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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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One Night in Busan [8d]
Title: One Night in Busan
Pairing: YunJae
Rating: NC-17
Length: Chaptered
Genre: AU, Fluff, Romance
Important: This is AU but HoMin are TVXQ and JYJ never existed. Basically the only non-AU thing about it. EVERYTHING about this fic is super freaking AU… I just can’t get BLOND BLOND BLOND out of my fucking head. Also, characters may be a little (or a lot) OOC but it’s fiction and AU and just roll with it, ok?
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. Please don't kill me.

Summary: It was meant to be a one time thing, and it takes Yunho a while to realize that a one time thing for him means exactly that.

AN: Remember, this fic is AU.


“Where’s Jaejoong?” Changmin asks in a low whisper, nodding at the coordi noona holding up a shirt for him as he takes it and dismisses her, watching her leave them. “I haven’t seen him since we got here, though you’re still distracted as hell. No one noticed though.”

“Dead asleep in my car. Why did you take the van with the managers?” Yunho chooses to ignore Changmin’s observation, knowing it is true. It is only ten years of professionalism that allows him to fake his attention, his mind elsewhere for most of the shoot so far.

“I needed to discuss some details with them.”


“Something. I’ll tell you later.”

“Why can’t you tell me now?” Yunho injects a whine into his voice as he pouts cutely at the younger man, looking up from his game on Changmin’s phone. They have been left alone, both of them already made up and merely changing outfits at the behest of the calendar shoot director.

“Do you trust me?”

“Of course,” Yunho answers immediately. He doesn’t even pause to think about it.

Changmin allows a ghost of a smile to tug at his lips at his leader’s quick response. “Then be patient and I’ll tell you later. Let’s wrap this up before the angel wakes up and turns into the devil.”

“Angel?” Yunho laughs outright, a full out guffaw as he rocks backwards, almost sending himself completely off the flimsy wicker chair.

His younger partner merely scowls. He really needs to think before he speaks. He’s not sure how Jaejoong managed to rob him of that capability but he’s very sure he doesn’t like it.

“Shut up.”

Yunho only laughs harder.

The shoot wraps up quickly, the professionalism of TVXQ ensures that if they set their mind to it and the directors are cooperative, everything will fall into place as they should. The two hour outdoor shoot takes exactly that, give or take ten minutes.

Both men had returned to the car to find Jaejoong curled up in the backseat, staring intently at Yunho’s phone with earphones plugged in. They’d startled him but he’d just smiled and waved, continuing to do whatever it was that he was doing.

Neither man bother him apart from Changmin dropping a laptop in the backseat with the teenager for him to use in his “job”. Jaejoong pulls his earphones out then, brow furrowed slightly.

“What’s this for?”


“I get a laptop?”

“It’s a company laptop, though I’m sure Yunho will get you whatever you want.”

Jaejoong shakes his head instantly. “I don’t need anything.”

“That’s what you say now.”

Jaejoong’s eyes harden as he glares at the smirking younger half of TVXQ. “I don’t fucking need anything. I have my own things. You can take this back.”

“Stop teasing him.” Yunho’s voice is chiding as he reaches out a hand to rub Jaejoong’s thigh. “He doesn’t mean it, love. What were you watching so intently on the phone?”

“Before U Go.”

“Oh,” the smirk slides off Changmin’s face.

“Oh, indeed.” Jaejoong’s expression turns from angry to coquettish in an instant as he arches his back, stretching his arms over his head as far as the backseat will allow as he moans, before running his hand back down as he starts to sing.

Igeonmaneun algoga…

His hand moves down the side of his face.

Neoman saranghasseotdeon…

And down his torso.

…dan han namjayeotdago…

As he undulates in his seat.

Changmin tears his eyes away from the knowing gaze of the juxtaposition in the backseat. Jaejoong is insecure as hell, but good lord he knows what his strengths are and he damn well knows Changmin has nothing to counter with.

He needs to up his game, though he damn well knows he shouldn’t have played in the first place. The teenager makes it too easy, and in return, Changmin falls straight into his trap.

Can they call this even? Changmin is not above crying uncle, especially considering the intent behind that heavy-lidded gaze before he forces himself to look away. Why couldn’t Jaejoong stay asleep? Life is so much simpler with a sleeping teenager. Is it too late to ask to go in the van with the managers?

Yunho bites his lip, watching as his husband winks at him, licking at his bitten lip as the teenager gets on his knees behind Changmin’s seat. The teenager leans forward as he drops his voice, so low and husky it sends a bolt of lust through Yunho, and he knows his poor member isn’t immune. However, there’s some sort of power play going on between the two, and he knows Changmin should’ve known better than to bait Jaejoong earlier, and so he doesn’t interfere, content to watch it play out.

He trusts Changmin.

And oddly enough, he trusts Jaejoong too.

“TVXQ…” Jaejoong practically moans the four letters. “We gonna tell about this,” he finishes, and Yunho can imagine the music accompanying his spouse’s spoken words.

He is torn between laughing and groaning as Changmin’s expression becomes stricken as Jaejoong’s hands creep up his biceps. They are still dressed in the shirts from earlier, not bothering to change since the coordi says there is no need. Jaejoong’s grip is firm, and he can see it as the boy leans forward even more, mouth now touching Changmin’s ear.

“Do you really want to play with me?”

Changmin can’t move. He wants to turn but if he turns, Jaejoong’s mouth is there. If he pushes off the teenager, Yunho will probably get mad because he started this and he should reap what he sowed. If he turns the other way, Jaejoong will get his neck…and oh god he can feel the unwanted goosebumps sprouting across his skin already at the mere thought.

Jaejoong smirks, turning slightly to catch his husband’s eyes as he winks again, to tell the man he’s just playing.

Yunho acknowledges the wink, saying nothing, but his pants are really fucking tight. He should probably rescue Changmin because there is no doubt who is winning here, but the earlier dig really wasn’t necessary considering how skittish Jaejoong is when it comes to his background so he’s going to let his husband punish his wife.

The teenager gives Changmin’s shoulders a squeeze before he lets go.

Max Changmin’s relieved exhalation is hilarious.

But it is choked off abruptly as Jaejoong’s hands drop once again, caressing his collarbones and he slips them forward, and down his chest.

His lips caress the shell of Changmin’s left ear, trailing teasingly up and down the curve, even as his hands move lower.

“Just say when, Changmin-ah…”

Compelled to move, Yunho and his goddamn spouse bedamned, Changmin wrenches himself from the seductive embrace of the teenager, practically throwing himself against the dashboard, trying to breathe normally. The interior of the car seems to be on fire, and he has this horrid urge to claw off his shirt.

And his pants.

What the actual fuck?

“You really did marry the fucking devil,” Changmin finally manages to spit out, turning his head to glare at his leader for not helping him. He is a tad surprised to find the possessive man merely smiling faintly after that gross display of inappropriateness. “That didn’t bother you?”

“You asked for it.” Jaejoong cuts in, voice flat. “Don’t play if you can’t handle it.”

Changmin straightens, twisting to look at the teenager who is once again back in his earlier position, curled up in the seat behind Yunho’s. Goddamn it all, his heart is still racing, and his words come out sounding harsher than he intends.

“You have to stop being so defensive.”

“And you have to stop being such an ass. Does it make you feel better to think that I’m just in this for the material benefits? Do you really think so lowly of me and your hyung?”

“Enough, Jaejoong. Changmin didn’t mean that at all. Remember what I told you this morning? He likes to tease, and there are times when I want to clobber him with my shoe when he does it. Your version of clobbering him is a lot more effective it seems.”

“He’s definitely uncute right now.” Jaejoong agrees, nodding, expression stoic as he stares unflinchingly at the wide eyes of the younger half of TVXQ who is still staring at him as if he really has a forked tail, cloven feet with two sexy little horns on his head to complete the package.

“Uncute? Is that even a word?” Changmin latches onto the distraction like a lifeline. He can feel the tension in the car ebbing away slowly at Yunho’s quiet reprimand to both of them. Yunho didn’t address him directly, but he can hear the censure all the same, the annoying bi-product of being with the man for over a decade.

“According to Yunho, it is,” Jaejoong nods seriously, eyes intent on Changmin.

Changmin turns his gaze to his leader, and shaking his head. “Not cute, hyung.”

Jaejoong bursts out laughing.

“Are you ready? There are people around now. No more hurrying up the steps in a covert manner I’m afraid.” Changmin turns his glance from the front of their company, back to the teenager.

Jaejoong reads concern in Changmin’s eyes, watching as the two men of TVXQ exchange glances. He spent the rest of the car ride back to the company continuing to read more about the duo and watching interviews on Yunho’s phone. He’d smiled at the hastily scrawled note folded around the phone when he’d woken up earlier, telling him to call “Chwang-dol” if he needs anything and to use the phone as he sees fit.

His husband isn’t just famous and successful. He is highly respected within South Korea and without, as someone who is humble despite his success, and still works hard, giving everything a hundred percent no matter how small or how big a production is. He gives his best, whether performing for a crowd of 7,000 or a crowd of 70,000. Jaejoong is certain that even if the crowd were 700, Yunho would still perform as if there were a hundred times more people.

He squares his shoulders, and winks at Changmin who rolls his eyes as Yunho chuckles.

“Don’t worry about me. I’ve been looking after myself long before you two lumbered into my path.”

Changmin swallows the urge to retort as Yunho squeezes his knee and shakes his head with a smile. The younger half of TVXQ isn’t really worried about Jaejoong. He has a feeling he’d have to worry about all his hoobaes who are always somehow wanting a piece of Yunho. Despite several reminders from him during the car ride about Jaejoong hiding any possessive or jealous tendencies, he has a feeling they’d fallen on deaf ears.

Most of the hoobaes keep their distance when he is around, behaving appropriately, but whenever they manage to catch Yunho alone, they practically trip over themselves trying to get the leader’s attention. A smile from Yunho can send a trainee into a swoon for weeks.

He really wishes that’s an exaggeration. Female trainees or hoobaes aren’t the only victims. In fact, he believes there are probably more males spellbound by his leader than females. In fact, he saw something on the internet not long ago about how Girls Generation and 2NE1 may have the most fanboys out of all the girl groups, but Jung Yunho has even more and he’s not even female.

It’s really fucking hilarious.

“Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.” Changmin decides on a last ditch attempt to caution the teen. “We really can’t have anyone knowing about you—“

“I get it, ok? I’m not fucking stupid. I’m going to be a dirty little secret.” Jaejoong’s voice is cold, his back up in the blink of an eye as he exits the car, not waiting for either older men.

“…yet.” Changmin finishes, his tone huffy as he grabs Yunho’s arm as the man makes to exit the car to presumably soothe the very easily ruffled feathers of his teenage spouse. “Don’t, hyung. Let him stew a little. He’s right. He is your little secret and as far as I can tell, he’s about as filthy as they get, but you love him that way, so just leave it.”


“Trust me, he’ll be fine. Have I ever done wrong by you?”

Yunho shakes his head instantly, making Changmin smile. “Well, I hope you remember that because I’m officially moving back in with you.”

“Huh?” Yunho is torn between staring at Jaejoong who is smoking on the front steps of the company building, leaning casually against the wall with not a care in the world, and staring flabbergasted at his partner of ten years. “What? Why?”

“Distraction.” Changmin says simply.

“Distraction?” Yunho echoes, staring into the man’s amused eyes. Eyes that turn serious even as he watches.

“Yes, so no one looks too closely at you two because they will. They won’t be able to help it. He’s like a flame and you’re the stupid moth who should know better.”

“And so instead of looking closely at Jaejoong and I, they’ll be distracted by you and I instead?” Yunho doesn’t take offense to Changmin’s words. In fact, he pats the man’s knee and squeezes it even, acknowledging the truth of his dig. It’s almost an eye-opener for Yunho about himself the way he literally has to fight to keep his hands to himself when around the teenager.

It’s not just about his physical attraction to the teenager.

He wants to reassure himself that Jaejoong isn’t a dream. Having “lost” him once, Yunho isn’t about to repeat that. Subconsciously, he knows he’s being ridiculous and irrational, but the whole marriage and Jaejoong’s existence hasn’t sunk in deeply enough for him to be able to be sure this really is his reality now. Add the fact that the teenager doesn’t seem as attached to him, laughingly complaining that Yunho was too clingy at breakfast table, has thrown the leader just a little off balance. Changmin’s “punishment” earlier entailed more touching by the teenager of either of them since leaving for the shoot, and Yunho feels a little strange about the whole thing.

The leader of TVXQ is possessive as hell over Changmin. That’s an undeniable fact. He doesn’t like his partner to stray too far from him, but he never feels the need to touch Changmin all the time. Jaejoong touching Changmin doesn’t bother him at all. And Changmin with Jaejoong doesn’t appear to bother him either.

He trusts both of them.

It really is as simple as that.

But that doesn’t solve his problem though.

Yunho has no idea why he seems to have an insatiable craving for the boy. When the blond is out of his sight, he is pretty much all he thinks of. And yet again, it isn’t merely a sexual thing. He loves the way Jaejoong laughs, the way he smirks, even the way he scowls, exactly like he is right now as he stares down three members of one of his hoobae groups.

“It’s expected,” Changmin shrugs delicately as he turns to gaze out the window at Jaejoong who is now surrounded by three of their hoobaes, or perhaps they’re still trainees. He can’t tell from the back. The kids are practically homogenous in terms of looks and he doesn’t really bother anymore. He continues speaking, thought his eyes don’t leave Jaejoong. “Imagine the scandal if he were seen leaving your apartment when everyone knows where I live? It’ll make a good concept for the comeback next year, if nothing else. People say we’re married, we’ll give them married. No one needs to know to whom you’re actually married to.”

“What about the managers? I don’t think our company is going to go for that concept.” Despite his words, Yunho is warming to the idea. It wouldn’t be difficult to play being married to Changmin because even he can admit they practically are, and in all honesty, it’s not that much of a stretch even for him to imagine it being a reality.

“They’ll go for it.” Changmin’s tone is flat, mouth thinned in an identical manner to Yunho’s. “Japan as practically turned me into a woman anyway. It’s not that difficult to stretch it home.”

“I know you hate it.”

Changmin’s mouth stretches into a semblance of a smile. “Actually, I used to mind. I don’t really care now. Who I am is not tied up in who I appear to be, and besides it’ll be fun.”

“Fun to mess with Jaejoong you mean?”

“Noticed, have you?”

“I know you too well not to. What are you playing at?”

“I don’t know Kim Jaejoong from a bar of soap. I do know Jung Jaejoong to some extent though. What he gets from me is going to be an example of what others will give him. If he can handle me, he can handle them.”

“You won’t be as cruel as they probably will be.”

“No, but he actually likes me so his reaction is tempered by that and he is mindful of who I am to you. No one else will get that same courtesy, so I know he’ll be fine.”

“And so in order to bait him, to train him so to speak, you have to live with us?”

“Don’t be purposefully dense, hyung. It saves the trouble of explaining his constant presence. He’s my assistant and where I go, he goes. And where you go, I go.”

“You had me at where I go, he goes, Changmin-ah.” Yunho’s mouth thins slightly as he watches the scene in front of him. “Do you think we need to rescue him?”

Changmin hasn’t taken his eyes from the front of their building.

“He’s a man, not a damsel in distress.”

“So, are you really Heenim’s cousin?”

Jaejoong’s eyes are cool as he takes in the person who’d just asked. He’d watched the approach of the three young men from when they came round the corner of the building, and he’d seen the light dawning in the eyes of the one who just spoke when they landed on him. He’s in no hurry to answer, enjoying the lungful of smoke as he exhales slowly, taking his own sweet time as he peruses their features.

Pretty passable.

But nowhere as beautiful as his husband or Changmin.

He’ll bet his marriage papers right there that these are not idols who run with TVXQ.

Well, no one runs with his spouse and his partner anyway. Yunho himself doesn’t bother naming anyone as their rivals, saying that their goals are to constantly beat themselves.

He’s unsure if his husband was being humble or confident, but he has a feeling it’s a mixture of both.

The silence stretches, smoke curling around the teenager’s face, his eyes unwavering and unflinching as he injects as much cool disdain into his gaze.

He almost smiles when all three look away, unable to hold his eyes.

Jaejoong decides to speak then, dropping his cigarette butt and grounding it out with the heel of his boot. “What did he say?”

“What did who say?” one of them asks immediately, brow furrowed and unable to figure out where to look. The man’s eyes are cold and do not invite conversation, but his mouth is so lush, it’s practically an invitation in itself. And he really cannot get past how stunning the man actually is. His jaw hit the ground the second he saw him, and it’s still unhinged.

The man is so pale and pink.

“They say Heenim said you are,” someone else answers.

“Then who are you to question him?” Jaejoong’s straightens, staring down his nose at the three. Two are taller than him and one shorter, but it doesn’t actually matter, as all three take a collective step backwards down the stairs as Jaejoong moves forward. He gets the impression that Heechul practically rules the company in his own way, so he uses that knowledge to try and figure out who these three are. They don’t look familiar to him, not that they would anyway since his knowledge of kpop goes about as far as TVXQ and their friends.

The man or boy, Jaejoong isn’t sure anymore, raises his hands in apology. “We don’t mean to be rude.”

“You failed,” Jaejoong replies coldly, glancing past them as he watches Yunho and Changmin exit the car.

Twin slams of the door send all three curious cats whirling around, two of them stumbling down the steps when they realize who it is.

Changmin’s expression is forbidding as hell, making the three young men inwardly wince, wondering if they’ve managed to offend the idol somehow, while Yunho’s expression doesn’t give an inkling at all as to what he might be thinking about.

All three step aside, bowing and mumbling their greetings as TVXQ walk past. All three note rather interestingly that the blond man doesn’t bother bowing. Heck, he doesn’t even step aside, simply cocking his head with his arms crossed, expression still faintly belligerent as he watches TVXQ approach.

Changmin’s doesn’t say a word.

Yunho smiles in acknowledgment, greeting the three young men, but not by name.

His eyes though never leave Jaejoong’s face as his mouth quirks into a smirk.

It is Changmin, not Yunho who stops by Jaejoong, slipping his arm around the slighter boy’s shoulders, he turns him around, sending a look over his shoulder at the three gaping young men on the front step before the three of them sweep into the building.

The silence in their wake is brief.


“Ok, hyung wasn’t kidding.”

“About what?”

“He said my jaw would drop if I saw him. I think it’s still on the ground.”

“Are you sure he isn’t an idol?”

“He’s with TVXQ. What would TVXQ be doing with a trainee none of us have seen before? Did you see his skin? How can anyone be that pale?”

“Did you see Changmin hyung’s face?”

“If looks could kill, we’d be dead.”

“I actually think that blond’s eyes were more lethal. I actually felt goosebumps as he stared at me, as if he was mentally dissecting me and planning on feeding parts of me to the crows or something.”

“Your imagination is running away from you.”

“Tell me you didn’t feel the same.”

“I get what you mean,” his friend admits, “but I’m not as melodramatic as you.”

“Did you notice he didn’t bow?”

“Yeah…” his two friends trail off.

“We are so screwed.”

“Only Heenim’s cousin can get away with being rude to TVXQ.”

“I don’t know,” one of them muses thoughtfully. “Even Heenim stops short of being outright rude to TVXQ. Yunho hyung wouldn’t put up with it, and Changmin hyung even less so. That man looks younger than all of us. How did he get away with that? I still can remember the lecture from Yunho hyung that we all got in front of half of the company about being respectful and bowing to everyone. Did you hear him scolding him? I certainly didn’t.”

“He’s clearly friends with them.”

“Yes, but even Jihye noona bows to greet her brother. Are you trying to tell me this unknown person is more important than her?”

“We should tell everyone to steer clear of him, lest we offend someone without knowing.”

“Too late. He already thinks we’re rude. We’re so fucking screwed.”

“Do you think he’ll tell TVXQ?”

“I think they saw the whole thing.”


“Are you going to be alright by yourself?” Changmin asks the teenager lying on his back in the middle of their day bed.

Jaejoong lifts his head, rolls his eyes at Changmin, before dropping back on the bed. “Do I look like a child who needs constant supervision?”

To Yunho’s amusement, Changmin actually stops to stare at the teenager. His gaze roams from his blond hair, right down to the tips of his sock-clad toes, and he does it very slowly.

The teenager merely smirks as he rolls up into a sitting position. “Shall I return the favor?”

Yunho steps in this time, standing between Changmin and the incorrigible teen. “Enough for one day, Jaejoong. I think Changmin’s toes are still curled from earlier.”

“They’re not!”

“I’m trying to save you, here. Play along will you?” Yunho pretends to be irritated, but his efforts are for nought as he is suddenly attacked by a tickling monster from the back, causing him to fall against Jaejoong who starts yelling about being squashed.

Anyone who has access to the TVXQ relaxation room would be at a loss for words at the sight of Changmin and Jaejoong tickling Yunho till he is practically choking on his cries for mercy. Sandwiched between the two, and mindful about hurting either of them, Yunho has no choice but to submit. He could’ve easily overpowered both of them, but he doesn’t want to.

All three end up on the floor, Yunho on the bottom of the pile with Jaejoong straddling one thigh and Changmin sprawled across both of them somehow.

Yunho’s shirt is missing a couple of buttons and Changmin is rumpled as hell.

Jaejoong’s cheeks are high with color as he grins down at his husband. The smile makes him look even younger than he usually does as he rocks against the older man, leaning forward to kiss him briefly on the mouth.

“Don’t you have somewhere to be?”

“I’ve heard that line before.”

Changmin rolls off the couple, sitting up as he tries to straighten his shirt, his face is twisted into a cute scowl that makes Yunho burst out laughing. Jaejoong laughs along as he scoots down, resting his cheek on his husband’s chest, watching an irritated Max Changmin trying to tuck his shirt back into his pants. The man’s huffy expression is far more hilarious than anything he’s seen that day and he is rather enjoying laughing at the very put together young man for once.

“I’m going to have the last laugh when the managers all take one look at your shirt, and mine, and put two and two together, hyung.” Changmin declares grimly as he stands up, brushing his shirt down as best he can as he looks up at the clock on the wall. “I have no idea why my brain temporarily left my body like that. We’re due at the studio in less than fifteen minutes, and we haven’t even had lunch.”

Jaejoong sits up then. “Lunch? It’s not even eleven.”

“We eat whenever we can find the time. Stopping to indulge at proper mealtimes is not a luxury we have,” Changmin snaps as he gives up with his shirt, yanking it unceremoniously out of his pants as he starts to unbutton. “But apparently stopping to indulge you is something we always appear to have time for.”

The teenager’s expression turns dark in a heartbeat and Yunho sits up hurriedly, wrapping his arms around the teenager, his mouth against his ear. “Don’t, Jae. Let it go. He’s stressed and he hates change. He likes you just fine, ok? He just has this rather bad habit of causing grievous injury with his mouth. I have countless scars, and I think you will too.”

The ire leaves Jaejoong almost as quickly as it fills him. The teenager kisses his husband quickly on the mouth before he turns to look up at Changmin whose expression is torn between defiance and apology. “That’s ok. I’m sure I can fix any injury caused by that mouth,” he nods towards Changmin, “with my mouth.”

“And what if you cause me injury? Are you going to fix me too?”

Changmin has absolutely zero idea as to why he even asked that. He is really bad at the teenager’s games. Really fucking bad.

And standing there with his shirt unbuttoned, his hair rumpled beyond belief, watching as Jaejoong licks that gorgeous pink pout of his, Changmin can do nothing but close his eyes and pray for salvation.

What the hell was he thinking?

Yunho sees the pained expression on Changmin’s face and the way his fists clench as his body tenses, and he knows the younger man is about at his limit. He squeezes Jaejoong again in warning, but surprisingly, the boy seems to already know to stop pushing as he turns to look at him.

Jaejoong kisses Yunho again, whispering against his mouth. “I’ll be good.”

Yunho wants to deepen the kiss, if only just to thank the teenager for being understanding, but Jaejoong is already up and off his lap by the time he manages to finish the thought. He tilts his head back to watch, seeing Changmin flinch almost violently as Jaejoong places his hand over his bare abdomen.

“Calm down, hyung,” Jaejoong’s voice is soft. “I can practically feel your belly rumbling. I packed lunch for you. I’ll just go and get it now. My cooking will fix any injury I do to you, I promise.”

Jaejoong walks off then, grabbing Yunho’s keys from the side table, he leaves the room quickly.

Changmin’s exhale is loud in the quiet room as Yunho lays back down on the floor.

“You really know how to pick them, hyung.”

“You provoked him.”

“I provoke everyone.”

“Then I am forever grateful that I managed to marry someone who won’t put up with it.”

“He gets provoked over nothing.”

“True,” Yunho agrees, “but he’s only eighteen. What excuse do you have?”

“Do you know it’s impossible to remember he’s eighteen? Till you mentioned it, I’d actually forgotten.”

“Just because you forget doesn’t escape the fact that he is.”

Changmin finally moves, collapsing heavily to the floor as he sits by his hyung. “He doesn’t behave like an eighteen year old. How many teenagers do you know would boldly try to seduce me in front of you?”

“He wasn’t trying. He was provoking. You’d know if he was actually trying.”

“And you can tell the difference? It doesn’t bother you?”

Yunho takes a few long seconds to think about it, before he answers. “It would bother me if it were someone else.”

“So if he played games with Kangin hyung, it would bother you?”


“He wouldn’t though,” Changmin sighs. “Even I know he wouldn’t.”

“Why are you so sure?” Yunho stretches his arms over his head, groaning as his back cracks, the loud sound managing to mask the sound of the door opening and shutting.

“He is wholly yours. I’m at least sure of this much. If he truly believed I was interested, he’d stop his games in a heartbeat despite what happened this morning.”

“Actually, I think it’s because of this morning that he’s so forward with you.” Yunho gazes up at his other half. “He feels safe to tease you, and you have to admit, it’s a good counter-weapon to your acerbic tongue. He literally makes you tongue-tied.”

“He has a pretty sharp tongue too, did you know? You should’ve seen him with Heechul hyung. Hyung actually had to offer a truce while you were in the shower. If he hadn’t, I don’t think he would’ve come out looking as pretty as he normally does.”

“Pretty? Heechullie? And be careful there, Changmin. You actually sound like you admire him.” Yunho’s tone is lightly teasing.

Changmin nods. “I do in this regard. For him to stand his ground with Heechul hyung is amazing in itself and I’ll give credit where it’s due. And Jaejoong is far from pretty. Your husband is beautiful, and totally untouchable unless you know which nerve to hit.”

“And you know them all.”

“I’ll be nicer.”

“I don’t want you to be nicer,” Jaejoong interrupts. He’d come in quietly on purpose, and the conversation he’d overheard had been reasonably enlightening. He shakes his head at Changmin when the man tries to stand. He sits opposite him, right by Yunho head as he unpacks the food warmer. “Just be yourself.”


“I’m ok, husband.” Jaejoong glances up to look at Changmin. “I’m just trying to figure out this three-way marriage.”

“Speaking of marriage…” Changmin starts, his mouth watering at the smell of the food being laid out before him.

Jaejoong stops unpacking at Changmin’s tone, eyes narrowing slightly. “Am I going to dislike your next words enough to withhold food from you?”

“You can’t be that cruel?” Changmin’s is actually horrified at the prospect, glancing at the food, and then back up at Jaejoong face. He ignores Yunho’s laughter, mentally filing away the need to kick the man later when out of sight of the teenager. He is pretty sure Jaejoong wouldn’t appreciate his spouse being abused.

“Watch me.”

Yunho moves to sit behind Jaejoong, wrapping his arms around the younger man, and dropping his chin on his shoulder. He is relieved when the teenager leans back into him, and he nuzzles his cheek. He figures the news will probably fare better coming from him, so he speaks against Jaejoong’s skin.

“Changmin has to live with us for a short while. I can’t keep my eyes or hands off you and it would be weird if you were seen leaving my apartment when Changmin lives somewhere else. People already think Changmin and I are practically married so he’s offered to be the distraction so people don’t find out I’m truly married. Nobody is ready for this, least of all our company and our fans.”

Changmin closes his eyes, expecting fireworks and mourning the loss of the food he can smell but cannot see.

Yunho tenses too, as Jaejoong remains silent.


Jaejoong sighs as he continues to unpack the food. “Thank you, hyung.”

Changmin’s eyes fly open in shock. “What?”

“If you’re deaf, I’m not going to repeat myself.”

“He said thank you.”

“I’m glad my husband isn’t deaf,” Jaejoong observes as he finishes unpacking the food. “You have less than ten minutes to eat so I suggest you hurry. Give me your shirts. I can iron them while you eat.”

“Who are you and what have you done with Jung Jaejoong?” Changmin asks, but he moves before he opens his mouth, already grabbing a bowl of food before anything he might say, offends the teenager.

Jaejoong smiles faintly. “He’s right here, and not going anywhere. I’m your personal assistant remember? People will wonder why the fuck you hired me if I allowed you to leave this room looking like you just rolled around in bed with my husband.”

Twinshinki share twin grins as the teenager stands up. They both hand over their shirts though Jaejoong shakes his head at Yunho’s, admitting that he can’t salvage his shirt.

“Tell me about this distraction plan,” Jaejoong asks as he sets up the ironing board.

Changmin is too busy shoveling food into his mouth so he waves his chopsticks at Yunho to do the honors.

“You know what kpop fans are like, right?”


Slightly startled by Jaejoong’s curt answer, Yunho stares at him.

Changmin rolls his eyes, taking a last sip of his beef stew, he takes over, being more used to the teenager’s abruptness than his husband is.

“Basically, kpop fans like to make couples out of their idols and---”

“I read HoMin fics, hyung.” Jaejoong cuts the man off. “Remember? Cute pregnant wife?”

Changmin scowls. “I’m not pregnant.”

“I know.” Jaejoong grins at the man’s irritated face. “But you’d make a cute pregnant wife. Why don’t you go with that?”

“With what?”

“Cute wife.”

“Hell no.”

“Why not? I think it’s perfect. It’ll be more believable for everyone to think you’re actually together if your public behavior actually changes.”

“What about my behavior?”

“You always indulge him, so nothing needs to change,” Jaejoong shrugs as he pulls Changmin’s shirt from the board, eyeing it critically before he lays it back out and continues to iron.

“I do?” Yunho cocks his head at his husband. “When did you suddenly become a HoMin expert?”

“When I became the filling in the HoMin sandwich.”

Changmin starts to choke on his food as Jaejoong sends a knowing glance his way. “You’ve got a dirty mind, hyung.”

“Can you blame me?”

Jaejoong’s grin turns wicked. “I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

“I don’t even want to think about this…” Yunho mutters as he takes a bite of some heavenly dumpling he doesn’t remember seeing Jaejoong make. Think about eating. Think about eating. Think about eating Jaej—

“Hyung,” Changmin whines, staring at the rising color in his leader’s face. “Your blush is giving you away!”

Jaejoong’s laughter echoes around the room as both older men hurriedly shovel food in their mouths, both trying to divert the bloodflow from the wrong parts.

Changmin succeeds better than Yunho.

“What are you doing?” Yunho sidles up behind Changmin, dropping his chin on the man’s shoulder, watching at his partner types out a text message. It’s nothing he hasn’t done before, but after returning the shirt to the coordi with two buttons missing, and Changmin’s obviously newly ironed shirt, everyone on the set has been side-eyeing them rather intensely.

“I need some fire off my back.”

“What do you mean?”

“Haven’t you noticed everyone practically has a fucking movie reel of us fucking in their eyes when they look our way? I need some heat off me, and you’re not helping.”

“What? You mean I shouldn’t be doing this?” Yunho smirks, wrapping his arms around the younger man’s waist.

“Hyung,” Changmin growls out the corner of his mouth. “Every single fucking person in this goddamn fucking set is staring at us right now. If you don’t want me to elbow you and cause a scene, you’ll be a good husband and step back.”

“I’m being a good husband,” Yunho explains as he steps forward, plastering Changmin’s back completely against his front. “But you’re forgetting whose husband I actually am.”

“I’m not going to be cute, damn it!”

“This was your idea,” Yunho murmurs amusedly as he tries to read the message that Changmin is still in the midst of typing. “You’re texting Jae?”

“Yeah, he’s booked our flights so we can leave once we’re done with this final scene. I asked him to tidy the room and bring all our stuff down here so we can leave from here without having to go back upstairs.”

“It’ll only take an extra five minutes, Min-ah.”

“Funny. That’s what he said.”

“And you’re trying to convince him otherwise?”

“I want him to distract everyone. My hair has been standing on end this whole damn shoot. I need to get used to this brilliant idea of mine. I swear I’m too smart for my own damn good sometimes.” Changmin swallows his squeak as he feels Yunho nuzzling the back of his neck. “What the fuck are you doing?”

“Making sure this is the last thing everyone sees me doing, because if Jaejoong shows up, I’m going to have to ignore him otherwise your brilliant idea will be all for nothing.”

“Is your self-control that bad?”

“Changmin,” Yunho’s voice is serious. “Even your own reactions to him and his words are ungoverned and this is you we’re talking about. I’m not made of stone.”

Unable to help himself, Changmin grinds his ass backwards out of curiosity, smirking slightly. “You’re right, you’re not.”

“And if I was right now, what would you do?”

“Cry foul and run for the hills. Actually, better yet, I’ll tell Jaejoong and watch gleefully as he emasculates you for daring to turn to stone for anyone but him.”

Yunho’s laughter cuts across the largely silent studio as most of the occupants are too preoccupied watching the duo instead of talking to each other.

The easy banter and obvious closeness between the two members of TVXQ doesn’t go by unnoticed by anyone. There is an interesting charge hanging about them this time and everyone in the shoot can feel it. Yunho is much more handsy with his partner than usual, and the fact that Changmin is allowing all the unnecessary touching is causing a fair few eyebrows to raise.

Their managers in particular are in a huddle in the corner of the room.

“Do you think they’re actually together?”

“Well, there is nothing in their contracts to say they can’t date each other…”

“Why now though? They’ve been together almost a decade and known each other for over eleven years. They’ve literally had thousands of opportunities. Why now when they were both in relationships?”

“Who knows? This is Changmin we’re talking about. That kid holds his cards very close to his chest.”

“Well, he’s being held very close to someone’s chest right now,” his manager mutters as he stares at the very striking duo. Yunho is the epitome of masculinity while his partner toes the line on either side quite easily. Admittedly, only one comeback has fashioned Changmin to be equal to Yunho’s masculinity, but even that failed rather spectacularly when the second comeback from the same album had the younger man styled even more feminine than ever.

All three men watch as Yunho finally steps back, three pairs of eyes invariably dropping to his crotch. They’ve been the managers for long enough to have seen both men naked and some things just cannot be hidden.

Yunho’s manager hums thoughtfully, staring, looking, though Yunho’s overlong shirt obscures a lot.

“I’m not seeing anything,” the TVXQ manager actually leans forward to get a better look.

“I can’t believe we’re standing here staring at Uknow Yunho’s crotch…”

“If it makes you feel better, you know that everyone does it too.”

“BoA never got a rise out of him.”

“If he swings Changmin’s way, then isn’t that a given?”

“Yeah, but I’m not seeing anything either and he was pretty cosy with Changmin.”

“Well, maybe he’s spent. They were late for the shoot, and those buttons didn’t rip on their own.”

“Perhaps,” Yunho’s manager accepts, though his mind is still wondering.

All three men are still busy staring when a huge commotion starts at the other end of the room.

They look up just in time to see a vision strolling in wearing one hell of a smirk, Yunho’s jacket and Changmin’s neck warmer.

“Who the hell is that? Isn’t that Yunho’s jacket?” Yunho’s manager is unable to keep from gaping.

Heck, he’s lucky he can keep his tongue in his mouth.

“That’s Changmin’s…” his manager observes, equally poleaxed.

“And that’s the company laptop I gave him earlier,” the TVXQ manager whispers. “Fuck, I think that’s his personal assistant.”

“The chef? I’ll be more than happy to have whatever the hell he’s serving…”

“I don’t think it even matters if he can cook.”

“It would matter to Changmin.”

“I don’t think it would even matter to him to be honest,” the man cannot seem to get his jaw to hinge shut. “He’d be like all of us and be content just staring at him.”

Changmin, who overhears that last remark from his manager, starts to laugh.

If they only knew.

AN: Please remember this is an AU fic ok? This is AU. AU. Keep chanting that. AU!!!!!!

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Jae turning hot and cold in just a secod can't be more brilliant! And I loму how they work their way with the battle of witts and sharp tongues :)

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