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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Eat Your Kimchi

I have no time to figure out what type of asshattery is going on right now and I cannot be fucked giving these people the time of the day so i'm putting my journal on lockdown temporarily till I have time to look at it next week.

This is kpop. It's supposed to be fun. When you piss off THOUSANDS (and i'm not underestimating this figure, trust me), you should probably wonder why. This is a hobby for 99% of writers. I personally don't need the audience, and definitely not from the likes of these people.

So to my readers, if you want my fics, you know who to blame.

T___________T Stupid EYK. Dunno what the hell they are thinking asking for links to fanfic. Did people send in your stories' link without getting your permission? *grouphugseveryone*

Stupid EYK is really out to cause problem for writers and readers =______________=

this caught me by surprise as EYK had never touched fanfics before except for mentioning them in passing in a few of their videos (mostly their kpop music mondays)... O_O

i wish they won't go through with it... even if they said that they'd ask the author's permission before using the fics in their videos.

honestly, i'd like for them to leave the fanfic community alone.

Huuuu...i understand why you are doing this but i hope eyk will just leave the fanfic world alone. :( i will definitely miss backreading your fics.

What the hell. All my favorite authors are pissed off because of those idiots on eat your kimchi. Leave us alone. We are not bothering you. This is so stupid.

Interesting development

Really after all these years I still find the behaviors of some fans totally repulsive. Not only do they harass the idols, they also harass the fans. What's going on??

When I was writing fics, I had to depend on my friends to upkeep our own personally fic page. One of them works for the defence department in my country so we believe she is very capable. Do we really need to go this way though?

I was re-reading some of your fics now that I am finally on my holidays when I was denied access? Oh dear....very concerned indeed.

I hope this will blow over as quickly as the haze and so we can get our own lives back on track....#%€£

Re: Interesting development

wow you have a friend in those area? i think Nick need you friend's help for sure.. the situation getting out of hands now.. sigh..

figured.. EYK such an idiot.. i am fully understand if you decides to locked the journal.. it's so annoying.. and i will suggests you to lock down the journal until the issues gone.. Nicki you are just simply awesome until EYK asking your link which they hardly did. look at the bright side. your fics indeed awesome

I have no idea what's going on because I don't follow EYK but whatever it is it must be hella bad since its pissing everyone off...I hope everything gets resolve soon because I really love reading yours and all other author fanfic...best of wishes to you....

Utter ridiculousness

I get why EYK made the inquiry but they seriously need to back off. I read one of their comments on facebook in which their answer as to why they brought this up was that they wanted to talk about fanfic culture. Excuse me but fanfic culture and specific fanfic stories/authors are two separate things. You can not read a fanfic and then by doing so, know all there is to know about this culture. I suggested, that if they really wanted to take a serious look into the fanfic world, interviewing writers (with anonymity) would be a better source to base their opinion on the culture -but there no guarantee that any SERIOUS fanfic author would agree to such thing. I know why they are trying to get into this, after all fanfics are a huge deal in the Kpop universe, but they went about it the wrong way. I, personally, will be locking down my fics soon as well.

Haha. I'm actually laughing as I watch the world burn around me. Omg. I am terrible, hahaha.

I was rereading the tattooist when I was suddenly denied access. What the heck is this about? WHY do they need to read them? If they are going to publicly make fun of someone else's hard work I'm going to get very pissed for sure!

Ugh, I wish they wouldn't. This is ridiculous. If they must, I hope they pick one (WITH permission) and get on with it. The amount of people they've managed to tick off is incalculable.

I'll wait patiently until this horrid event's over
until then, be strong nikki!

I don't watch EYK or pay attention to it O__O
What happened TT___TT?

I am lost here but I notice that all my favorite authors are locking down their fanfics.
What the hell happened? O_O

I am quite pissed because I cannot have my daily intake of fanfics and I was planning to re-read your fics again. T_T

What the hell is going on? I don't blame you for locking your journal. This got to stop. I mean this is just plain crazy....I hope there is something else we could do.