phone OTL

face palm


JJ's voice practically booms through the mansion, projecting it as only a dramatic soprano knows how. She is on vacation from her stint as an understudy in Europe and her younger sisters are driving her mad.


Youngest sister.

Mimi is in school doing some project or other and Nana is home, allegedly ill with some sort of plague. JJ had her doubts that morning when Jiyool rushed out the door with two children in tow, telling her that Nana has a fever and asked her to keep her eye on her. Mimi looked way too cheerful for Nana to be truly sick, and JJ is surprised her sister missed that cue.

But then again she has other things on her mind like trying to figure out how to breast feed two babies. Her older son was weaned a few months ago but after the newest (premature) addition a couple of months back, the older boy decided that he wants in again on his mama.

"Nana!" JJ bellows again, her voice echoing through the house. There is no exertion on her part whatsoever, the loud sound coming from her as if she was born to make it. She is very close to putting some real effort into her hollering though and her baby sister is going to really get it if she does.

A disheveled twin comes stumbling into the kitchen, brow furrowed and her face scrunched up as she rubs her nose and glares at her older sister.

"I'm not deaf, Jae. There's no 100 piece orchestra here for you to scream over."

"Really? Could've fooled me," JJ drawls, ignoring her sister's lack of honorifics, before pointing to the mess on the stove. "Kindly explain why mama's red pot is now black."

Nana turns to the stove and cocks her head at it. Anyone looking would think her deep in thought but JJ knows her sister very well.

"Stop trying to invent an excuse and tell me the truth."

"I never lie!" Nana protests instantly, causing her sister to roll her eyes.

"You just stretch it till it snaps."

"I learned from the best," comes the quick answer and a pink tongue from the eight year old to her very unamused 20 year old sibling.

JJ smiles sweetly, though it doesn't quite reach her large doe eyes.

"Unfortunately for you, I know all the tricks. I'm not telling on you but I want to know how this happened before I clean up your mess."

At her quiet words, Nana sighs loudly. "How am I supposed to be naughty when there's always someone to cover for me?"

"You did this on purpose?"


"Are you feeling neglected or something? I don't pay enough attention to you? Chunnie? Minnie? I know Mimi hangs onto your every word."

"I want mama and daddy."

JJ rolls her eyes at the petulant lilt in her sister's voice. Seven children plus a couple of grandchildren to boot, there's bound to be some issues. However, she's rather unsympathetic in this instance. She's practically lived in Italy since she graduated and while she is grateful as hell for the immeasurable experience, she is quite ready to return home.

The Kim stubbornness runs rather true in her blood though, and she is determined to see her one year through even though she knew by the third month that there is no way she wants to live in Italy permanently.

"Boohoo, babydoll. They've been gone what? Five days? You know Suie has been there alone for months and you begrudge him our parents for a few days?"

Nana crosses her arms, pouting at her sister. She doesn't take offense at all to her older sibling's words. She knows she's being silly but she's just suddenly afraid everyone will leave her. Mimi was too excited about her project this morning to even care enough to see if she was really sick. She hates her sister's group mates and while she really was feeling a little poorly, she's gone to school feeling worse before. She just didn't want to face those two faced sniveling girls hanging off her twin while she's stuck with a bunch of hopeless boys who just want to talk to her about her famous brother instead of their project.

"I miss him too. I want all of them."

"Can't always get what we want, love." JJ sends an affectionate smile towards her sister as she starts to fill the sink with hot water. She fervently hopes, for both their sakes, that the black on her mama's favorite red pot will come off with a good scrubbing.

"Like you and Seunghyun oppa?" the youngest Jung girl remarks slyly. She watches curiously as a burst of color explodes in her sister's cheeks before baleful doe eyes are trained on her.

It takes a minute.

Not even a minute.

That powerful relentless gaze JJ inherited from their father, made even more unsettling thanks to the beauty of their mama's eyes causes Nana to finally give in.

"I'm sorry, that was mean." Nana moves slowly towards her silent sibling. She feels worse now because JJ is biting her lip and she only bites her lip when she's upset.

The tall eight year old wraps herself around her sister, hugging her from behind as she buries her face in her back.

"I'm sorry, unnie..."

JJ knows it's truly a case of the pot (ironically) calling the kettle black, but she blurts it out nonetheless. "You need to watch that mouth of yours if you ever want to get married. I don't know many people who'd put up with your lack of filter."

"I don't want to get married."


"I want to live with Mimi and mama and daddy and everyone here forever."

"Yoolie is married and she lives here."

"You know that's not forever," Nana clicks her tongue as she rubs her snotty nose in her sister's silk blouse, observing the smears she's made but shrugging and continuing to do it anyway.

"What if Mimi gets married? You know she wants to."

Nana scoffs disgustedly as she finally lets go of her sister and walks round the island. She drags the barstool out noisily as she perches on it, sitting opposite her sister who is scrubbing the pot in the sink.

"She's eight. What does she know?"

"You're eight too."


"So daddy's going to have a hard time convincing someone to marry a brat like you," JJ teases, flicking some water at her sister who doesn't even flinch.

Nana's frown is getting worse by the minute but not really at her sister anymore, but rather at the whole idea of her daddy needing to help her with finding someone. Yoolie had no problem. Chunnie needed her help, but Minnie oppa had done well on his own. JJ could've used some help but she's too stubborn.

"Why does he need to convince anyone? I'll get my own husband thank you very much!"

"Oh? And how are you going to do that? Talk him into submission?"

"I'll just ask, silly!"

"Really now? Tell me, what will this person look like?" JJ is finding her sister's expression very cute, and while she is still feeling a twinge at the barb sent her way earlier by Nana mentioning the unmentionable, she doesn't bear any grudges towards the youngest Jung.

"He must be bigger than daddy."

JJ laughs at that odd requirement.

"Don't laugh!" Nana huffs. "He has to be bigger than daddy cos daddy is the best protector and I want a protector like daddy."

JJ sobers instantly, nodding at her sister and giving her the cue to continue.

"And he must be smiley like mama because mama's smiles make me smile even if my tummy hurts and I want to die."

JJ swallows her grin, knowing full well how melodramatic the twins can be. She has a bet with Yoolie about drama club for them.

"And he must---" Nana's eyes widen.

"He must?" JJ doesn't notice her sister faltering as she scrubs the last of the black from the pot. It's a little scratched up from her determined scouring but better scratched than black.

"Must..." Nana is gaping. Did her words just come true? She doesn't want to say anymore.

"Hello ladies."

JJ screams in shock, making her sister scream in fright from the loud sound before the eight year old promptly bursts into tears.

"Look what you've done!" JJ shakes the wet pot at the bemused newcomer who is hurrying over to the crying girl. Nana is certainly carrying on like her world is ending.

"Me? I think you scared her. Jesus, Jae your voice is a weapon of mass destruction."

Nana feels someone standing next to her and she opens her eyes to take a peek.

Her cries die a hiccuping death as her eyes travel from very large feet up and up and up till her head is tilted all the way back.

"Are you related to Treebeard?" she blurts out the first thing that comes to mind. They've been watching some classic movies and just finished The Lord of the Rings trilogy.

"Aren't you a little young to even know that movie?"

"I'm old enough."



JJ starts to chuckle just as the kitchen is filled with more people.

"I really think your daddy would have something to say about that."

Nana looks away briefly, her eyes scanning the room and finding that she has an audience. Her parents and brother are staring at her curiously. She really needs to set the man (and her daddy) straight.

"I don't need daddy to find me a husband."

"That's good to know," Yunho remarks drily as his wife laughs.

"I can find my own husband."

JJ belatedly realizes where this is going and her groan is loud, though not loud enough to discourage Jung Na-Young.

"Nana...I wouldn't do what I think you're gonna do, baby girl."

Nana ignores her older sister as she smiles winningly (she hopes) at the large smiley man grinning affectionately down at her.

"Will you marry me?"

AN: Oh dear... :P

So.... Who is that? And what was with the jibe about seunghyun oppa?

I confused. May have to ask the community ;)

But thanks for writing as always.

Edited at 2014-02-03 06:29 pm (UTC)

so cuuute ! :D but omg who is the guy???
I really am curious >.<
and I hope that JJ and Seunghyun will work out :D
thanks for the drabble and I hope you have fun on your vacation(?) :D

whose the treebeard smiley man?
Is that julien?

oh my why marrage?? gosh i love her straight-to-the-topic question to that man !!!
jung kids are AWESOME !!
thanks for the update ^o^

oh who is that person? Nana is as cheeky as her mama thank u for writing &sharing :)♡♥

Edited at 2014-02-03 07:02 pm (UTC)

Lol. Is she about to try to steal Junsus man? Poor child.

I have feeling the guy is Julien Kang xDD It is..isn't it?

Wanna know something scary? Nana is a mini-me XD

Julien is reduced to treebeard ROFL

LoL was that Julien that Nana has proposed? It must be very entertaining living with Jungs. Now you made me wanna know more about JJ and Seunghyun, Nikki. Considering that he relates to Yoolie's bio mommy, there must be some kind of interesting issues happen, must not?

Did she propse to julien?????

Lol is that brother, Junsu? Soooo... Julien?
Can't really imagine anyone else towering Jung Yunho haha
just goes to show the universe just really likes jaejoong and his kids :))))

Aaah! Nana is so cute. I wonder who the guy is... and jj! Awww....i hope things will work out between her and seung hyun.

Ups.. Its Julien? Oo oo.. Be careful Nana, thats Su.. You need to find your own husband.
Whats happen with JJ and Seunghyun? Their have child but separate?
More please... Hopefully JJ will be happy too.