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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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One Night in Busan [8c]
Title: One Night in Busan
Pairing: YunJae
Rating: NC-17
Length: Chaptered
Genre: AU, Fluff, Romance
Important: This is AU but HoMin are TVXQ and JYJ never existed. Basically the only non-AU thing about it. EVERYTHING about this fic is super freaking AU… I just can’t get BLOND BLOND BLOND out of my fucking head. Also, characters may be a little (or a lot) OOC but it’s fiction and AU and just roll with it, ok?
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. Please don't kill me.

Summary: It was meant to be a one time thing, and it takes Yunho a while to realize that a one time thing for him means exactly that.

AN: You get EXO and The Hobbit and JaeMin… YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. I give up. I can't decide which must is more bratty. Jaejoong or Changmin. BOTH ARE TERRIBLE.


“Apparently he’s Heenim’s cousin.”

“Then what is he doing with TVXQ? I heard he came in with them.”

“Yeah, he did. All three arrived in Yunho’s hyung’s car and he was sitting in the back. I was a few steps behind, and they didn’t even spare me a second glance. Yunho hyung normally at least acknowledges me but I might as well have been invisible. He must be pretty important because they walked like they were guarding him. Yunho hyung on his left and Changmin hyung on his right. I didn’t see much though, but he’s shorter than both of them.”

“Almost everyone is shorter than them. How short is short? Kyungsoo short?”

“More like Yixing.”

“Average then.”

“Average?” the young man scoffs, rolling his eyes at his bandmate. “You have got to be kidding me. There is nothing average about him. Haven’t you seen the blurry photos from the supermarket?”

“I think the key word here is blurry,” the idol sniffs as he turns his phone on to start looking for said photos.

“Have you seen them though?” the fresh idol presses his friend.

“Yes, yes. Heenim and BoA noona causing a scene like that, and instead of focusing on them, everyone was talking about the blond instead. Of course I saw but I didn’t get a good look at his face. He has a very nice jaw. Like Yunho hyung’s.”

“Imagine Luhan and Jongin morphed together but…more beautiful.”

The older man scoffs at his friend. “Not possible.”

“5,000 won says your jaw will drop when you see him in the flesh.”

“You’re on. Did yours drop?”

“I think he’s going to haunt my dreams tonight and I’m pretty sure I’m straight.”

“You mean you’re not anymore?” comes the amused query.

“You’d be confused too if you had a look at him.”

“He sounds interesting.”

“Well, he’s definite something.”


“Excuse me? I’m pretty sure we have the exact same shoot to get to.”

Changmin smirks. “And I’m also pretty sure that I called the managers and told them that you’re going to go first because I didn’t sleep very well thanks to you and I’ve got eye bags that the noonas are going to screech about so I need to de-puff my eyes. I told them you’re well-rested and glowing like a light bulb so you’re going first.”

Yunho frowns and actually leans forward to scrutinize Changmin, and his imaginary eye bags which causes Jaejoong to let out an amused sound. It’s an odd sound to be sure for it’s not quite a giggle, nor is it a chuckle, but the teenager’s amusement is pretty clear.

Yunho looks over Changmin’s shoulder to stare at his young husband who is perched on the edge of the daybed, one leg bent with his foot planted on the mattress, cheek propped on the knee while his other leg swings lazily back and forth. Jaejoong is hugging his leg, looking a little sleepy, with an adorable smile on his face if Yunho’s being objective.

Sleepy and too fucking adorable.

And fuckable.

He can feel his body reacting to the innocent, amused and mildly curious gaze of his new spouse.

Yunho sighs inwardly when he chances a glance at Changmin. He knows his partner well enough to know when he isn’t going to budge an inch. He sends the younger man a scowl which is returned by an eyebrow lift and Yunho admits defeat.

“Aren’t you going to kiss me goodbye then?”

“I’d rather kiss a toad,” comes the snappy but amused response.

Yunho doesn’t even dignify that remark with a reply as he nudges Changmin aside.

“Not talking to you, Changminnie. Jae?”

The teenager straightens, kissing his palm and then “throwing” the kiss at Yunho with a small smirk before he once again slouches over, back to his earlier position. His large doe eyes are sparkling, his mouth red and lush from being chewed and licked practically the entire short ten minute ride to the company building.

Not by Yunho though.

The teenager had kept his own counsel in the car as the duo discussed protection for Jaejoong. Apparently some of their fans are borderline insane and Yunho is not sure how he’d react if a bag of rocks got thrown at Jaejoong the way it happened with Changmin several years ago at the airport. The teenager wanted to query the awful-sounding incident but even the profile view of Changmin that he has, stays his tongue. He can see the man’s neck tensing at the mere mention of the incident and Yunho drops the matter quickly, not pursuing that example any further than what he’s already said. His husband even reaches over to squeeze Changmin’s knee in apology though the younger man doesn’t acknowledge the gesture.

Not even a grunt.

He just stares out the window, expression bleak.

It became blissfully silent in the car after that, apart from Changmin noting that the location for the photoshoot was switched at the last moment due to a change in schedules so he is hopeful about the entrance to their company’s building being relatively free of crazy people at seven in the morning.

He was right, although Jaejoong had the strangest feeling that they were being watched the whole time.

The teenager catches his husband’s eyes just then as he tries to hide his smirk while the older man pouts at him for his non-physical kiss. He has a headache though and he doesn’t want to make it worse by moving.

The leader of TVXQ is feeling a little sullen, knowing he’s not going to get more than that for Changmin is hovering like Smaug waiting to swoop down if Yunho so much as puts a toe over the threshold of the entrance to their relaxation room to try and get to the Arkenstone that is Jung Jaejoong. They’re already five minutes late, and he really needs to run to the studio if he doesn’t want all the crew side-eying him. The fact that Changmin went home with him, and they arrived in his car that morning has probably escaped no one’s notice. Yunho is just a little irritated at having been told about everyone thinking that he and Changmin are fucking because now he’s going to be side-eyeing everyone side-eyeing him and the whole situation is just so damn ridiculous.

And then there’s Jaejoong.

To the teenager’s credit, he did try to dress inconspicuously, wearing a simple cream sweater and punkish pinstripe pants. He’d accessorized it with one of Yunho’s scarves that covered half his face, but the boy’s beauty is still unmistakeable. Yunho knows many eyes were on them as they entered, but he’d been too busy fighting to keep his hands to himself to give his surroundings more than a cursory sweep.

He takes in Jaejoong’s outfit again and swallows a groan.

Too bad for Yunho, the boy was poured into those pants and he has no time to peel them off him.

Maybe later.

Right now the best thing for him to do is to get through their schedule. Changmin is being even more wifely and naggy than usual, spending most of his time on the phone to their managers and security as Yunho ate the heavenly breakfast Jaejoong had heated up from yesterday’s leftover dinner. Changmin wasn’t kidding when he said he had a mouthgasm. Yunho had moaned long and low at the piping hot beef stew Jaejoong had placed in front of him.

“Fine,” he grumbles as his hands rummage his pockets for his phone. His expression gets grumpier when Changmin digs into his own pocket to produce the missing phone with an amused quirk of his brow. “Call me if you need me.” There’s a thread of hope in Yunho’s voice as he looks towards the teenager on the bed who merely arches a blond brow in return. “I bought you a phone. Remind me to show it to you when we get home.”

“Not going home, remember?” Changmin’s tone is dry. “I swear I told you about it this morning.”

“Huh? Where are we going?”

“Japan to record that new song for that soundtrack. Hide & Seek? Ring any bells? They moved up the recording because of all the practice our managers insisted on for the anniversary concert not to mention we need to finish recording the new album. Tomorrow is the only day they can spare us. We’re flying straight after the shoot which you are now ten minutes late for.”

“Screw the shoot.” Yunho tries to reassure his young husband with his eyes as Jaejoong stands up in alarm. “No, you most certainly didn’t tell me about this. What the hell?”


“When are we coming back?”

“Either the red-eye tomorrow or the ass crack of dawn flight the day after because we have to get to Busan for the fan meet and then fly back again because I need to record Cool Kiz.”

Yunho’s stares back and forth between his apprehensive husband and smirking partner. “And Jae?”

Changmin turns to the standing teenager whose eyes are looking slightly wild. “Do you have a passport?”


“You can wear hyung’s clothes, or mine if his are too big. You’ll be fine. It’s only for a day. You have it on you right now I hope, because I know which plane we’re catching and it’s going to be a mad rush as it is without having to stop off at home on the way.”

Yunho’s mouth twitches at Changmin’s choice of words, but he stays silent. Home indeed.

Jaejoong carries all his personal belongings with him most days and today is no exception. There is not a single stamp in his passport as he’d only gotten it when he turned eighteen. He’d dreamed of visiting Japan of course, and maybe some far off exotic place like Bora Bora or maybe Saipan which isn’t as far but sounds just as exotic to him. Never did he imagine waking up in his bed in Busan a week ago, and now heading to Japan in a matter of hours.

He nods towards the small backpack next to his feet.

“You booked a seat for him too?”

Changmin rolls his eyes as he crosses his arms over his chest. “That’s his job.”

“M-my job?” Jaejoong stutters, annoyed with himself that he does, but he is still in mild shock over the news that he’s going to Japan with TVXQ. “What do you mean?”

“Our managers will give you a company credit card. You’re my personal assistant therefore you are responsible for matters personal to me, and to hyung by default. I always do the bookings for our flights after our managers fucked up once and hyung ended up catching a later flight than me for absolutely no good reason other than their incompetence. So, since I now have you, it’s your job.”

Changmin’s tone is deliberate, maybe a little patronizing as he explains himself slowly. One look at his face though and Yunho is reassured that his other half doesn’t mean to be so. He just wants to be sure that Jaejoong understands.

“They fucked up once and you never let them do it again?” Jaejoong asks, slightly incredulous. Surely an international idol has better things to do than to book flights.

“Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.” Changmin’s tone is flat. “I don’t travel without hyung,” he adds somewhat snippily. “And you probably shouldn’t either.”

Jaejoong rolls his eyes as he sits back down on the bed, lifting his feet up and hugging both his knees. “Spoken like someone who gets his way all the time. Does precious mean anything to you? Brat, perhaps? Or maybe you prefer princess?” He grins when Changmin bristles, cutting the man off as he opens his mouth to reply. “But it doesn’t sound like rocket science. I can do it.”

“You’re talking as if you have a choice.” Changmin observes.

“And you’re talking like he’s an employee,” Yunho’s tone is a little stiff.

“Well, technically I am.” Jaejoong points out matter-of-factly. “He doesn’t need to play favorites just because we’re married. I don’t intend to fuck up and I’ve never fucked up in any job in my life except for that escort bullshit which you know about. He can tell me off if I screw up. I can take it.”

Yunho’s eyebrows raise almost to his hairline as both Changmin and Jaejoong stare at him like he’s being silly. And in all honesty, he is feeling a tad silly. He, the one with the impeccable work ethic, the exacting task master that has moulded urban brat Shim Changmin into his own likeness, has all but hinted that Changmin should cut his husband some slack because…well…because he’s his husband.

Really now, Jung Yunho?

Changmin is amused at the play of emotions across Yunho’s face. The prevailing one being sheepishness. He gets that his hyung is being protective, but Jaejoong cannot be wrapped in cotton wool and placed in a gilded jewelry box, or worse, a cage. He knows the boy is made of stronger stuff than his looks appear to convey and his survival will hinge on that.

Yunho is still gawking at both of them when Changmin decides to change the subject to something wholly different.

Something that’s been bugging him for awhile, if he’s being honest.

“How do you get your hair that perfect shade of blond?”

Jaejoong wrinkles his nose, unperturbed by the totally unrelated question. He’s caught Changmin staring at his hair several times, and he’s been waiting for the question.

“I didn’t dye my hair. It’s real.”

“Are you serious?”

“Would I really lie about something like this? All I need to do is shave my head and you’ll see it’s the truth. Or better still…” he smirks, sending a meaningfully coy glance at Changmin whose eyes widen even further. “I’m surprised you didn’t notice this morning.”

His tone is everything sinful and suggestive and Changmin is hard pressed to shake the visual he just got.

“Jaejoong,” Yunho admonishes quietly though he cannot help his smile because Jaejoong’s cheeky grin is infectious.

Changmin tries to recover from the mental image, coughing as he bites out. “I was in a state of shock this morning thank you. You’re really blond?”

Jaejoong laughs, more than amused at Changmin’s slack jawed expression and lame attempt at covering it up. Yunho’s taken it in stride, noticing it in the shower before which is why the teenager decides to explain.

“Yes, I’m really blond. Did you really think I dyed my eyebrows? I was born with some sort of pigmentation issue. I’m blond everywhere.”

“I can vouch for that,” Yunho adds helpfully, “and you’ll just have to take my word for it,” he declares firmly, which earns him a quelling glare from his very beautiful young spouse.

Changmin stares for a few more moments, eyes raking Jaejoong’s hair and face before he suddenly bursts out laughing.

He laughs for a good minute, with both Yunho and Jaejoong exchanging glances. If Yunho thinks Changmin is laughing at Jaejoong, he’d have said something, but he knows the man well enough to know it isn’t directed at the pouty blond. Jaejoong, to his credit, also realizes that Changmin’s laughter is not for his weird affliction.

“Yah! Hyung, what’s so funny?”

“The girls…” Changmin chokes out, before howling with laughter all over again. “Hyung…” he manages before taking huge heaving gulps of air to try and stop laughing. “Hyung…hyung…the girls…”

“What girls?”

“Heechul hyung is going to be upset as fuck. BoA noona too.”


“I think they wanted the name of your hairdresser because they were marveling at your hair.”

‘Well, good luck with that.” Jaejoong mutters, leaning back and staring at the ceiling. He is suddenly feeling sleepy, as he waves his hand at them. “Don’t you two have somewhere to be? All this talking has made my headache worse and I wouldn’t mind a nap.”

Changmin straightens instantly, eyes whipping towards Yunho who hasn’t bothered taking off his shoes, striding into the room towards the bed.

The younger half of TVXQ holds his tongue, swallowing the urge to tell the leader off for his shoes.

He watches as Yunho bends over the prone Jaejoong, whispering words he cannot hear.

The sentiment is clear though, and he feels some strange emotion tugging at him as Yunho gently pushes Jaejoong’s fringe from his forehead, smiling down at the petulant blond whose pout is probably visible from outer space. Changmin grins when Jaejoong licks Yunho’s nose, making the older man rear back in surprise, before his loud laughter fills the room.

That laughter is abruptly cut off though when Jaejoong smacks him for aggravating his headache, and Yunho drops his body, covering the blond with his broad frame, half lying on him and almost completely obscuring the slim teenager from Changmin’s view.

He watches with interest as Yunho throws a leg over Jaejoong’s, slipping his knee between the boy’s thighs and rubbing languidly, noting the difference between the way his leader hugs him and the way he hugs his spouse.

A throaty chuckle from Jaejoong breaks Changmin’s musings and he realizes that he is somewhat regretful at having to haul the older man off the sleepy teen. So regretful he almost offers to go first.


There is a bit of a tug of war as Jaejoong decides he doesn’t want Yunho to go, and Yunho is at war with himself, while Changmin is insistently trying to pull the man off the sulky teen. The three way struggle goes on for a fair few moments, with a lot of rather indecent sound effects coming from the amused teenager.

Changmin finally succeeds, though he knows that had Yunho asked him to go first, he would have.

But he also knows Yunho wouldn’t ask it of him, and he’s somewhat pleased to know his leader hasn’t changed that much.


“Don’t forget to call me,” Yunho yells out before he slams the door hurriedly shut behind him. He is probably at least twenty minutes late now and it’s his own fault really as he sprints towards the stairs.

Jaejoong grunts.

“It’s like he forgets everything. I tell him I have a headache, he lets out a belly aching guffaw. And then to add salt to the wound, he yells at me and slams the door.” The teenager mutters irritatedly to himself as he turns over and snuggles into the bed, but his actions are arrested when a voice cuts through his drowsing mind.

“We need to talk.”

“So talk. I might fall asleep though,” Jaejoong replies, not bothering to turn around and he moves deeper into the day bed. The pillow smells like Yunho and he’s happy.

Changmin eyes the wriggling teenager in the bed and he prays for patience as he shrugs off his jacket and heads towards Jaejoong.

The boy doesn’t even flinch as Changmin sits on the bed, back against the opposite end as he nudges the teen’s hip with a toe.

Jaejoong growls, wriggling even more, trying to get away from the insistent foot determined to ruin whatever sleep he can steal. There’s still alcohol in his system and he is still a mite sluggish. All that struggling has sapped most of his remaining energy and he just needs a little nap to recharge.

A kiss or ten would’ve done the job too, but that isn’t an option at the moment.

“We need to talk.” Changmin repeats, slower and louder this time.

“So talk.”

Clearly the teenager doesn’t appreciate his words and that makes Changmin smile. The older man rolls his eyes at the disgruntled tone.

“Tell me about yourself.”

“Huh?” Jaejoong’s eyes are determinedly shut, mouth against a pillow, but Changmin hears his reply nonetheless.

“You heard me.”

“Why do you want to know?”

“Since it’s a little too late to interview you for the job, I figure I should at least know something about you.”

“I didn’t realize being Yunho’s husband meant I had to be interviewed by his wife,” Jaejoong snaps. His voice is low, but there is no mistaking the belligerence in his voice. He is sleepy, nursing a growing headache and well, just suddenly feeling all round ornery.

Changmin smiles.

“You’re my new personal assistant. I have to know something about you. And besides, I need to know whom I’m siding with when we double-team hyung.”

Predictably, Jaejoong is up in an instant, doe eyes flashing as he leans back against the pillows and stares defiantly down at Changmin at the other end of the bed. The older man knows the teen has misunderstood. Oh to think of everything sexually…

“Not sharing.”

“Not asking.”

Jaejoong shakes his head. “I’m not sharing Yunho.”

“I’m not asking you to.”

Jaejoong deflates instantly, not really wanting to fight in the first place. “You’re not?”

Changmin smirks. “I’m telling.”

The boy’s expression turns frosty as he folds his arms across his chest. He doesn’t say a word, but his piercing eyes speak volumes and Changmin can hear each word. Funny how the teenager went from wanting to share not two hours ago to promising bodily harm with his eyes if Changmin so much as tried now. Some might call him manipulative for testing the boy in this manner but Changmin doesn’t care. He only cares about the well-being of one man and now by default, two.

“You can’t do this.”

“Do what?”

“This possessive behavior of yours. You can’t do it in public. No one can know about you. Our public isn’t ready.”

“You’re dragging me across countries with you and I’m not allowed to tell someone to fuck off?”

Changmin crooks a brow. He knows his smile is infuriating the teenager, but he needs the boy to understand.

“You could stay home, you know. I don’t have to take you.”

“Then why are you?”

“Because you’re hyung’s husband.” Changmin replies matter-of-factly, watching the teenager closely.

Jaejoong’s expression is wavering between frosty and confused. He knows there’s a point in this somewhere but his brain is still foggy.

“Explain,” he finally asks. “Slowly,” he is unable to hide his grimace at the plea.

“I’m not going to explain again. Everything I do is always to protect him, and now you. Remember this.”

“I’m not a fool,” Jaejoong grumbles, staring into the serious eyes of the older man.

“I don’t know you, remember? I can’t know if you’re a fool or not since I don’t know you. All I have to go by is your behavior, and while this morning gave me serious cause for concern, I’m giving you the benefit of the doubt.”

“Thanks,” the reply is encased in sarcasm.

“You’re welcome,” comes the unperturbed reply. “Now tell me about yourself.”

“What’s there to tell?” Jaejoong slides back down in the bed, taking the only other pillow on the bed and covering his eyes with it. “I don’t know where to start so you ask me whatever you want.”



“Bank account balance?”

Jaejoong’s mouth thins, but he answers nonetheless. “Just over a million won, but technically I only have a few thousand because I promised myself I would never let my bank balance go below a million because I need something to fall back on if I can’t find any work. That’s why I took that escort job…” Jaejoong trails off, realizing he’s said too much and he bites his bottom lip, getting angry with himself.

Changmin hears everything, staring at the teenager’s mouth as he frowns. It takes him several seconds to make his decision, but he does it quickly as he powers up his phone. “What’s your bank account number?”

“Why do you want to know?”

“You work for me. I need to pay you.”

“Don’t I work for the company?”

“That’s what they think, and we’ll let them think that.” Changmin replies as he types furiously into his phone. “Now give me your bank account number.”

Jaejoong gives it to him.

The phone suddenly rings, and Changmin actually growls in annoyance, tossing his phone onto Jaejoong’s belly, causing the teenager to jerk and throw off the pillow from his face as he glares at the other man.

“What the fuck, hyung?”

“Don’t give me that tone. Your husband clearly can’t do without you for ten minutes.”

Jaejoong glances at the phone and sees that there is an incoming call from “PABO”.

He doesn’t question Changmin, answering the call with a grouchy hello.


“You want your wife?” Jaejoong throws the phone at Changmin who catches it.

“What is it?”

“You two aren’t fighting already, are you?”

Changmin quirks an eyebrow at the blond. “No, we aren’t fighting. We’re trying to decide who’s going to top between us and you just fucking interrupted. What do you want?”

The teenager snorts, irritation gone as he appreciates the wink Changmin sends him.

“Neither of you top.” Yunho can’t help the growl in his voice, and his mild irritation increases when Changmin lets out a loud laugh. “Haha, Changmin. Now let me talk to him.”

Changmin immediately throws his phone back to Jaejoong, who catches it easily. However, the throw had been sharp and swift, and his hand is smarting from the impact. He massages his palm, glaring morosely at the singer who holds up his hands in mock apology.

“What do you want?” Jaejoong purposefully uses the exact same words Changmin had, mimicking his tone and all, which elicits a sharp laugh from his husband.

“I leave you for ten minutes and you’ve already picked up his bad habits?”

“I swallow everything,” Jaejoong keeps his eyes on Changmin, adding a suggestive twist to his voice. “And if you leave me for much longer, I might even let him top…from the bottom.”

“I concede! I concede!” Changmin exclaims quickly, goosebumps erupting across his skin at the heavy-lidded gaze Jaejoong sends him that makes him question his sanity once again for even trying to do what the boy does so effortlessly. “I don’t want to know what you’re talking about,” Changmin groans, sticking his fingers in his ears. “No more games. Tell me when you’re done.”

“I’m not going to think about that…” Yunho decides firmly despite the husky laughter in his ear that is making him think of every single thing he’s trying not to think about. He shakes his head, clearing his throat, ignoring the odd looks being sent his way as he drops his voice and moves further away from everyone. “They want Changmin here now. We’re very pressed for time and they can’t have us shoot separately as originally intended. I’m sorry your sleep is going to get cut short, love. You can sleep in my car maybe? We’re going offsite for a couple of hours before returning to finish here.”

“I’ll survive,” Jaejoong reassures the older man. “You should probably talk to hyung though.”

“Ok, pass the phone to him. I love you.”

Jaejoong’s hand is frozen on the phone. “What did you say?” he whispers hoarsely.

His expression is so shocked that Changmin removes his fingers from his ears and leans over to rub the teenager’s knee, expressing his concern silently.

Yunho swallows hard. The words had spilled from his lips without hesitation. It seems like the most normal thing to say. He knows he’s said it before though, so why is his husband so shocked?

“I love you…”

“We’re not fucking.”

Yunho’s brow furrows, and three floors above him, Changmin is wearing the exact same expression.

Before Yunho can ask what he means, Jaejoong completes his thought.

“You never say it without being cock deep in me.”

Changmin face palms.

AN: Chapter 8…is going to break records. My records. I can’t decide how I feel about that fact. I’m just glad I’m back…sort of.

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That last sentence...
Gold! Pure gold.

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