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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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What A Morning...
Sleeping Beauty Drabble (though tbh I have a feeling this one is closer to a "Nikki drabble" than an actual drabble...


AN: I'm so sorry I snorted laughing writing this especially at a certain part that my husband changed seats and struck up a conversation with some Irish guy two seats from us on the tour bus lmfao! This drabble was sort of inspired by this post in the Sleeping Beauty comm - http://thejungs.livejournal.com/3466.html and for those who are unable to see anything, you need to join the comm first.


The intercom on his desk buzzes, breaking Yunho's concentration, causing the man to frown. His secretary has been with him long enough to know better. He keeps his eyes on the screen in front of him as he presses the button to answer her.

"This better be important."

"Uh...sir..." His secretary begins hesitantly.

"What is it? I told you I didn't want to be disturbed."

"Your wife just dropped off your daughters and left."

Yunho frowns, standing immediately and heading towards the door to his outer office. He's getting a vague sense of déjà vu. This used to happen at least once a month when the older kids were younger but there was a discernible gap of a few years between the last time it happened and now.

He opens the door to find two mischievous little toddlers trying to climb the sofa. Their diaper clad bottoms wiggling at him as they giggle and grunt, pulling on the expensive upholstery to hoist themselves up.

One of them, Mimi by his reckoning thanks to the mole he catches sight of manages to get up first and her twin wails to be assisted.

But that's not what has his attention.

What he is currently trying not to scratch his head over is the fact that his gorgeous 20 month old toddlers appear to dressed in what looks like a sack.

Rice sacks to be exact.

He squints at the girls, wondering if he's going a little blind.

He takes a step closer, staring in fascination as he makes out the words NET WT 10KG on Nana's butt as she finally manages to scramble onto the sofa next to her twin.

Yunho turns quickly to his amused secretary who doesn't bother to hide her smile.

The question mark on his face is clear for the lady to see and she is more than happy to supply whatever explanation she can to her perplexed boss.

"Jaejoong-ssi came in carrying both of them looking a little thunderous."

Yunho's mouth twitches at his gleeful secretary. Jaejoong in a temper is a sight to behold and the woman has seen her fair share of an aggravated Jung Jaejoong.

"Did he say anything?"

The woman grins. "He said to tell you that he has a mountain of laundry to do and the second the twins are old enough to do laundry, which by his reckoning should be when they turn two if they know what's good for them, he's going to make them wash their own damn clothes."

"Daddy, want mama."

Yunho turns to find two almond eyed angels in makeshift dresses pouting at him, blinking innocently as they repeat their request in unison.

"Want mama."

"I think mama just had enough this morning, love." Yunho answers quietly, loud enough for his secretary to hear but not his children.

The lady doesn't hide her mirth as she darts an affectionate glance over at the two irrepressible Jung twins. Yoochun and Junsu were pretty bad when they were young but these two take dirty to a whole new level. Whenever Jaejoong leaves them with Yunho for a couple of hours, he packs at least two changes of clothes, and more often than not, both changes are usually required.

"He looks rather put upon. He didn't even leave any food or instructions. He just dropped them by my desk, told me to pass on the message I just told you, and flounced off."

Yunho arches an eyebrow. "Flounced?"

"Begging your pardon, sir, but that was the best way to describe it. He even huffed when he took a last look at the girls before he spun on his heel and flounced off."


"Yes, love?"

"Itchy," Mimi utters forlornly as she scratches at the collar to her ridiculous outfit. Her new dress was fun at first, making all sorts of exciting crackling sounds. She's even slippery when she tries to hug Nana and it's all very fun. But after wriggling and sweating and everything, it's not really that fun anymore. What happened to her normal soft clothes? These are stiff and scratchy and pokey and she wants to change.

As if reading her thoughts, Nana nods solemnly, her Cupid bow pout in full bloom as she tugs at the hem of her outfit, trying to lift it up and off her even while seated.

"Itchy, daddy. Off! Off! Where's mama?"

Yunho shakes his head at his little princesses dressed in their rice sacks.

"Call my wife and send the call in when he picks up."

He strides quickly over to his girls, both reaching their short little arms out towards him.

Yunho scoops them both up, trying to hide his urge to laugh at the sounds they're both making thanks to their makeshift dresses.

Crackling sound effects follow them as he heads back into his office.

It looks like Jaejoong has just cut arm holes and a neck hole in some rice gurneys and pulled them over their twins.

"What have you done to your, mama, love?" Yunho nuzzles one sweaty twin who just pouts at him as she points to her sister.

"Nana, messy."

"Mimi, messy."



"I think you're both messy." Yunho laughs as he kisses both girls loudly on their cheeks, making them both laugh. "Mama is going to make you do laundry and then maybe you'll stop messing up your clothes all the time huh?"

"Laundry?" Nana questions, eyes curious and head cocked. She reaches out to pat her father's chin and scrunches her nose when she doesn't find it scratchy. "Itchy, daddy?"

She pats and rubs and starts to slap insistently wondering where on earth her "itchy daddy" has gone.

The aggravated little girl is joined by her sister and Yunho doesn't get to his couch fast enough to stop both his girls from slapping him silly.

By the time he is able to sit, the twins think "slapping daddy" is a game, both bouncing happily in their poor father's arms as they smack his non-itchy face.

Yunho can only shake his head as both start to howl when he sits on the couch and drops both of them rather unceremoniously on either side rather than leaving them in his lap as they're accustomed to. His face is stinging from the little slaps, but really now, he usually doesn't see the twins for at least 5-6 hours. It's only been two hours since he left home this morning. It's definitely not long enough for any stubble!

Mimi clambers into her father's lap, her crying more noise than anything else as she tries to get to his cheeks again. Her dress is slippery and she makes poor progress but she is nothing if not determined.

She is of course, soon joined by her twin.

It is into this rather comical sigh that Jung Jaejoong walks into.

The gorgeous man is struck momentarily speechless as he watches his bespoke suited husband trying to fend off two yowling toddlers who are acting more like little wolf cubs or something than the youngest daughters of one of the most powerful men in East Asia.

When Nana actually growls, is when Jaejoong finally finds his voice.

"Mi-Young! Na-Young!"

Both girls stop mid-clamber, their crying switched off in the blink of an eye as they turn to find the man they'd been looking for earlier.

Daddy all but forgotten, both little girls squeal as they try to slide off the couch to get to their scowling mama. Of course, his irritation isn't quite communicated to them, the girls focusing their attention on getting to the man rather than ascertaining if the man even wants them in the first place.

Jaejoong walks towards his husband, Yunho marveling at his secretary's apt description of his wife. He can practically see the thundercloud hanging over Jaejoong's head.

Both twins find solid ground, just as Jaejoong reaches Yunho and slips grouchily into his lap.

He kisses his husband full on the mouth, tongue and all, expending all his negative energy and turning it into something positive.

His hand slips up the front of the man's torso, fisting the front of his jacket as he seeks to get closer to that hot warm mouth that tastes like coffee and love.

Jaejoong's tongue is insistent, sweeping in, tongue mimicking his body as he tries to curl into the older man.

Both twins give up trying to get their mama's attention. All the tugging in the world is not going to work when their mama is in their daddy's lap and young as they are, they both know it. Crying will only get them scolded for they know their mama is very good at telling when they're faking it. Their daddy gives in a little more but nothing gets past their mama.

The two little girls pout at each other before they take the other's hand and go off exploring their new surroundings.

Yunho knows he should stop his wife and check on the girls but Jaejoong is intoxicating. The needy little moans and the insistent nudges against him as he licks and delves into his mouth, taking from and him and returning in kind is doing a number on his head. He knows he should be focusing on something else, but a willing Jaejoong at any time of the day is something Yunho practically never says no too.

Almost 14 years of marriage and Yunho is still lost with one pout from his wife. And if one pout is already bad enough, a soft, pliant, whimpering wife with a mouth of sin is basically impossible.

Jaejoong breaks the kiss first with a breathless gasp, leaning his forehead against his husband's, smiling with his eyes shut when he feels the man licking at his lips.

"I needed that."

"I'm always at your service."

Jaejoong grins, once again the happy ray of light his family is accustomed to. Most people think he is a self-sustaining light but he is the light of the Jungs thanks to the Jung himself for one is incomplete without the other. Yunho may draw strength from Jaejoong and looks towards him to light his darkness but Jaejoong needs the fuel of Yunho's unshakeable love and devotion to fan the flames of that light.

Jung Yunho and his wife are almost like no other out there. It all seems simple on the surface but their connection is deeper than what can be seen.

You'd have to feel it to understand.

Being in their presence causes awe even in the coldest of hearts.

They are not overt in company they don't know, but they are also utterly uncaring about what said company or society think of them. Yunho has never ever turned his wife away no matter the setting. During all four of Jaejoong's pregnancies, Yunho has been known to conduct meetings with a sleeping wife in his lap.

A smile from Jaejoong can turn Yunho's mood in a heartbeat and a kiss from Yunho is enough to sustain the younger man for hours.

"I love you."

Yunho smiles, capturing a cushiony pout between his lips.

But before he can reply, a loud crash and twin squeals jolt both of them from their blissful little bubble.

Jaejoong sighs as two gleeful little girls with not a care in the world giggle and smear what used to be a full brass pot of ink from their father’s desk onto each other.

Black on the plastic rice sacks Jaejoong had pulled over their heads that morning from sheer frustration, the two girls grin and dip their hands in the dark ink, coloring each other with patterns on their “dresses” that only they can make sense of.

Or not.

20 month old Jung twins don’t really care whether their art makes sense. They’re having fun and getting dirty.

They do like getting dirty.

“That’s a thirty thousand dollar rug…”

“Those are our children,” Yunho counters, kissing his wife’s cheek. The long suffering sigh from the younger man makes him smile for some reason as they watch the two little minxes now practically covered to their elbows in ink, enthusiastically painting each other. “You did literally give them a canvas…”

“Do you know how many times I changed them this morning?”


“Try five times.”

Yunho draws back to stare at his wife incredulously. “Five? Are you sure? In two hours?”

“Do you really think I’d make that up? Why do you think I cut damn holes in rice bags and put them in it? They’re lucky the potato sacks were too big. Maybe when they’re three I’ll dress them in potato sacks and everyone can say I’m the worst mama ever.” Jaejoong grumbles as he elbows his husband in the chest. He wriggles in his lap, eliciting a heartfelt groan from the older man, but the younger Jung is unrepentant, wiggling some more, grinding his ass rather thoroughly into his husband’s lap.

“Jung Jaejoong you are a good mama but as good as you are, you can’t afford me right now no matter how much I wish you could.”


“I’m very expensive.”

“More expensive than the rug your daughters just ruined beyond all hope?”

“More expensive than even that,” Yunho nods.

“Why? Because I can try and clean the rug now but I can’t polish your—“

A large hand clamps over the hopeless man’s mouth.

Yunho shakes his head at his wife whose eyes are dancing with suppressed mirth and something more.

“Are you going to behave?”

Jaejoong nods, trying to inject solemnity into his eyes.

Yunho stares suspiciously at him, before he removes his hand slowly.

“Knob!” Jaejoong shouts gleefully, causing his daughters to turn towards him.

“Knob, mama? What knob?”

“Jaejoong…” Yunho groans, closing his eyes and giving up. His daughters are wearing rice sacks and his wife is horny.

And he cannot move from the couch for at least ten minutes.

What a morning.

AN1: I've gone drabble crazy OMG someone help me!

AN2: And gosh the number of people who have no idea who "Treebeard" is in the last drabble...read a little bit closer, baby ;-) Might help if you read Sunshine.

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Wow! you really did have YunhoJaejoong Day feels! I see some of the dialogue from real life YJ moments. XD

I empathize with Jaejoong, it's hard enough to do laundry but doing laundry while trying to take out various kinds of stains from fancy, expensive clothing? I'd probably make them wear rice sacks too! T_T

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