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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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And This Is How It Starts...
Sleeping Beauty drabble

AN: A special surprise cos I write too much OTL


Your baby is moving and I can't sleepCollapse )

Funny how I was waiting for Jaejoong to fart or sth....
wasn't he having those when he's pregnant on Jaeyoung? OTL,
but gawd that is so damn adorable...
Jaejoong sleeping in Yunho's lap in front of everyone <3
what a sight to behold *.*
I feel you Nicki, I enter the fandom during 2010 so I didn't really witness anything when they were all together as five but gawd I miss them too, LOL.
It's like having them but not really... Idek if I made sense, Hahaha! xD

everytime i read a new SB drabble, it will lead to reread other previous SB drabbles. the Jungs are addictive.

You wrote it!!! I know every body is secretely hoping for this drabble after the last one I know I certainly did. Haha
Preggie Jaejae is sooo adorable. Thanks for writing :)

I'm smiling...smiling..till I cried..damn...you're making me sad..sorry not your fault..it's just so overwhelming for me..just like you, I've known them after split so everytime you write something that evolved around Yunho And Jaejoong alone..you make me think “ what if...just what if their love is real...?”..happy YunJae day...T_T

awwwww this was so sweet *crying* I miss them too so much I came into fandom in late 2008 and well * Iam going to sulk * thank u so much for writing & sharing ♥♡♥♡♥♡♥

This is so adorable!!~~~~<3
Kekeke leaves stuck in jaejoong's hair xD
Wonder how that happened haha!

Somehow I think yunjae is a love that is like no other...the stares..the connection..the pining....

It is apt however..to have this love so tortured....

Ahh thank you for writing this adorable drable.
Really make my day
Its sweet and make me smile while imagining to be one of those in the meeting room
and see it the pregnant Jung Jaejoong and his husband.. :)

hahhhhhhhhhhh!!! sadhfdjsfkjghjdegkj


want to be in yunho lap too!!

this was just so fluffy ;;
just what I needed. ;')

This is lovely!
May I request more Changmin and Kazu please?~

Oh God this is so sweet <3
All previous drabbles from this week are really sweet.
I am currently re-reading few of your fics and it seriously makes me wanna be in a relationship (and I never been in one)... ugh... your writing is so so good.

I discovered DBSK a year ago, yet I miss them together too. It's not even about Yunjae (as I really like Jaechun) but Jaemin and OT5... so yeah I know the feeling :(

Edited at 2014-02-05 04:14 pm (UTC)

happy yunjae day!
happy yunhoday!
this is so lovely,imagine can be a part of the meeting huhuhu
their love so beautiful huhu i can't stop smiling!
thank you so much

I can imagine the awe Yunho feel going through his first official pregnancy with the wife. And trust the universe to answer Jaejoong every wish.

I want to hear about why the leaves are in Jaejoong's hair. Spectacular indeed.