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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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What A Morning...
Sleeping Beauty Drabble (though tbh I have a feeling this one is closer to a "Nikki drabble" than an actual drabble...


AN: I'm so sorry I snorted laughing writing this especially at a certain part that my husband changed seats and struck up a conversation with some Irish guy two seats from us on the tour bus lmfao! This drabble was sort of inspired by this post in the Sleeping Beauty comm - http://thejungs.livejournal.com/3466.html and for those who are unable to see anything, you need to join the comm first.


Are you going to behave?Collapse )

Gosh, I can totally imagine those little angels wearing sacks.. I used to do that when I was little. LOL

Oh goodness rice sack hahha imagining it is sooo funny lol

The twins are so hyper and funny...
Naughty mama again?
Poor Yunho...he is being controlled by his wifey...

Naughty Mama in on the loose, LOL.
Is it weird if I say that I can imagine Jung Jaejoong wiggling his ass thoroughly on Jung Yunho's lap? Lol!
Happy YunJae day Nicki ^.^

When Yunho and Jaejoong is kissing I felt a tingling sensation from the inside...I envy Jaejoong..how I wish Jung Yunho is mine...

jung daddy is the best ever + naughty mama= oh very happy me I love the kids but no one can replace yunjae they are just tydststdydgdgdRxtxyfgstchbjvydtasrugifgctatf

thank u nicki for writing &sharing ♥♡

what? the kid in that post is so fashionable. how could you let the Jungs wear that sack? XDDD

btw, idk who Treebeard is. OTL
is he Julien?

thank you for writing~ hohohoh

Edited at 2014-02-05 01:32 pm (UTC)

yunjae action with the twins!
hornymama and adorable twins..what a morning indeed hahahah
i still don't get it.who's treebeard? :/

Rice sacks! They're in rice sacks! Oh, those naughty twins. And can't forget about their Naughty Mama. God, help the Jung.

Happy Yunjae Day!!!!

Jaejoong can't be an angel every time, though i am sure he is in everyone's else eyes. I love the word flounced - great imagery. It is soooo Jaejoong to put the twins in a rice sack. They should take a picture to show their future husband.

Hahahaham, this is soooo funny. Oh Mimi and Nana, for someone soooo pretty, you are real dirty little girls.

Ah I know, the twins are as naughty as their older siblings!!
5times in 2hours?
Well rice sack costume is a good idea
Mama jung has a good fashion taste!!!
If they're my babies I'll give them trash bag hahahah

LOL kids go through SO many clothes! Some more than others... ;D naughty little twins. Cute that Jae just needed some time alone and a few kisses from Yunho to recharge.<3

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