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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Eat Your Kimchi

I have no time to figure out what type of asshattery is going on right now and I cannot be fucked giving these people the time of the day so i'm putting my journal on lockdown temporarily till I have time to look at it next week.

This is kpop. It's supposed to be fun. When you piss off THOUSANDS (and i'm not underestimating this figure, trust me), you should probably wonder why. This is a hobby for 99% of writers. I personally don't need the audience, and definitely not from the likes of these people.

So to my readers, if you want my fics, you know who to blame.

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figured.. EYK such an idiot.. i am fully understand if you decides to locked the journal.. it's so annoying.. and i will suggests you to lock down the journal until the issues gone.. Nicki you are just simply awesome until EYK asking your link which they hardly did. look at the bright side. your fics indeed awesome

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