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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Drabble by YOU
So I played this game over at thejungs where the readers are supposed to continue the story in order to write a somewhat coherent Sleeping Beauty drabble. I started the story, and everyone was supposed to continue. There were 20 continuations in all, though two of those were me (see if you can find me).

I said i'd post the story when I got back from my trip on Feb 17. I'm actually at the airport hah! Close enough since i'm already doing work now so I figure my holiday is official at an end.

Yunho and Jaejoong stare grimly at their row of children standing in line from the oldest to the youngest. Jiyool, at the head of the line, is wearing a defensive expression, identical to her sister's next to her. They are holding hands and the Jung parents know their girls are united.

The twins are looking vaguely worried, Junsu holding hands with both Yoochun and Changmin, the latter looking somewhat amused for some reason. The youngest Jung boy isn't actually smiling, but it comes close enough.

And then come the youngest Jungs.

Two pretty little girls who are unrecognizable. They stare wide-eyed up at their parents through their mud caked hair and formerly blue and green overalls. The little toddlers wrinkle their noses as their parents run their eyes over them.

"No washing, mama."

Whoever spoke, for they are too identical right now for even Jaejoong to be able to tell them apart, is shaking her head.

Her twin joins in, wagging her finger at her father as she takes a step back from him when he crouches down to be at her eye level.

Yunho feels like he just stepped into the past, remembering Jiyool's own finger wagging tendencies as a toddler.

"No washing, daddy."

"Why no washing?" asks Yunho cautiously, wondering what creative toddler explanation he is going to get.


"Can't? You've forgotten how?"

She shakes her head. "No washing."

Jaejoong sighs, knowing they're not going to get anywhere for awhile. He crouches down too next to his husband, thumbing at some mud in his daughter's cheek and trying to hide his reaction at finding it dry and hardened. He scrapes at her cheek, his baby oddly compliant as he darts a look at her older sisters who are both chewing their bottom lips.

He might as well get one thing out of the way.

"Are you Nana or Mimi?"

"Not telling," the toddler replies as she grabs for her sister's mud-caked hand. The girls both shake their heads for emphasis, staring resolutely at their parents' confused expressions.

"Oh? Why not?"

"We're playing a game," the other twin answers, "so it's a secret."

Yunho shakes his head, and looks at his wife as the man rolls his eyes....

He couldn't believe that anyone could possibly be more stubborn than Jaejoong or his youngest son, but his baby girls were proving how absolutely wrong he could be.

"So...who wants to start" Jeajoong ask.

No one says anything...each child standing their ground just staring at there parents.

Seems like even Yunho stares not working.

The youngest boy look around him, after realizing everyone is too baffled to speak up. He decided maybe honesty is the best policy.

"You both stink." Changmin said while sniffing the air with exaggeration.

The twin just laughed at their youngest brother expression. While both Jaejoong and Yunho got startled and start to smell the mud in Jae's hand, try determining if the brown substance really just mud.

"Changmin!" Jiyool shouted at her youngest brother, her eyebrows creasing, and the youngest Jung boy just shrugged at him.

"Is this really mud? Why did you play at the mud?" Jaejoong asked, trying to wipe the mud-cake stains on Nana, or was it Mimi? Jaejoong is confused as hell.

"It's fun." One of the twins said and both of them giggled, looking at each other as if they share a secret that no one knows but them.

"Jiyool?" Yunho asks, waiting an explanation from the oldest child.

Jiyool just stares at the ground, unable to make a sound. It wasn't her fault that her youngest siblings insisted on playing at the park after the rain. The twins were covered up with mud as a result.

"Yoolie noona! You're not supposed to tell anything!" She remembers Nana telling her before their parents found them.

"There's nothing to tell." Jiyool finally speaks, looking up and finally meeting her father's eyes as he straightens. "I took them all to the park and lost track of them for a few minutes. I think they got into a puddle."

Three gasps are heard causing Jaejoong to frown as he straightens to look at his boys who are exchanging looks. Yoochun is trying to communicate silently with Jiyool who is frowning in return. JJ simply sighs, tilting her head back to stare up at the ceiling.

"No washing!"

"What is this whole no washing business?" Yunho questions gruffly as he crouches down once again to tug at one of the twins, pulling her towards him. The adorable minx giggles as she stumbles against her father and rubs her dirty face against his cheek, as she bellows demandingly.

"Itchy, daddy! Now!"

He decides to take a chance.

"Nana, why do you smell?"

The little twin in question draws back with a start, mouth dropping open in surprise before she wrinkles her nose and turns towards her youngest older brother who is wincing as he waits.

"You said no one would know! Minnie lied!"

Changmin scoffed and narrowed his eyes at his Nana. He couldn’t believe his sister put him on the spot. “I NEVER said they wouldn’t know. I said there would be a possibility.”

“You lied to us Minnie!” Nana wailed again as she tried to struggle out Yunho’s strong grip. “Mean Minnie!"

Mimi who had been quiet during the exchange kicked the youngest Jung boy in the shin. “It’s not good to lie Minnie!” the little girl shouted.

“Ow!” Changmin bellowed holding his shin. “It’s not good to kick Mi-young!"

"Jung Changmin! Better be a good explanation for this." his daddy said.

Changmin just stare at the twins, "Its not my fault they want to play."

"What Minnie told you Nana?" Yunho ask.

"I just want to grow tall like you, Daddy!" Minnie ' s eyes are starting to leak tears.

"Well, that's certainly possible, responded Yunho carefully. "You have my genes."

"Your jeans are way too big for us, Daddy," admonished Nana waving her finger at him.

"But we could get there, Nana - if it works."

"If what works?" Jaejoong asked.

"It's a secret," says Nana.

"If we tell it won't work," adds her twin solemnly.

Jaejoong decides that this is going nowhere fast and that most pressing need now is to clean up his littlest darlings. He scoops up both of the twins and tells Yunho, "I'm giving these two a bath, you give that lot the third degree".

"No, Mama, no washing", is heard repeatedly as Jaejoong disappears toward the master bathroom.

All five older children shudder, this is not the first time they have been lined up in front of their father with a lot of explaining to do.

"So, how is it that five pair of eyes all managed to lose track of your sisters", Yunho asked with a tone of disappointment and irritation combined.

All five children looked at each other with their eyes communicating silently. No one wanted to speak because they KNEW that they were going to get in trouble. However, they also knew that not speaking showed how wrong they were.

“I’m waiting.” Yunho said crossing his arms across his chest. “And I want the full truth.” Silence was all that was heard still, and Yunho turned his attention to his oldest daughter. “Fine.” he stated with a commanding voice. “I’ll pick for you. Jiyool start talking.”

The oldest frowned. “Daddy you’re not understanding! It wasn’t my fault completely!"

Yunho's eyes remained passive and cold as he listened to his oldest's explanation, "then this is where you explain to me what happened, Jiyool. "

The oldest felt troubled. As the oldest she had the responsibility to watch her siblings when her parents are not there, but it wasn't fair that she always had to take the blame when it wasn't completely her fault." A squeeze from her occupied hands brought her attention to the second oldest, JJ.

"Well? Who's fault is it Jiyool?" Her father's voice remained soft but he his authoritative cold stare bore through her small being.

"I-it's....." She glanced at her siblings, who were staring intently at her, she gulped, "it's my fault, daddy." Soft gasps let out and the hand that was squeezing hers before squeezed again.

Changmin looked down the line at his older sister and frowned deeply. He couldn't understand why she was taking the blame when it wasn't her fault that the little twins got away. It was his fault and he didn't regret it until now. Changmin watched as their father talked to JiYool about responsibility of being the oldest. He saw his sister trying to hold it together, but with the tone their father was using, Changmin knew she wouldn't last.

"Minnie," the youngest male Jung heard to his right. "Tell the truth".

Changmin nodded and gulped. "D-Daddy," he started quietly. Yunho turned his eyes to his youngest son. "Don't yell at Yoolie. It's my fault that th-". He was suddenly cut off by his older sister shaking her head no but he ignored her. "I told the twins to play in the puddle because I was jealous of all the time they were spending with noona. It's my fault so punish me."

Yunho looked at his son and frowned. “So you’re telling me that the reason the twins are dirty is because you were jealous?” he questioned. “Are you serious Changmin?"

“Yes sir.” Changmin said looking down.

The older man was for once speechless. Changmin never showed an signs of jealously towards his toddler sisters. Yunho turned his gaze onto the other four quiet children and looked at them looking at the ground. He for once did not know how to punish them or Changmin for this incident if ‘jealously' was the case.

He needed his wife.

“We need to talk to mama.” Yunho stated with tiredness in his voice. "I just don't understand."

In a single line, all five children followed their father into the master bedroom.

They were met with a thoroughly drenched Jaejoong and two greatly amused twins grappling for the towels twisted around each others' heads.

"Wait for mama while he gets changed and-- Yunho, have you gotten to the bottom of this yet? This menacing duo won't spill!"

He tickled Mimi- or was it Nana- into a fit of giggles leaving the two squirming in bed as he tugged on a dry pair of sweats and a new shirt.

"It's why I brought them in here. Jiyool said it was her fault the twins had taken a mud bath but apparently it was Changmin's fault because he was jealous of them taking all of Jiyool's attention," Yunho sighs, placing a kiss against Jae's nape and whispering "and you know I have no clue as to how to manage ... that. I mean look at them!" He tilts his head slightly towards the five kids standing at the door, their hands interlaced with each other's, nervousness practically rolling off them in waves and puppy eyes shining with stubbornly unshed tears.

Jaejoong just shook his head as he smiled at his husband. Despite the tough image the Jung magnate has in public, he's as tough as a pile of mush at home when it comes to all their kids. It's different when they're only dealing with one or two combinations at most, but when all five combine, it's like playing flappy bird for the first time. You just have to tap enough to keep it balance. But that's where their strength as parents shine best is when they do it together.

Jaejoong picked up Mimi and nudged Yunho to pick up Nana, the little girls still giggling in the process. Sitting themselves on the edge of the bed, they began to dry the girls' hair as Jaejoong began to hum a familiar tune. It didn't really didn't take very long before a bawling Changmin came barreling towards his parents as he rushed to wrap himself around his Mama's feet. Yunho's eyebrows raised as he watched his youngest son turn into a blubbering mess.

The twins who were sitting on their parents' laps looked alarmed upon seeing their brother crying. Nana began to squirm out of Yunho's grip but her Daddy wouldn't let her go. "Down Daddy, down!" She began to demand as she tried to reach out to her older brother. Upon seeing her twin in distress, Mimi's eyes began to fill with tears as she looked up at her Mama, her little face now full of regret for what happened because it apparently got Minnie in trouble.

Jaejoong handed Mimi over to Yunho and the little girl immediately reached out to her Daddy. As soon as she was settled in her father's arms, she reached out to her twin with one hand and began to suck the thumb on the other. Jaejoong reached down to tug Minnie up as bawling now reduced to tiny whimpers. "Now, will you tell us what happened?" He asked.

"I..I'm s..s...sorry, M...ma...ma." Wailed Changmin between hiccoughs.

"Shh.... I know you're sorry, baby boy. I also know that you don't share very well." Jaejoong whispered as he rubbed soothing circles on his youngest son's back. "I think it's the reason you fed from me the longest, and why you finally spoke words other than Mama and milk as a baby."

"Now tell me what happened at the park."

AN: That was 2,232 words lol. A “Nikki-drabble” huh? Nice ;-)

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It always has to be Minnie ball's fault.

I'm not surprise that he is jealous.
Somehow I think of all the children, he is the most possessive of his things which includes those he loves.
Especially since he has been the baby of the family the longest, it's not surprising that he is not happy the twins are getting attention from everyone especially Jiyool.

I seriously cannot tell which are your lines.
I think somehow all your readers have come to learn your style of writing that it makes it hard to distinguish.
Or I am just bad at these things ^^

second this but honestly it's refreshing...

This went really well. Fun little experiment that produced a good little drabble. :)

I enjoyed reading this joint effort.

Thanks to all who contributed.

So.... What happened at the park? Sequel?!?!?!

Thanks all for writing

In the end, we still didnt know what happened. I hope mama jung can voax it out of minnie ball.;)

but, wait... what about the secret? I am curious... :)

I'm laughing. Good way to start my day.

Can't wait to see how this ends though. I don't remember what I write much but I think I know where. Otherwise I think it's you who wrote the whole thing cause my writing is not noticeable.

soooo.... what happened at the park? ^^? but this is just amazing! can hardly tell that it is written by many different people! ^^

AWWWWWWWWWWWWW~ hahaha! The Jung kids are always love ♥

I never get tired of this drabble. Thanks for sharing~

Please spill the story at the park :)

i didn't get to play D:
but still ,awesome story (;

Minnieball's fault d:

Flappy bird huh....?!
We all know Changmin doesn't share what he considers his.

ahh~ i certainly remember this... tho i didn't get to take part in it... sadly... maybe if there's a next time. :3

you started this and somewhere in the middle you added another bit. if i remember correctly it's the part where changmin just admitted that he's jealous of the youngest jung twins and isn't really fond of sharing~^^

Nana and Mimi covered in mud must be so adorable. Cute little twins. >

What a great job! I applaud you all. Seems like this could be the start of something wonderful. I'd still like to know what happened at the park and how our wonderful Jungs handle it.

yeah, minni share with us too. what happen in the park? me want know

what happened at the park???

it's so cool! I mean thinking about it that different people were the one who wrote this drabble is just utterly amazing! ^-^
and it really got a nice story!!
nice job girls/boys :)

oh and wow... I love the part where Jaejoong said "I also know that you don't share very well." OTL. so true :P
Minnieball can be possessive as hell...

so what really happen in the park...i'm soooooo curious....

minnie ball *pats* ... well he was the youngest n then twins came in...so yeah it's hard for him to get the idea that he is an older brother n that somehow he is not going to have the same attention... but at least u can see that all of them are really united n care for the other ^^

I was reading this at thejungs and was sooooo anticipating on Changmin's answer. I hope you'll continue this and reveal to us what actually happened at the park.

What happened at the park? I'm so curious....

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