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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Rock Star [1/2]
Title: Sleeping Beauty doubleshot: Rock Star
Pairing: YunJae
Rating: PG-13
Length: Doubleshot
Genre: AU, AHEM.
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. I wish I had YunJae and if I had my way, they'd move to New Zealand so they can be married here :P

Summary: Everybody wants to rule the world… But why would you need the world when you have everything you could ever want already?

AN1: The Sleeping Beauty fic timeline started exactly when I started it in 2012. Jiyool was born on 1 August 2011 and they met just over a year later in the present day. The timeline was current though I couldn’t write fast enough, but it didn’t stray very far as the epilogue was posted on 21 November 2012 and the timeline within the fic itself was 21 October 2012. This oneshot is the first time since then that we’re set in the present day again… 25 February 2014 ;-)

AN2: Un-betaed and although this is from my Sleeping Beauty verse, you don't need to have read it. All my oneshots and drabbles for the Sleeping Beauty universe can be found HERE but you need to join thejungs comm in order to see it all ;-)

Jaejoong is humming to himself as he juggles his messenger bag of books. His girls are with their grandmother for the afternoon so her son can study for his test, but he’d just been told that instead of a test, they’re being given a take home assignment instead for the following week so he’s got a fair few hours to himself.

It only takes several seconds after that information is processed in his mind that Jaejoong makes the easy decision to drop in on his husband.

He walks, deciding to enjoy the icy blast still covering the city of Seoul even though they should be on the cusp of spring. The walk isn’t as lengthy as it should be, the Kim heir cheating a tad, and parking his Bentley in a secure park in one of the many buildings that his husband owns along the way to Jung Tower. The now brunette is fresh faced, cheeks pink with health and frosty from the cold, his wispy fringe blowing every which way for he’d left home with no product in his hair thanks to the chaos of the morning.

In the last couple of days, Jiyool has decided that her eight month old sister is actually a miniature doll for her pleasure and Jaejoong has woken to find the older girl in her sister’s crib on two mornings chatting nineteen to the dozen to the doe eyed eight month old as she attempts to strip the clothes from the infant. There haven’t been any mishaps so far but this morning he’d woken to find that little Jiyool had attempted to change her sister’s diaper as well, and the infant had done a number two.

It had taken both Yunho and Jaejoong a good half hour to clean the two girls because they kept finding poop in weird places…not to mention Jiyool and JJ’s joint crying had practically defied physics. JJ’s set of pipes are his fault, though he has no idea who to blame for Jiyool’s.

He doesn’t want to think too much on that, and he quickly turns his mind back to the destroyed crib.

Jaejoong shudders at the memory, groaning in distress as he recalls his decision to have the crib burned because he just cannot deal with anymore poop.

Well, poop and vomit because Jiyool wasn’t quite prepared to be covered in feces.

He toys with the idea of leaving his daughters with their grandmother overnight.

The beautiful young man still attracts stares wherever he goes, and it doesn’t matter whether anyone recognizes him or not. Some whisper about him being an idol, but the lack of fans dogging his step immediately cause them to think otherwise. The man is too stunning to be just someone on the street.

His progress is unhurried as he hitches his bag higher on his shoulder. His humming is loud, and it echoes in the hushed lobby of Jung Tower as he enters. It is mid afternoon, and the lunchtime bustle is gone, leaving a couple of stragglers, executives who’d decided on a wet lunch, but hurrying immediately to the bank of lifts upon catching sight of Jung Jaejoong and praying very hard the lift gets there before he does.

Unfortunately for them, the universe only listens to one man in that particular building and it isn’t either of them.

Jaejoong smiles at the red-faced, nervous looking men, cocking his head when he gets a full ninety degree bow in return. Not one to be rude, he returns the gesture, only to have both men go even lower.

He straightens instantly, laughing because he knows if he keeps going they’ll be on the floor in the next five seconds and while he is very sure the carpet is clean, he has no wish to kiss it that afternoon. His lips are only meant for one that day, and it sure as heck isn’t going to be the carpet in the lift lobby of Jung Tower.


The young man turns, seeing the head of security running towards him. Han Geng had been promoted after the incident with the Chois, and while he’d insisted that he’d be more than happy to see to Jaejoong’s personal protection, the young man had gainsaid his husband in the matter. And this is prior to finding out about Jung Yunho’s connections with the yakuza.

“Hannie! How are you?”

“Shorthanded and dealing with it,” comes the easy reply. The unflappable man is honest to a fault, and his employer actually appreciates it from him.

Jaejoong grins, stepping forward to give the man a quick hug. “What’s the matter? Presidential issues?”

Han Geng nods. “The building is on lockdown for President Park’s visit tomorrow and everyone is running around like damn headless chickens.” As if suddenly noticing the two stray executives still waiting for the lift, Han Geng narrows his eyes as he takes in their appearance. “Where have you been?” His voice is curt and sharp.

One of the executives puffs up immediately, displeased about being spoken to like a subordinate by someone he considers merely the hired help. His friend though, who’d been working there far longer, knows better. Han Geng has CEO Jung’s ear, and you really don’t want to piss off the man’s head of security.

And especially not with the man’s wife standing right there, having hugged that said man barely a minute ago.

“We had a late lunch.”

Han Geng steps forward, taking a deep breath. “A wet lunch you mean?” His tone conveys his disgust. “Which department are you from?”


“Figures,” Han Geng mutters. “Level 7 has been cleared, but you two have not. Go home and don’t return till the day after. I’ll be writing you up.”

“You can’t—“

Jaejoong, who’d been observing quietly, speaks up, his voice as cool as the breeze blowing outside the building. “Have a care, sir. This visit has been planned for months, and Han Geng is only doing his job. If you’d been doing yours, you wouldn’t be here right now but up on Level 7 like your colleagues.”

The two men back away immediately, bowing well past ninety degrees to Jung Jaejoong whose smiling countenance has all but disappeared.

Being rude to Jung Jaejoong is one thing, but potentially screwing with Jung Yunho will have the normally easygoing young man up in arms in a heartbeat.

“Hand over your passes,” Jaejoong holds his hand out. “There is a time and place for everything, gentlemen, and your lack of foresight today will cost you.”

Effusive apologies spill from the lips of both men, but it doesn’t even cause a twitch in the Jung wife who merely stares at them, eyes cold, still waiting.

“You heard him.” Han Geng’s voice is faintly amused as he watches the now pale faces of the two executives as they dig into their pockets for the passes that give them access to the building. He gently coaxes Jaejoong to drop his hand as he takes the passes in his stead.

The unpleasantness is over in another minute as both men practically trip over themselves in their haste to leave the presence of the irritated Jung Jaejoong.

“Taking pointers from your husband, I see?” Han Geng teases as Jaejoong lets out a full breath of air. He is impressed to note no shakiness at all in the exhale, and ire shining in those stunning doe eyes.

“I need to talk to the HR department. How do these people get hired? The President and the Finance Minister are coming tomorrow and they know full well the building and every single person needs to be cleared and they chose today to have a wet lunch?” The disgust in the man’s voice is a foreign tone to Han Geng’s ear but he’s not unaccustomed to an irate Jung Jaejoong nonetheless. The beautiful young man is a fine specimen when he’s in a raging temper, and he’s seen at least one occasion of it. Jaejoong almost never gets angry on his own behalf, but rather on his husband’s. Speak badly of Jung Yunho in his presence and the claws will come out faster than you can say kitten. Jung Yunho is oddly reticent whenever anyone speaks ill of him, already used to it after being vilified in the media some eighteen months ago, but his wife will turn into a dragon if you so much as breathed wrongly in his husband’s direction.

Well, mama dragon.

Or mama bear.

Whichever is fiercer, Jung Jaejoong is it.

“You’re really going to have their jobs for this?”


Han Geng doesn’t question the young man. He knows how much is hinging on this visit, and he is sure Jung Yunho’s wife would know the best. He decides to try and lighten the mood, knowing that one look at Jaejoong’s face will have his boss breathing fire as well.

“You’ve been cleared right?” his voice is lightly teasing as the lift finally appears.

“Very funny, Hannie,” but the man gets his wish as Jaejoong smiles.

Han Geng steps in with the brunette, swiping his master card and pressing the second highest floor. “The Forbes crew is still here which is why the lift took so long.”

“Oh?” Jaejoong shrugs off his bag and letting it drop to the floor. “Was it because Yunho was late for work this morning?”

Han Geng shrugs. “He is never late for work. We work around his schedule not the other way round.”

Jaejoong laughs at the matter of fact answer, elbowing the man affectionately, his smile fully reaching his eyes now as the tall slim man laughs along with him.

“So tell me about the crew.”

“There’s nothing to tell really. They came, they annoyed me, and they’re still here probably annoying your husband.”

The lift hits the right floor just then, the quiet hush of the door opening is short-lived as very loud, rather macabre music assaults Jaejoong’s ears.

His eyes widen as he glances over at Han Geng who nods solemnly. “I told you they’re annoying.”

“Yunho went with this?”

“The coordinator for the shoot said they needed the right ambience and apparently this is it.”

Jaejoong lets out a short breathless laugh, shaking his head, now more than eager to see what he’ll find as he picks up his bag and exits the lift. He recognizes the song playing. It’s from a movie soundtrack they’d watched last year though he knows it’s a remake. He definitely prefers this version to the original.

“This is where I leave you,” Han Geng smiles, giving the younger man a smart salute which pulls another grin from Jaejoong as the doors close on him.

Jaejoong looks around the office curiously having never seen it empty. There’s always Yunho’s secretary waiting outside, and at least an office girl or two hovering around nearby to assist where necessary. The couches are also almost always occupied by at least one executive either waiting to meet with his husband or waiting to try and catch the man for a minute as he exits his inner office.

There are always people around.

But today, it’s empty.

The music ends just as Jaejoong finally walks towards the closed doors of his husband’s office, only to start over again, causing him to stop short.

The young man chuckles softly to himself, shaking his head, wondering if his husband has gone crazy yet. What kind of concept is this shoot anyway? They’d interviewed the man the previous night at home in the comfort of his study, but had insisted on having the shoot in his office.

The speakers are turned up so loudly he imagines the office walls rattling with steady beat of the percussion instruments.

Everybody wants to rule the world…

Jaejoong approaches the door once again. He moves gingerly now as the music crashes around him. He’s not quite sure what he’s going to find. His steps are muted by the thick carpet, but even if he’d gone clomping through the office, the music would’ve drowned out his approach. He shrugs out of his thick jacket, leaving it with his bag on the couch, knowing no one will touch his belongings.

He pushes the handle down, and the door opens easily.

The twenty-one year old slips in quietly, seeing the cameras set up at one end of the large room. The blinds are drawn and it’s practically night in the office, the room shrouded in gloom.

Flashes are going off, but he doesn’t hear any voices.

Not that anyone could probably hear their own thoughts.

He can see lots of bodies moving, as the people appear to be packing up, but not the familiar figure of his husband.

Jaejoong frowns in confusion.

There’s a room where the light won’t find you.
Holding hands while the walls come tumbling down.

The young man lets out a muffled startled yelp as a hand covers his mouth, a husky voice in his ear singing along to the song.

When they do, I’ll be right behind you.

Jaejoong steps back instantly, shuddering, not from fright but want.

He can see his husband’s arm, feel the material of the sweater whose overlong sleeve is still covering his mouth, and the tidal wave of sudden desire that crashes over him almost makes him want to scream in frustration.

Can he clear out the room in the next five minutes?

He is most certainly willing to try.

“Patience…” Yunho licks up the curve of his wife’s ear, smirking as he does so as Jaejoong shudders so violently he wraps his free arm low around the younger man’s waist, anchoring him in place.

The song ends, the silence is short-lived as the track plays back again, and Yunho wonders just how far he can push his wife. The brooding music and the dark rock star concept for the shoot has awakened something in him, and he’d been in the process of texting his wife, when as the universe would have it, the man lands in his office just before he hits send.

He sees the interest in Jaejoong’s expressive face, and his searching eyes, as he moves along the walls to stay out of Jaejoong’s direct sight to come up behind him, for he knows his wife is focused on the bustle in front of him, not knowing that Yunho isn’t among them.

Welcome to your life…

Jaejoong whimpers as Yunho’s low and extremely husky voice caresses his ear, sending whatever remaining blood he has south, flooding and filling his cock so full it hurts. He can only nod, ever so willing to have this for the rest of his life and beyond.

Yunho smiles as he motion, licking his wife’s sensitive ear once again as he sings along to the next line.

There’s no turning back…

Jaejoong shakes his head instantly. He wouldn’t go back for anything in the world.

The couple is interrupted by a rather apologetic looking man who is looking slightly harried as he approaches, speaking as he does.

“Sir, just a few more shots and we should be done. Everyone’s already packing up but the photographer is finally happy with the light again. Please, if I could have maybe fifteen more minutes of…” he trails off as his eyes meet the baleful doe eyes of the man’s wife.

Lord, he’s a stunner too, and if looks could kill, he’d be ash.

“Patience, Jaejoong,” Yunho whispers, kissing his wife’s earlobe when he feels the man stiffening in his arms as the coordinator speaks.

Jaejoong is finally able to move reaching up to peel Yunho’s hand from his mouth, eyes never leaving the harried looking man’s face. He smirks slightly as the man blinks at his mouth as he licks it, dropping Yunho’s hand and pressing it against his own chest. He simply waits, biding his time, not wanting to cause a scene, but he wants the man to know he is not going to wait.

He takes a breath, infusing his words with a warning, eyes promising dire consequences to the man before him if he takes even a second longer than fifteen minutes. He doesn’t even care if the man understands the warning. His husband will make sure it’s seen through.

Unlike Yunho though, whose singing had been meant only for his ears, Jaejoong projects his voice, the clear sound ringing around the room, his irritation at being thwarted from his husband translates into the dark manner the singer sings the song.

Nothing ever lasts forever…

The man eyes widen as his attention is pulled from the fiery eyes of the man’s wife whom he’s managed to offend somehow without even meaning to do so, to Jung Yunho himself.

The song has been playing for over an hour, the coordinator finally deciding that whatever look they were going for, is finally perfected by the combination of the simple wardrobe and the music.

It’s finally getting to Yunho, especially with the exhilarating presence of his ever willing wife whose visceral reaction to his simple touch is testing his control severely.

Patience? It’s a reminder for Yunho himself as he catches the eye of the coordinator.

Banked embers in the man’s dark kohl lined eyes, he swallows his shock as CEO Jung Yunho, whose empire could possibly double tomorrow as he is poised to sign an extremely lucrative deal with the government, is not the man he met that morning.

No, this is the rock star of the business world that they’re basing their concept around, he watches as the man licks deliberately and languidly up the curve of his wife’s ear, eyes holding a warning that echoes the younger man’s words.

Everybody wants to rule the world…

And this man does rule his world.

AN: I wrote this super fast…like super in an hour or so fast so errrr there might be issues. I’m also sick with food poisoning so be kind…and try not to kill me cos Spellbound teaser has done it for you already oh god.

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Gosh...how could I've forgotten about this photo of Yunho!
You are really back on the track dear. All the innuendos :), can't wait to read the 2nd part hahaha......

PS I LOVE rock star Yunho. Now if only I can pair him with JJ's concept look from WWW; the gray sweater covering half his face.......ahhhhhhh

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