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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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One Night in Busan [8d]
Title: One Night in Busan
Pairing: YunJae
Rating: NC-17
Length: Chaptered
Genre: AU, Fluff, Romance
Important: This is AU but HoMin are TVXQ and JYJ never existed. Basically the only non-AU thing about it. EVERYTHING about this fic is super freaking AU… I just can’t get BLOND BLOND BLOND out of my fucking head. Also, characters may be a little (or a lot) OOC but it’s fiction and AU and just roll with it, ok?
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. Please don't kill me.

Summary: It was meant to be a one time thing, and it takes Yunho a while to realize that a one time thing for him means exactly that.

AN: Remember, this fic is AU.


Who the hell is that?Collapse )

OMG this is just klasdhfkahfklahdfkadfhlfhkfhakfhasdfkj lots of fun to read~XDDDDDDD i keep cackling all over the place as i read this and just... LOLOLOLOLOLOL

changmin IS way too smart for his own damn good and jaejoong certainly KNOWS how to handle him. LOLOLOLOLOLOL

my favorite line:
"Who are you and what have you done to Jung Jaejoong?"

brilliant changmin. just brilliant~XDDDDDDDD

i can only imagine the slack-jawed, shocked appearances of everyone on set as jaejoong came walking by in yunho's jacket and changmin's neck warmer with the laptop.

what a distraction indeed.

full of tease... teasing Nicki..

LOL Changmin! You might meant well but seriously man, you can't win over Jae. All Jae need to do is be sexy or withhold your food! hahaha.......

I think this is your longest chapter - 4 parts & still going strong.

I do love how Yunho & Jae gangs up to tease Min. It really shows how willing everyone is to commit to the r/ship. Poor Minnie sacrificing himself for Yunho's happiness. Don't worry Min, you will be compensated with Jae's food.
PS I love the part with the managers all eyeing Yunho's crotch. It's so funny!

Jaemin!! I always love some Jaemin action (missing soul fighter action badly...;-;)
Yes! Yes! I get it...it's Yunjae...but the Jaemin action is just sooo....ashfhturjckwkc!!
But Yunho is just so sweet and even though this is just AU...I just can't help thinking that this is how they are in RL too...and I admit I can't picture the old Jaejoong being this naughty (what with the Aigoo you're so sweet can I pinch your cheeks baby look) but the WWW Jaejoong would definitely be this naughty..(he's a masochist after all lol!! Ah that just killed me) and I can just picture him being sandwiched by Homin and GOD is that sexy or what! *nosebleeds*

On a side note...sometimes, I wonder what it would be like if Jae had stayed with Homin in RL...sooo..in any case, will there be a chapter 8E, 8F, 8G etc?? Lol! But I seriously don't mind! I don't want this to end too soon toooooo.....*goes back to chapter 1*

I don't care if this is an au! I really wanna fuck jae! Oh wait! I can't fuck him..but he can fuck me..owh i don't care! I wanna fuck jae!!!

I need the reminder...this is AU...AU...fucking AU...damn why does it have to AU...can't it be real...?

Jae and his grand entrance...thou he isn't making it as one but who can deny Jae when he just walks in...or when he stuts in...or when he cat walk in...whatever.

I love ur update - love jj's feistiness in here..his a strong kitten..meowth..

i keep enjoying this waaaaaaaaay too much

Oh how i enjoy this fic a lot especially how jae holds power over almost everyone, changmin included.

Oh gosh Min should really learn to hold his tongue but I really wouldn't have any other way.....I love how Jae handles him....Yun is the best ever hope he gets some alone time with his baby.....love YunJae forever...

hero jaejoong gif photo: Hero Jaejoong, DBSK GIF b375d24e.gif
jaejoong gif photo:  jaejoong_perfectrabbit.gif
He really is Yunho's Honey Funny Bunny~(¬‿¬)
JaeMin photo: jaemin jaemin2155.gif

Edited at 2014-03-12 01:27 am (UTC)

Hahaha poor Min! Teenaged Jaejoong is SUCH a handful, wow. All of the JaeMin games/power struggles are so great! “You really did marry the fucking devil" LOL I think that just about sums up Changmin's opinion here ;D but his hyung is happy and he'll be compensated with food so yeah. I guess they'll all be happy once they find the right balance.^^ I have a feeling they'll need lots and lots of food for Min if they're living together though haha! This will be interesting... xD

Jaejoong with the 3 boys ahahaha so funny! I guess no one will be messing with him anytime soon huh? And oh my gosh Yunho being sandwiched between Min and Jae being tickled is just asd;laksdjfl;akjsdflk!!!!!!!!!!!! My imagination is too vivid, wow I'd love to see that but I'd DIE!!! Hahaha so cute! Er, cute isn't the right word... LOL I died okay?!

Homin at the end LOL Changmin's all “What the fuck are you doing?” and the entire room is side-eyeing them and staring at Yunho's crotch hahaha soo funny. Then diva Jaejoong shows up and completely steals the attention xD I'll bet everyone in that room is thoroughly confused now. :D

So yeah, thanks for the update!!! I love this story<3 why does it have to be AU? ;D

I can't get enough of this story, this Jaejonog is so amusing with his jealousy and bold remarks, the way Changmin and him can't help but provoke each other continuously is so funny!

And even if he didn't really have any right to treat poor boys so arrogantly just because he's Yunho's husband I can understand he did it to make it clear he's not an easy target for bullying or something... so I can't be mad at him...

Thank you for the lovely chapter, HoMin's show at the end was really sweet and funny, how the managers tried to read their behaviour was priceless!

WOAH~ 8D?!
Nick, I srsly think Jaejoong and Changmin is playing with you... OTL. it's the first time a fic made by you reached a 'D' isn't it?
speaking of D.... I choke on air... LMAO
“I can’t believe we’re standing here staring at Uknow Yunho’s crotch…”
OTL. even manager's stare at Yunconda... ROFL!

Jaejoong is too much to handle, no wonder Yunho gets distracted every single time Jae isn't with him xD
but I love the fact that Changmin always noticed Yunho's distraction even though everyone doesn't... he's really Yunho's wife LOL.
I'm not much of a HoMin shipper but imagining them doing all the cuddling in here especially on the last part, I really find it cute. LOL.