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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Rock Star [2/2]
Title: Sleeping Beauty doubleshot: Rock Star
Pairing: YunJae
Rating: R
Length: Doubleshot
Genre: AU
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. I wish I had YunJae and if I had my way, they'd move to New Zealand so they can be married here :P

Summary: Everybody wants to rule the world… But why would you need the world when you have everything you could ever want already?

AN1: I actually finished this random doubleshot...blame Jaejoong for everything tbh.

AN2: Un-betaed and although this is from my Sleeping Beauty verse, you don't need to have read it. All my oneshots and drabbles for the Sleeping Beauty universe can be found HERE but you need to join thejungs comm in order to see it all ;-)

Jaejoong doesn’t invite conversation.

A very social creature, the light of the Jungs is still illuminated, but the fire is deep within him, burning slowly, banked out of necessity not want, as his eyes never leave his husband.

There’s a crazy charge in the room and everyone feels it, and they feel like intruders.

As they should.

Husband and wife don’t speak.

Jung Yunho barely even looks over at his wife.

In fact, he falls just a hair’s breadth short of outright treating the man like he’s invisible.

The coordinator is sure of it.

Jung Jaejoong on the other hand, is devouring his husband unashamedly with his eyes. Those haunting eyes, so piercing in its intensity, follow Yunho’s every move.

And every time the Jung magnate turns his wife’s way, and the opportunity for their eyes to meet comes and goes without it happening, the magnetic force between the two increases even more.

He has no fucking idea how they do it, but the tension in the room is so thick he can see his staff actually tugging uncomfortably at their clothes from the almost imaginary heat emanating primarily from the quiet brunette seated quite deceptively casually on the black leather couch.

Jaejoong is not really in the mood to play games.

Well, he is, but he doesn’t want Yunho to think he can get away with being the one pulling the strings.

Not today anyway.

His husband looks absolutely sinful, practically to die for, in the simple knit sweater, fitted so perfectly over his broad frame.

The eyeliner is a surprise.

And it awakens a hunger in Jaejoong.

It is always he who pushes in the bedroom, for Yunho still seems incapable of losing himself completely. There’s always a measure of control that Jaejoong knows his husband hangs onto.

A mental block that effectively disallows him from trusting in himself enough to let go.

A distrust that spills over and touches Jaejoong’s light.

The welcome he received earlier though is planting a seed in his mind.

Maybe Yunho is ready now.

Jaejoong shifts on the couch, the wide scoop neck of his sweater falling off one creamy white shoulder. His customary black jeans are tight, and he can feel the restriction against his still-hard cock. He leans forward, elbows on his knees as he steeples his fingers, waiting for Yunho to glance his way.

As if feeling the pull, Yunho does indeed turn his wife’s way, but his gaze ends at a spot about six inches above the seated man’s head.

The twenty-one year old purses his lips, his jaw tight in stark relief, the sharpness of his diamond jawline making the hairstylist noona muffle a groan in her fist.

“We should shoot them together.”

“He would never go for it,” the coordinator whispers back nervously, nodding towards the brooding Jung Yunho as the cameras continue to click.

The hairstylist though doesn’t wait, her boldness stemming from a need she cannot explain to see the two together as she approaches the couch.

“Sir—“ she starts but is cut off instantly.

“Just call me Jaejoong,” the man’s tone is a little brusque, a tiny frown marring his brow at being interrupted from his scrutiny of his husband and the thoughts working through his mind as to how exactly to get his husband to let go.

On the man’s terms of course for Jaejoong doesn’t want to hurt him.

But he does want to be ravished.

He wants to be ravaged.

“J-Jae-Jaejoong,” she stammers losing her breath as glowing doe eyes turn towards her, filled with a fire she knows is meant only for one man. His beauty is breathtaking close up, and even without makeup, he looks unreal.

His mouth quirks, twisting into a tiny lopsided smile as his brow smooths out.

She makes her decision.

“We’d like to take a shot of you with your husband. Can I fix your hair?”

“It’s a mess, isn’t it?”

His eyes are still alight, but they’re infused with a hint of self-deprecating humor that makes him seem more human than beautiful alien, and she responds to it.

“Just a little bit,” she admits, eyeing the limp, floppy fringe threatening to obscure her view of those mesmerizing eyes.

Jaejoong’s broken laughter breaks the strange atmosphere in the large office, and Yunho’s eyes finally stray over to his wife whose back is now turned to him.

He remains stoic as he watches the hairstylist and the mama of two go off hand in hand towards the bathroom.

His eyes glance over towards the clock on the wall, noting the time with a grim set of his jaw.

“Sir, can you look over this way? Keep your head in profile and pull a little at your sweater so it breaks your silhouette. All the photos are still a little too severe. Can you smirk?”

Yunho pins the photographer with a level gaze, eyes blank, and the man swallows hard.

“Maybe not then…”

It takes less than five minutes, before Jaejoong re-emerges from the bathroom with the hairstylist and the coordi noona who’d gone in with them about a minute ago.

Yunho doesn’t turn, though he can sense his wife’s presence once again.

His jaw tightens as his photographer inhales sharply, glancing not at him but over his shoulder.

“Are we done?” His voice is cold, completely inflectionless and cause lesser beings to flinch, but this particular being is a little too distracted to realize the possible danger he is in.

“Just a couple more. And maybe one more shot…with your…w-w-wife.”

The Jung CEO turns slowly on his heel to see why the photographer is stammering.


Five minutes is all it’s taken to transform his pretty young wife in to an intoxicating creature of the night, in a clingy knitted tank top that leaves almost nothing to the imagination. His long stove pipe jeans that were already tight coupled with his loose sweater, makes this combination particularly deadly.

Tousled hair, pout in full evidence though there is nothing cute about it this time.

Not in the slightest, as he watches his wife presumably examining the latest shots on the iMac in front of him, eyes intent as he leans over. The coordinator is whispering to him, but the younger man doesn’t appear to be listening, his luminous doe eyes doing a rather good impression of Yunho’s.

Cold and dismissive.

Yunho cocks his head, gazing at his wife cooly, appraising the man’s features and countenance.

Everyone is watching the couple, and in a reversal of earlier, it is now the wife ignoring his husband.

The prickles of awareness are driving him crazy and he is fighting the urge to look up, but Jung Jaejoong is nothing if not stubborn, and a little smirk plays about his mouth as he keeps his head down.

Yunho waits a minute more, before he finally turns around, returning his gaze back to the photographer, as he orders the man to continue.

Jaejoong looks up the instant the flashes start up, smirking as he moves away from the computer. He knows he’s being rude by not talking to anyone, but really, he is absolutely not in the mood for conversation.

He only wants one thing, and what Jaejoong wants…well…

The young wife moves in a wide circle, out of Yunho’s peripheral vision as much as he can manage before coming up behind his husband.

Not unlike the way he’d been greeted earlier.

Yunho feels a hand on his back as it moves down, caressing the inward curve of his lower back, feeling as his wife slips his hand underneath the sorry excuse for a sweater.

Jaejoong’s hand is small, and warm.


Travelling slowly back up natural curvature of his spine, Yunho straightens, squaring his shoulders as the the embers within him slowly spark with the languid touch.

He feels a soft kiss pressing against his left shoulder and he closes his eyes as flashes continues to explode, bathing him in light.

But none can ever be brighter than the light behind him.

“Smile, angel,” a breathy voice caresses his ear.

“I’m no angel.”

“Fallen angel,” Jaejoong concedes as he wraps his arms around his husband, propping his chin on the man’s shoulder as he drapes his hands loosely over Yunho’s hard belly, before fiddling with the waistband of his pants.

“Jaejoong,” Yunho murmurs, not bothering to open his eyes as the flashes keep going. His sweater is long enough to cover his modesty, and he trusts Jaejoong enough not to cause a scandal.

“No mercy.”

Yunho does smile then, familiar with the game as his nieces and nephews play it quite a bit.

This isn’t a children’s game though.

“Are you sure you want to play this game, love?”

”There’s no turning back…” Jaejoong sings simply, right along with the song still flowing from the hidden speakers around the room. He punctuates the crash of the percussions with his hand slipping into the front of his husband’s pants, as his piercing eyes turn to sweep their small audience.

Everyone is gawking.

They can’t help it.

The black-clad couple is the epitome of sex, money, and most importantly…


It doesn’t reside solely in the Jung CEO for that power is also imbued in his wife, who according to some of the more unkind, is little more than a plaything.

They know the young wife is smart of course, for his college results are a matter of public record.

They also know about the scandals of 2012 that pretty much everyone refuses to speak about. No South Korean or even Japanese businessman worth their salt will provide a comment on the issue.

The accounts of Jung Jaejoong are varied, but most highlight the young man’s effervescent and friendly nature. A man with a ready smile for one and all, whose unique laughter is a familiar sound. A man who defies convention by following his own mama’s footsteps and choosing to raise his children without hired help. Tabloid photographs of a smiling Jung Jaejoong lying on his back in the park with a baby or several crawling all over him is almost a weekly occurrence in the warmer months. In the cooler months, he can be seen bundled up to the gills with equally bundled up accessories whose adorable faces are usually captured grinning at their mama.

His manner is easygoing and always welcoming to everyone, whether friend or stranger.

But most people forget that Jung Jaejoong is also Kim Jaejoong, sole heir to the largest media empire in the region.

And there is absolutely nothing welcoming in his lightly kohl lined eyes now.

His gaze is like that of a predator who has his game in his sights, but he’s been thwarted from his meal by some inconvenient distractions.

Distractions that he will not hesitate to devour to get to his prize.

The newly appointed creative director for Forbes comes from a more flamboyant background than the publication has ever had or is used to and it had been his idea to throw everything in for his very first issue. Taking a gamble with a quietly rising dragon of the East, he’d chosen to do away with the usual boring photoshoots, taking the man’s age and looks into account. The coordinator present right now is his right hand man, and gaping right along with everyone else.

The camera is still clicking, and god only knows what it will show, for he is certain they will not be able to use the shots.

Forbes wanted rock star.

They’re getting far more than they bargained for.

Jung Yunho’s eyes are still shut, expression faintly amused, his jaw clenched, the line of his distinctive jaw very clearly defined even in the low light.

His wife on the other hand, looks ready to lay waste to the entire office.

There’s possessive, and then there’s Jung Jaejoong.

The normally placid, smiling man is nowhere to be found.

Rock star.

His hair is tousled to within an inch of its life.

Sex hair.

The knitted vest he’d been given was a reject from the pile they brought for Jung Yunho, two sizes too small for the Jung CEO.

His body is a surprise to most of them, assuming that the softer half of the Jungs is exactly that.


But no, the Jung wife is far from soft.

His hard body teases from behind his broader husband, his slender waist is accentuated by a very well toned upper body. The curves of his muscles are unmistakable, and the tight tank top hug and highlight his girlish waist.

“Your fifteen minutes are up.”

The coordinator chews on his lip as his staff tear their eyes away from the couple to look to him for guidance.

And it wasn’t the Jung who had spoken.

Jaejoong purses his mouth, eyes narrowing as he steps back, doubly aggravated now for needing to let his husband go in order to make it clear he isn’t kidding. He opens his mouth, but someone beats him to it.

“They’re done.”

That was the Jung.

Yunho turns, moving to step behind his wife, it is now his turn to hug the slimmer man. He presses a kiss to Jaejoong’s temple, wrapping his arms around his wife and slipping his hands into the tight front pockets of the younger man’s jeans, already dismissing the room and expecting them to obey.

Everyone starts to move, slowly at first, but speeding up under the blazing eyes of Jung Jaejoong whose very expression is closed and waiting.

Waiting to see if someone dares to disobey.

The packing had already started before Jaejoong’s arrival, and there isn’t much more to do.

However, the eyes on everyone’s movements cause them to get careless.

Cameras drop.

Clothes get stepped on.

Two left eyebrows arch at the minor chaos, but neither speak.

Jaejoong steps back, flush against his husband, his ass pressing against the hard-on he’d coaxed easily from the older man earlier.

He grinds backwards, as innocently as he can manage it, fighting to keep his expression devoid of anything as the staff clearing the room send them both glances.

“Th-The clothes.”

“What about the clothes?” Jaejoong asks, tamping his tone for the coordi noona who’d also put eyeliner on him.

“We…uh…” she turns to glance helplessly at the coordinator of the shoot who shakes his head at her.

“Bill me for them.”


“Yes, me.”


“Jaejoong. Jung Jaejoong.”

Yunho chuckles lowly, sending a shiver through his wife that the younger man tries to hide.

He knows why Yunho is laughing. He has a very bad habit of introducing himself like James Bond.

The young man’s mouth twitches, wanting to smile so very badly, but he’s rather liking this game and it was he who called no mercy. If he gives an inch, Yunho will take it all.

And while the younger man is willing to give Yunho his everything, sometimes it’s nice to fight for it.

Five minutes later and everyone is ready and almost out of the office. Han Geng, whose timing is impeccable as always, hovers over them like an anxious mother hen.

The black-clad couple don’t acknowledge him, Jaejoong already turning within the circle of Yunho’s arms well before the last person exits.

Everybody wants to rule…

And the last sound everyone hears is the throaty laughter of the beautiful wife of Jung Yunho, before the song reaches its conclusion for the umpteenth time and the door shuts rather finally on the sight of Yunho kissing his way down Jaejoong’s neck.

…the world.

“What have they done to you?”

“You don’t like it?” Yunho smirks against Jaejoong’s soft skin, kissing a sharp collarbone.

Jaejoong rocks lewdly against Yunho, pushing his crotch against the man. “What do you think?”

“You were like that before you even saw me.”

Jaejoong concedes, as he wraps his hands around the back of Yunho’s neck, fingers playing with the wisps of hair at his nape before sliding a hand up in full, gripping the man’s hair and tugging slightly.

Yunho goes willingly, allowing himself to be pulled away, and his eyes finally meet his wife’s properly for the first time that afternoon.

And he sees fire.

All thoughts of asking what’s gotten into his wife too leave his mind as their mouths meet.

Rough might be a word to describe it.

Animalistic might be better.

Han Geng had changed the music just before he left, and the brooding sound of the song that had somehow managed to put both Yunho and Jaejoong into one hell of a mood is gone.

But the fire has been lit and there is no way to stop it.

The flame that will run wild, unchecked, scorching everyone in their path.

Everyone but each other.

Yunho lifts Jaejoong up easily, his wife wrapping his legs around his waist as they continue to kiss fiercely.

Jaejoong cups Yunho’s cheek, trying to gentle the man whose kisses are brutal, taking and taking and he can barely suck in a breath.

He just needs that one breath.

And he gets it as his husband groans against his mouth, and he drops his hand, wrapping his arms about the older man’s neck and tightening his hold, teeth clashing as he fights to take as much as he is giving.

He wants to scream, his body is on fire. Never one for delayed gratification, Jaejoong has been delayed long enough and he is practically clawing at his husband, fingers scrabbling along his upper back, pulling and tugging at the threads of the flimsy sweater.

“Patience,” Yunho manages to bite out as he rips his mouth from his wife’s.

“Fuck, patience.”

“I’d rather fuck you.”

Jaejoong growls, struggling hard till his husband drops him.

The lithe young man lands on his feet and steps back, not bothering to watch where he is going as he backs away, pulling off his vest as he goes.

“That didn’t last long.” Yunho smirks as his wife tosses the garment away.

“You swore.”

“So did you.”

“You’re not playing fair.”

Yunho’s smirk widens at the frustrated expression on his wife’s face, refusing to look lower for Jaejoong is now topless.

“No mercy.”

Jaejoong suddenly drops to his knees, swaying on them as if drunk as he tilts his gorgeous face up towards his husband, eyes sparking with intent, but tampered by an innocence he purposefully infuses into them.

Yunho is stalking his wife too closely to be able to stop far enough from being grabbed.

Jaejoong moves quickly, hands ripping the waistband, pulling the button fly easily as he slips his hand into the gap and pulls out his husband’s cock.

Yunho catches the tiny quirk of his wife’s lush mouth and he knows for certain that Jaejoong truly meant what he said earlier.

And his eyes say it all.

No mercy.

Clothes are everywhere.

The only sound in the room are the twin pants of two men trying to calm their racing hearts and suck in some much needed air. The room is cool, maybe even too cold for the thermostat had been turned down to accommodate the number of visitors earlier and it was never turned back up.

But to the two men on the couch, it might as well have been off.

Jaejoong is covered in sweat as he mutters incoherently, face down on the couch, he is speaking more to the leather than his husband, and he moans loudly when Yunho pulls out of his body.

There is a delicious ache in his body, his wife insatiable as always and Yunho is always hard pressed to keep up with the lithe beauty still mewling into the couch. The man keeps him young at least, for he’s in the top shape of his life, and all because his young wife cannot get enough of him. He leans back on the couch, staring at his wife as he contemplates his options.

He runs a finger up and down the back of one smooth thigh, and Jaejoong moans sweetly, wriggling his cute ass, making Yunho smile at how sensitive the man’s skin is. He knows it’s getting late, but right now, his mind is replaying his demanding young wife’s screams from earlier.

Afternoon indulgences are such a rarity that they have both lost track of the time.

The sun is already halfway gone and Yunho’s belly is growling.

There is a banquet laid out for him though, and he is not one to waste it as he bends his head to take a heavy lick.

Jaejoong whimpers, shifting his hips, trying to get away, but Yunho merely chuckles, holding his wife in place as he laps at the pretty pink hole that is clenching reflexively with each pass of his tongue.

And each clench pushes out more viscous liquid as it drips down to his balls, and Jung Yunho wouldn’t be a good husband if he didn’t clean up his wife, would he?

One lick turns to several.

And soon, Jaejoong is back on his back, heavy-lidded doe eyes beckoning to Yunho to come to him.

He stretches out on top of the smaller man, but Jaejoong shakes his head, pouting.

“What is it?”

“Want you.”

“You’ve already had me…twice.”

“Want more.”

Yunho chuckles hoarsely, kissing his wife’s temple, as he supports himself lightly, pressing his weight into the younger man and smiling as Jaejoong lets out a sexy little moan in the back of his throat.

“I just cleaned you up.”

“Again,” Jaejoong whispers, slurring slightly, nuzzling against Yunho’s chin as he tilts his head back and licks at the man’s lush bottom lip, biting gently. “Want more.”

“Just give me a minute.”

“Help,” Jaejoong replies, running a light fingertips down over his husband’s rib cage, playing the man as he strokes over the tanned skin. His hand dropping lower and lower still, skimming over pelvic bones and muscle as he traces the contours, before dropping even lower. “I can help.”

“Even my body has limits, little Joongie.” Yunho teases lightly as his wife fondles his soft cock, biting his lip to stop from laughing as Jaejoong squeezes him for the endearment.

“Not Joongie.”

“You can’t even speak in a complete sentence, love. Wait a while.”

Jaejoong shakes his head, fingers lightly playing, as he tries to focus his thoughts. “Up.”

Yunho does start laughing then, trying to muffle it in his wife’s sweaty hair but it doesn’t really work. Jaejoong’s hand is insistent, but Yunho really needs a few more minutes. “Love, I’m sure every part of my body wants to obey you, but some things defy even what you want.”

“Up,” Jaejoong insists, nudging at Yunho. “Get up, Yunho-yah.”

“I really can’t. Not yet.”

“I don’t mean your cock. I mean you. Stand up. Up, up, up.” Jaejoong pushes at Yunho’s belly. “Get up.”

Yunho’s laughter dies as his brow furrows. “What? Why?”

Jaejoong leans back, eyes narrowing at his husband. “I won the game, remember? Get up.”

Yunho is a little confused and maybe a smidgen hurt. Twice in a row isn’t something to scoff at, especially since the second time took forever thanks to him paying back his wife for winning the first time. His body is spent, and needs a few more minutes to recuperate. He’s thirteen years older than the lush beauty pouting at him, or has the man forgotten?

“Don’t think, just move. Yunho-yah. You know that nothing says no to me.”

Yunho finally does, rolling off his wife and landing on his feet, he stands.

He barely has time to straighten before a cooing wife is nuzzled against the juncture of his thighs. Jaejoong is rubbing his cheek against his upper thigh as he nuzzles at Yunho’s length that is only at half-mast yet. He looks down as a dark-eyed angel stares back up at him with love in his eyes. Jaejoong’s black hair frames his naturally pale features, and the accent of his rosy red lips reminds him of Snow White.

Yunho vocalizes the thought, causing Jaejoong to let out a husky chuckle that has absolutely no place in a children’s fairy tale, before the man sucks on the tip of his cock, working his way down the length slowly, sucking and licking very languidly as if he has all the time in the world. Jaejoong’s tongue is the stuff of nightmares, or fantasies, depending on where you are and what you’re doing.

By the time he is halfway, Yunho is already fully hard.

A smirking Jaejoong pulls back, lips wet with saliva as he gazes up his husband’s body.

“I told you nothing says no.”

Yunho can’t move.

An earthquake could be happening, and he probably won’t be able to do a damn thing about it.

Knowing his wife, Jaejoong can probably will the earthquake to stop and it more than likely would.

“I’m going to have to move the meeting tomorrow to the main boardroom.”

“Why’s that?” Jaejoong asks quietly, completely sated now, his eyes are closed as he drowses against his husband’s shoulder. He is pinned under the man, but he likes it. Yunho’s weight over him is comforting and makes him feel safe.

“I won’t be able to look at any part of this room without thinking of you.”

Jaejoong smiles sleepily, “Stare at your desk. I don’t think you’ve had me on your desk yet.”

“Short memory, Jae.”

“Under your desk doesn’t count.”

“A desk is still a desk.”

“Look out the window.”

“That window needs to be cleaned, baby. I can see the smears from here and I’m not even lifting my head.”

“Not that window!”

“Trust me, every window has a memory of you.”

“Why does that sound so sexy? What else holds a memory of me?”

Yunho lifts his head then to look about the room. It is a struggle to be sure, but he is good at hiding.

But he doesn’t.

His groan is heartfelt indeed, the flare of love in his heart for his wife blazes at the cute giggle the younger man lets out at his pain.

“I really should call you ahjusshi.”

“You won’t if you know what’s good for you,” Yunho growls playfully.

“Do you remember the first time we met?” Jaejoong’s question is wistful as his mind runs away from him, all the way back to that day.

“You were naked and you peed on me.”

Jaejoong smacks his husband lightly, his pout so incredibly exaggerated that Yunho starts to laugh.

“Not that time! The next time when I was actually old enough to remember.”

Yunho is still chuckling as he bends to press a soft kiss against the man’s swollen lips. “I remember everything about you.”

“Then you’ll remember I wanted to call you ahjusshi and you didn’t protest. I’ve decided to go with it.”

“You wanted to call me ahjusshi because you didn’t know my name. You know it now.” Yunho clicks his tongue, licking Jaejoong’s nose playfully.

Jaejoong hums, deepening the sound as it morphs into a throaty moan as he starts to call out. “Yunho-yah…ah…ah…Yunho oh baby, right there.”


“Yunho…” Jaejoong moans his name, groaning as he feels his husband shift atop him, clutching at the man’s shoulders. He is still seated deeply within him, having been too exhausted to pull out. “Oh god, don’t move.”

Yunho pauses, glancing down at the pained expression on his wife’s face. He slips a hand up, stroking the man’s pale cheek. “You’re sore.”

“A little,” Jaejoong admits, eyes opening to stare up at the older man gazing down at him so tenderly. “I love you.”

“I love you, too.”

Jaejoong stares at the slightly smudged eyeliner on his husband, and he smiles.

“I know what to call you?”


“Rock star.”

Yunho presses his forehead against his wife’s. “Why do I feel like you want to tack on ahjusshi after that somehow?”

“I’m sure there are very many thirty-four year old rock stars.”

“There are fifty year old rock stars but that doesn’t mean I want to be one.”

“You wear it well.”


“Eye liner. You look hot.”

“Is that what started this?” Yunho’s tone is amused, watching closely as the color rises in his wife’s cheeks. “It really was, wasn’t it?”

“I hadn’t seen you, remember?”

“But it made it worse.”

“Yes,” Jaejoong admits. “And it made me want everything.”

“You have everything.”

The pale beauty smiles a secret smile. “Almost.”

“What don’t you have?”


Yunho quirks an eyebrow, as he gazes down at the glowing man.

The silence stretches, the soft smile never leaving Jaejoong’s lips as husband and wife stare at each other.

“JJ is only eight months old…” Yunho finally whispers.

“Shhhhh…” Jaejoong whispers back.

Their gazes are torn from each other by someone turning the knob of the door.

Yunho leans down instantly to grab his discarded sweater, throwing it over his exposed ass as he looks over the couch to glare at whoever dares to walk in without a by your leave.

No one walks in, though a familiar voice floats through the small opening.

“Oppa, you’re going to need to air your office out before tomorrow. I can smell you from here.”

“No, you can’t!” Jaejoong yells out immediately.

“I’ve got a healthy imagination,” Chaerin yells back.

“What are you doing here?”

“Dropping off your children. You have two, remember? Little bratty girls who are the cutest things imaginable till they start to cry and then everyone wants to run for cover. We tried to feed them dinner, but neither wanted it. They cried themselves to sleep.”

“Oh,” Jaejoong’s doe eyes grow even larger as he stares at his husband. “I forgot to call umma to ask if she could have them overnight.”

“I’m sorry,” Yunho apologizes, pressing a kiss to his wife’s forehead as he pulls out swiftly, making the younger man shout at the discomfort.

“Oppa?” Chaerin’s voice is a little cautious now. “Did I come at a bad time?”

“No, Chaerin, it’s ok.” Yunho answers quickly as he searches around for his pants, ignoring his pouty wife who is still lying prone, and very naked on the very sticky couch.

He finds his pants, pulling them on swiftly, before bending over and kissing his wife full on the mouth. “Stay, love. I’ll take care of you.”

“Like this?” Jaejoong glances pointedly down his body as he swallows a groan as he straightens out his legs. “Lord, I’m sore.”

Yunho nuzzles him. “Just give me a minute.”

“I’ve heard that one before.” Children waiting outside or not, Jung Jaejoong is still Jung Jaejoong. And sore or not, there is no mistaking the salacious quality of his comment.



“I thought you were sore?”

Instead of replying, Jaejoong lifts his arms over his head, stretching, arching off the couch to get the kinks out. He moans long and low as he does.

“Uh, oppa…if you need another fifteen minutes, I can come back. The girls are asleep anyway.”

“Half an hour,” Jaejoong calls out.

Yunho shakes his head, kneeling next to the couch with his hand on his wife’s taut, flat belly. “Easy there. Why are you so…horny today?”

“I’m young.”

“And you’re implying I’m old?”

“Rock star ahjusshi,” Jaejoong replies simply, licking his lips as he gazes into the kohl lined eyes of his husband. “When will I ever have this again?”

“You have eye liner on your vanity.”

“It’s not just the eye liner,” Jaejoong runs a finger along his husband’s collarbone. “I feel sexier next to you like this. Like your attractiveness spills over to me, and I feel like a god. You are hot as fuck and you are mine.”

Yunho drops his chin, closing his eyes. “You swore again.”

“I did, didn’t I?”

“So, am I staying or going?” Chaerin calls out from the door.



Jaejoong pouts.

“Later,” Yunho promises as he opens his eyes to placate his wife. “Later, love.”

“Promise?” Jaejoong sticks out his pinky finger and wiggles it, an adorable smile on his face to show his husband he isn’t that upset over being thwarted.

“Promise,” Yunho links their fingers, bending to kiss Jaejoong’s knuckle. “Now be still and be good.”

“I’m always good,” Jaejoong replies.

Yunho laughs then, but the laughter is cut short, when the follow up to his wife’s words hits him.

“I’m always good to you. Even when I’m bad, I’m so, so, so good…”

He can’t argue with that.

Yunho presses another kiss to his wife’s brow, watching as the man closes his eyes with a smile.

The Jung magnate practically flies to the closet then, pulling out the thick blanket lying in there. His closet houses all manner of clothing belonging to not just himself, but his wife and children. After Jaejoong had practically streaked back up to the penthouse one day in nothing but a tiny towel and Yunho’s torn shirt, he’d taken to keeping the closet stocked.

He also grabs a fresh pair of boxers, before returning to the couch just as Chaerin calls out again.

“Seriously, oppa. Am I staying or going?”

“Staying, Chaerin. Give me a second.”

He can hear his niece’s huff from where he is, and he smiles. The girl reminds him of her mother, and it’s a very flattering comparison.

Yunho pulls the boxers on his uncooperative wife, being as gentle as he can, while using their discarded underwear to wipe up anything that looks questionable. He doesn’t think he’s gotten it all, but he stops worrying about it when Jaejoong cracks open an eyelid and reminds him that their children sleep in their bed.

That’s a hell of a good point.

He gathers up the rest of the clothes and tosses them rather unceremoniously into the laundry basket in the bathroom before striding quickly to the door to his office.

Yunho, in his haste to make his wife comfortable and presentable, forgets about himself as he flings open the door to a humming Chaerin.

His oldest niece’s eyes widen as she stares at her uncle’s husband.

Her mouth drops open.

“Holy shit.”

Yunho cocks his head at the girl’s flabbergasted expression. “What’s wrong?”

Chaerin doesn’t even know where to start. Her uncle’s husband has always been handsome, but this man is not just handsome.

He’s too much.

There are red streaks down his chest, body scored by blunt fingernails.

But that’s not the problem, for she’s seen that before.

The problem is the tight low slung pants that are barely buttoned, the unmistakable sex hair, and the eyes.

Almond eyes lined with sin.

She can be almost as fanciful as her uncle, and it’s suddenly gotten really hot in the office.

“Have you seen yourself?” She manages to choke out, tearing her eyes away from his face to stare at a spot over his shoulder.

“Not you too?” Yunho leans against the door jamb, a tiny irreverent smirk playing about his mouth that translates to his query.

Chaerin hears enough. She turns resolutely on her heel, moving past the double stroller behind her.

She hears her uncle-in-law calling out to her, but she keeps walking.

She’s going to tell Han Geng to lock the floor, because his boss will likely accidentally kill every single female in the building if they happen to wander up to see him.

And if he doesn’t, she has a feeling her biological uncle will kill them for daring to swoon.

They’re related by marriage, but Chaerin isn’t blind to the man’s looks.

And she is a rather healthy female.

Escape is the best option.

Yunho stares till the elevator door shuts on his niece, before his eyes turn down towards the stroller.

Identical almond eyes stare back up at him.


“Hello, sweetheart.”

“Where’s mama?”


“I wanna rest too,” his daughter nods solemnly. “Wanna rest with mama.”

Yunho grins at his adorable progeny, moving to push the stroller, noting her sister waking in the seat behind her.

True to his word, Jaejoong has been good. The blanket is right up to his chin and he has a smile playing about his mouth that widens when Jiyool shrieks at seeing him.

Yunho cannot unbuckle the toddler quickly enough, setting her loose and watching fondly as she throws herself against the side of the couch, climbing and clambering, tugging at the blanket covering her mama.

In less than a minute, Jiyool is happily ensconced under the blanket with her mama, telling the man all about her exciting morning and afternoon. She lies on her side, chatting nineteen to the dozen as she strokes her mama’s belly as she talks. It’s a habit she’s gotten from when the man was still pregnant with her sister, and for some reason, she hasn’t stopped.

JJ is woken by her sister’s loud voice, but even as she opens her mouth to start howling, a familiar face fills her vision, and she turns her cry into a happy gurgle as she reaches out for her daddy.

Soon, all four Jungs are under the blanket somehow.

Jaejoong with Jiyool on one end, and Yunho with a feeding JJ on the other.

Yunho massages his wife’s feet idly with his free hand as he listens to Jiyool’s voice grow slower and slower. JJ has only just started holding her own bottle but she’s also drowsing, and he’s had to catch a drooping bottle twice already.

“Can we sleep here?” Jaejoong asks quietly as he cards his fingers through his daughter’s hair. She’s had a very exciting day, and her falling asleep halfway through her retelling of it is testament to that.

Plus she’d missed her nap apparently.

She’s pressed up against his chest, and even though she never ever fed from him, he feels the closeness to his oldest daughter. Her little hand is splayed across his belly and he places his hand over hers as he looks down his body at his husband juggling their infant daughter, her bottle, and his feet across his lap.


Jaejoong nods. “I can carry JJ. You take Jiyool.”

Yunho shakes his head. “I’ll carry all three of you.”

Jaejoong grins. “At the same time?”

Yunho chuckles quietly as he pulls the teat from his sleeping daughter’s mouth and props her on his shoulder. He extricates himself slowly from the blankets and his wife’s legs. He rocks and sways with the baby on his shoulder as he smiles fondly down at his wife who merely quirks a brow.

“JJ first, then I’ll come and get Jiyool and you.”

“She’s heavy now.”

“Do you think I can’t manage?”

Jaejoong’s eyes roam across his husband’s broad shoulders, and the curves of the muscles in his arms, dropping lower still to his flat abdomen, and then lower to his thighs.

His gaze lingers, drawing a husky laugh from the standing man.

“I think you can manage all three of us,” Jaejoong admits, licking his mouth as he stares at the tight pants encasing his husband’s powerful thighs.

“Not an ahjusshi then?” Yunho teases, smiling as his daughter burps even in her sleep.

Jaejoong shakes his head, dragging his eyes back up to his husband’s face. “No.”

“I’m glad that’s settled then.”

He should have known better.

Jaejoong grins wickedly.

“A rockstar ahjusshi with a sexy as fuck wife who is well aware his children are dead asleep and wants nothing more than to peel those sinfully tight pants off his husband with his teeth.”

Yunho covers his infant daughter’s exposed ear with one hand as he turns swiftly on his heel and leaves the room.

His wife’s unique laughter trails after him.

Yunho may rule the world, but his wife rules his.

AN1: Lol I’m so sorry. I was going to write full blown smut, but my husband dropped in on me and well, let’s just say the urge is gone. I wanted to finish this otherwise I’d never post it. Writing smut at work in NZ was FAR EASIER than writing smut at work here because I have little children running in and out of my office and it’s a little too much :O I’m sure you can picture it…

“Jaejoong moans as Yunho pushes a finger in, breath coming in short gasps as his body tries to accommodate the intrusion. He is way too tight, and the dry finger hurts, but he likes it. He can feel his husband’s fingertips caressing his balls as…” MISS NIKKI MISS NIKKI MISS SHARON SAYS WE HAVE TO ASK YOU FOR PERMISSION TO GO TO THE PARK. CAN WE GO TO THE PARK, MISS NIKKI? DO YOU WANT TO COME? YOU CAN CARRY GARY THE GIRAFFE. WE’RE GOING TO HAVE A PICNIC. MISS NIKKI ARE YOU FEELING OK? WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOUR FACE?

Yep…it happened.

Also, the park was awesome cos some international schools were having cheerleading practice AND HOLY SHIT THEY ARE GOOD. Like, if any of you remember Bring It On, these guys are that great if not better. I’m talking insane twisting somersaults in the air! And you know what the best part was? ALL the schools had more male cheerleaders than girls and they threw the tiny ass cheerleaders into the air like…holy shit. And the guys were buff as hell and one of the schools had a male coach that reminded me of Jaejoong. He had his hair clipped up the way Jaejoong does sometimes and I HAD A LOT OF JAEJOONG COACHING JIYOOL FEELS lmaooooooo. Jiyool, cos she’s the head cheerleader if any of you forgot :P

AN2: I know this is a fuck-long author’s note…but Jaejoong is a handful. Seriously, a fucking handful. How the hell Yunho manages him, I don’t even know.

Love like usual! Yeah kids can make for some awkward moments. Lol. Just wait until you have one walk up on you when you are in a compromising position. ;)

YunJae animal magnetism shakes everyone to their core, be it friends, family or unprepared photographers. Seems only the kids are immune to their parents untamed attraction, and now in nine months there will be a couple more:)





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